Dear Stacey,

I have terrible allergies and don’t really want a bunch of injections or use supplements. I seem to be allergic to dust and pollen and which is really bad right now.  What do you suggest?

My head is congested a lot of the time and it is hard for me to sleep and to be outside for very long. My allergies seem to get worse every year.

Can you help?

Thanks so much.

Jeffrey, Jacksonville


Hi Jeffrey,

There are several things going on here. First of all I get that your immune system is not working efficiently.  It is operating at 78%.  This is a sign that you are rejecting yourself.  There are 3 beliefs that need to be released to get your immune system operating at 100%. One of those beliefs is “I reject myself and all of who I am.”  You would be amazed at how common this belief is for people.

It would also be helpful for you to drink more water to help release the toxins from your body.  If you know Reiki, you can clear the dust mites from your pillow using hands on healing about every 3 months.  This will help you to sleep better.  If you don’t know Reiki, you can look up Reiki attunements on my website under programs and products.  There is a lot you can do with that which will help you a great deal.




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