Hi Stacey,

I have been getting bronchitis every year for a long time now and each time it gets worse.  They give me antibiotics for it and I am concerned that my immune system has been compromised. What can I do to heal my respiratory system naturally?


Jacquie, Spain


Hi Jacquie,

When you take antibiotics, it does compromise your immune system and yours is in dire need of healing.  I suggest meditating 2 x day for 6 weeks and then go to 1 x day for 15 minutes each.  Doing Transcendental Meditation is one of the best meditations for strengthening your immune system.

Keep taking a probiotic.

Your difficulty in breathing in life has to do with your will to live an abundant and prosperous life.  Please know that you were meant to be abundant and that God wants us all to have that which we desire in plentiful amounts.  You have 6 blocks about your will to live that has you feeling defeated and like you have a dismal future.

Bronchitis is also about family issues. These beliefs are inherited. You also need to resolve your relationships with your sister and brothers. Send them love every day. That’s a good way to start.


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