Dear Stacey,

Thank you for your wonderful column! I have had fibroid tumors for over ten years. I haven’t monitored them medically in five since I lost my job and health insurance. I know they’ve grown because my chiropractor can feel them. I’ve decided to treat them naturally via acupuncture, Chinese herbs and other vitamins I looked up online to help. Is there
anything that I’m missing? Surgery is just not an option right now, and I can’t say I’d want it even if I had the insurance. I’d love to be able to heal myself. Thank you so much.


Valerie, New York


Hi Valerie,


Your fibroids have not healed for a number of reasons. Acupuncture and the herbs are helpful but do not heal the deeper issues that are unresolved for many lifetimes.  There are 6 beliefs that are keeping the fibroids in place.  The most important belief for you to release and resolve back to the point of origin is I am never going to be able to make enough money to support myself as a healer and intuitive, a mystic and a spiritual leader.   You are all of those and you know it and it is time for you to step forward and claim it.

I am also getting there is a lack of fiber in your diet.  You need more roughage such as whole organic grains such as spelt and oats and you also need more Vitamin C.  You can get that from orange juice, mango juice and strawberries or other fruits that call to you.




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