Hi Stacey,

I am worried about getting Alzheimer’s. My dad had it and it was difficult to be with him in the end. What can I do to prevent it?

Any suggestions?

John Carack, Pennsylvania

Hi John,

Alzheimer’s is complicated so to speak. Many people would like to prevent it and we are glad you asked. Take time to do the following:

1) Take out a piece of paper and drawn an image of your brain. Make it a loose representation. Then section it off into 4 quadrants. The left side is the memory of loved ones and the right side is the memory of all things that are related to your job and function in life. In the right side are a lot of ions that are connected to all you did and did not do correctly or otherwise. They start to misfire as we age. In the left side are molecules of love lost that are not able to find their way.

The simplest explanation is these memories are disconnected and can’t find a place to stay. They interfere with your present day ability to think clearly and focus and such.

The reason I asked you to draw this is so you would start to see all that you are disconnected from. These memories are not stored correctly.

The upper – half of each side of your brain are for the nearest most memories to the present and the lower half are those from ages ago.

If you were to draw in those memories, you would see a minute portion what has not been let go of.

Here are a few things you can do that will help significantly in the prevention of Alzheimer’s:

2) Have your DNA activated for a strong memory and mind. That is the best thing you can do. Have Spirit lead you to the best practitioner for you.

3) Let Go and Let God. When you hold on to things, it constricts the flow of blood to your brain. Take deep breaths frequently and as you exhale, say, “I let go”. This will help a lot if you do it all the time.

4) Letting go in the moment is important and not always easy. I have a free short audio on my site that will help significantly with this. Feel free to download it.


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