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Medical Intuitive Column – Cellulite

Hi Stacey

I have cellulite on my legs and my buttocks and it seems like no matter how much I exercise, I still have lots of cellulite. I hardly eat any fat.

Is there an energetic reason for cellulite?  Why do women have it and not men? What can I do to get rid of this? I hate it.

 Thanks so much, 

 Julie, Milwaukee

Hi Julie,

You asked some great questions that I am certain will interest many people. There are several reasons why you can’t seem to get rid of your cellulite. These are the same reasons why some women have it and men don’t.

The most common reason that women have cellulite is because you don’t want to look too good.  It sounds strange, but there are hidden fears about attracting too much attention from men.

Some women have no concerns about it.  Others like you and a large proportion of the population, are afraid of being hurt by men who are not awake. These fears are subconscious for the most part.  You brought these fears in with you when you were born.

When these fears are released, you will be more prone to do the types of exercises and regimens that will strengthen your body and have the cellulite disappear. You can logically know what to do like ride a bike to tighten your thigh muscles, but not do it for a number of reasons, some of which are subconscious.






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