Dear Stacey,

I have been diagnosed with diverticulosis. It is driving me crazy. They want to remove polyps from my intestines and I do not like the idea of surgery but nothing else has worked.

What thoughts do have for me?

James, Richmond,VA


Dear James,

You have been diverted from your path. There is a lot more that you came to do. The polyps are irritating you as are the blocks in that way of you living out your higher purpose. You already know what your purpose is and you have a choice about whether to carry it out or not. Do not sit on the fence much longer as it causes you a lot of stress.

You were not meant to carry out your higher purpose by yourself. Get support from a Master Coach so that you can create a life that is rewarding, healthy and abundant.

Regarding surgery, that is up to you. If you clear the six fears and blocks in your way and eat 3 square meals a day of non-processed food that’s mostly organic, your body will be better able to heal itself.


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