Hi Stacey,

I was told I might need gall bladder surgery and am very concerned about having my gall bladder removed.  How will it affect me if it is removed? Is there something I can do to heal my gall bladder so I don’t need the surgery.  I have passed 3 gall stones so far and there seems to be one that is stuck.

 Thanks a bunch.


Jim, Hawaii



Hi Jim,

Your gall bladder is only operating at 25%.   You have 3 more stones that seem to be stuck. It is important to keep your gall bladder as it helps to process toxins in your body.  When the gall bladder is removed, you are less able to process toxins and about 25% more likely to get sick as a result.

The issues related to the gall bladder have to do with hate and anger. This includes anger and hatred toward self, family and loved ones.  Think of it as being stoned. In olden times, people were stoned to death when they were hated for some reason. For you, the biggest issue is with your dad.  You have much unresolved anger with him that needs to be healed. This goes beyond release and forgiveness work, although that is very important.

When you heal all the issues between you and your dad on an energetic level, your gall bladder will operate at 88% efficiency.  That will be enough to prevent you from having surgery. You could do this over the course of 1 month and will feel a lot better physically and emotionally.  It will take your gall bladder 3 months to heal to that level.  I am here to help you with this.  In the interim, you can  do a gall bladder cleanse once a week with lemon juice, oregano and prune juice.  This will help the current stones pass.





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