Mastering the Divine Within

stacey brighter and neutralized

Join Stacey Mayo and Mary Magdalene for a brand new F’REE teleclass where you will learn:

  • What it means to master the divine within
  • How to to attain  more peace, harmony  and success in your everyday life
  • 3 easy steps you can take to start mastering the divine within right now!
  • How to become a “Flow Master”  ( i.e. allow in the flow in a way that is sustainable)
  • How to activate your innate wisdom at new levels and let your brilliance shine
  • How to raise your consciousness enabling you to manifest your desires instantly. ( this could be a new job, ideal vacation, divine business project, a certain number of clients, etc)
  • How to balance the divine feminine and masculine in new ways that are effective and powerful

NOTE: This is a non-denominational class. It is not based on any particular religious beliefs.


FREE BONUS FOR THOSE WHO ATTEND LIVE: Attend live to receive a free Wisdom Activation from Mary of Magdalene.

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Master the Divine Within!

About Mary Magdalene:

mary magdelene

Mary of Magdalene is a powerful healer and has been aligned with the divine for quite some time. She knows the power of this and is excited to share about it with with you via Stacey Mayo.


She works with people via select channelers to bring forth the divine feminine and much more in ways that are powerful beyond belief. Her goal is to raise the consciousness of the planet and connect people with their own divinity regardless of their religious affiliations, if any.

About Stacey Mayo:

stacey brighter and neutralized

Stacey Mayo is the creator of The Sentelligent Solution™. She founded the Center for Balanced Living in 1995.  Since that time, she has supported thousands of people in living out their dreams.  She is a Master Coach, a Spiritual Teacher, a Certified Career Intuitive, a Sentelligent Medical Intuitive, a channel for Mary of Magdelene and an Energy Practitioner. She has  also taught and certified people to become Medical and Career Intuitives.


She is an award-winning author and has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women and is a popular speaker.  She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day.  She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece, ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.