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Medical Intuitive Column 1

Dear Stacey,

About ten years ago (shortly after my marriage ended), I was diagnosed with arthritis in various locations of my body (ankles, neck, shoulder). I’ve had a few flare-ups over the years, some lasting for up to eight months, but then the pain would subside and I would feel better.

Nearly two years ago, the arthritis flared up again, worse than ever, and it still hasn’t subsided. The pain has gradually gotten marginally better—with good and bad days—but it hasn’t gone away like it usually does. Your thoughts on these recurrences are much appreciated.

–Ann, 41, Pennsylvania


Dear Ann,

Your arthritis started with the end of the relationship with someone you knew many moons and lifetimes ago and it was the one you thought would never get away. It is holding you back from having a great relationship now as you are still holding onto it in some way shape or form and you need to let it go. This causes you to be tense about future relationships and you keep looking back at him and wonder if you will ever have one that good again. To go forward and heal your arthritis, you would want to start by healing that relationship. You can do that without having to talk with that person again and that would be a good beginning.

The reason you have recurrences is because different people and situations trigger your concerns about having a relationship that you would want to stay in as long or longer than the one and that causes you to feel this pain in your neck [literally and figuratively (grin)]. You atlas goes out of alignment alot as well and causes you to feel the anger underneath the pain. You are able to raise your vibe above the anger but it is still underneath and needs to be healed so you can let go of the emotional and physical pain connected with arthritis.



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