The Peaceful Entrepreneur Coaching Program!

NEW UPDATED Business Building Program

that also Uplevels Your Healing Abilities!



This program is for healers and intuitives who want help starting a business, growing a business or creating a supplemental income from a peaceful place (and improving your skills and healing abilities)!


Imagine How Your Life Could Be Just Six Months from Today…

  • If You Were Attracting The Amount of Paying Clients or Customers Desired Without Overwhelm, Drama or Burnout
  • If You Did This from an Authentic Place, While listening to your Intuition, Taking care of yourself and Enjoying your Life
  • If You Understood How to Market Yourself and Attracted Business in a way that is Highly Effective and in Alignment with Your Soul and Purpose in Life (and took the steps to do it)
  • If You Were Extremely Productive and Efficient
  • If You Could Relax, Take Time Off, Travel and Didn’t Have to Worry About Your Income Going Backwards
  • If You Had A Lot of Confidence in Your Skills and Healing Abilities.
  • If Your Healing and Intuitive Abilities Improved Significantly
  • If You Could Create New, Very Successful Healing Programs, Services and Products With Ease
  • If You Had a Great Presence, Tools and a Team You Love to Support You (at a price that works for you)
  • Plus More . . .

If this vision resonates with you, join us for this Proven and Highly Successful Coaching Program designed specifically to help you live your dream from a peaceful and grounded place.


As a very successful entrepreneur who’s been in business over 25 years, Stacey designed a new, updated marketing and business coaching group for Intuitives and Healers, who want help in marketing, growing their businesses and becoming more competent and confident in their healing and business abilities!

This will help those of you who have been in business a while as well as those who are just starting.

It will help you become a better healer and intuitive as well!

Over time, Stacey has led many coaching programs for entrepreneurs (including start ups) with people getting amazing results. See below.

For this next program, I’ve included many UPLEVELED ACTIVATIONS AND BONUSES to help you even more. I am listing some of them below.




I’ve Gotten So Many Things Done That I’ve Been Procrastinating For Years!

I’ve had people call (locally) for appointments having heard of my healings from others.  I’ve gotten some rave reviews from past clients and even some emergency calls that I’ve charged for! A first!!

Plus a run of orders for my hand crafted skin care products, and even a spontaneous name occurred, Body Beautiful Organics!  I’ve had other requests for creating new products like face and rose serum (which I did and sold this week). I’ve never promoted my products (and Stacey they are beautiful herbal products I ‘love’ labor over!)

Stacey, my time with you in these programs has been very insightful, extremely helpful, inspiring and motivating and well worth the time and expense; ‘A lot has cleared (as you say!).’ And so much less interference; much more precision/accuracy like a diamond cut blade. Things become clearer and clearer. I’ve gotten so many things done that I’ve been procrastinating, some for years:

My deepest appreciation and gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge, experience, expertise and gifts!

In love and light~
Frances Klippel

Removed My Blocks to Social Media, Creating Online Programs & Confidence in My Healing Skills!

Before  Stacey Mayo’s Business Coaching . . . I was blocked in numerous areas in my on-line healing business.

As I look back, 5 months later, I am thrilled to say her Coaching combined with her special Energy Work has helped me remove every block –

From Social Media to creating online groups to having more confidence in my Healing Skill Sets. Stacey, Thank You!  I am beyond grateful!

Tessa Brauer

I Have a New JV partner, An Invite to a Telesummit & Created Great New Healing Programs!


Thank you so much for this course.

My healing abilities have sky-rocketed for which I am so thankful.

My colleagues are noticing my entire attitude about my business has changed.

My business boundaries are working.

I have a new JV partner, an invite to a telesummit, and potential clients.

I have created over new energy healing programs and am getting amazing results in my pilot testing.

My retreat is almost filled.

I quickly course-corrected a new direction that wasn’t resonating and saved a lot of time.

In gratitude.
Devora Gila Berkowitz

I Tripled My Clients and Met My Weight Loss Goal!

I was coming off a difficult personal time and I needed to get my mojo back. By the end of the Coaching . . . I had tripled the number of clients and became clearer and stronger about what I want. ( I also met my weight loss goal and life became much more fun for me and the people around me.)

–Sandra Cain, One Giant Step


I Accomplished More Than In All Other Training Programs I’ve Attended!

My participation in the coaching program has far exceeded my expectations and I have accomplished and learned so much more than in all other training programs and seminars I have attended. Having worked at corporate headquarters in a Fortune 500 company for 23 years, I had my share of leadership training, team building and 1:1 goal management. The tools and principles Stacey teaches were easy to practice and I am now closer to my dream than ever before and the journey is more rewarding. Thank you Stacey!”

–Karrie King


I Was Able to Expand My Business, Even Though I Was Afraid!

Stacey Mayo was my coach during a critical time in my life – one of those times when I was ready to expand my business, and yet still too afraid. I am happy to say that from her coaching I was able to do what I wanted, and have not stopped since! Stacey is a blessing to all with whom she comes in contact, and more, because of the ripple effect. I recommend her highly!

–Laura Overstreet Biering


I Created a Successful Business From Ground Zero!

Stacey is a fantastic career and business consultant and has been a critical influence in helping me transition and plan and grow my own business. She is a great partner to have through both personal and business endeavors.

–Mary Brady


I Can Barely Keep Up With All the Miracles!

I learned so much during this program and can barely keep up with all the “miracles”…. asking for money has always been hard for me and as owner of a non-profit, I need to be fundraising. During this time, I attracted over $20,000 in donations and a sponsor to pay for training and a mission in Africa. I highly recommend this program. The support, the tools and the coaching are priceless.

—Sarah Hartzell, Colorado


The Progress I Made During Her 6 Month Program Amazed Me!

Stacey Mayo was a huge help to me, as a coach, at a time when I was struggling to move forward. The progress I made during one of her 6 month programs amazed me and I wouldn’t hesitate to turn to her again when needed.

–Viki Stanley-Hutchison


I Doubled My Clients and Exceeded My Income Goal!

When I first started this program I was new to town, had no contacts and was just starting to build my business here. Half way through the program, I had already doubled my clients and by the end of the program I had exceeded my income goal. The most fun part is that the business showed up in different ways than I had ever imagined.

—Peggy Jaegly


It Was Worth the Price . . . The Money Spent on this Program Has Unlimited Mileage

Everyone should experience this program. It was such an incredible, growth-building experience for me. The same person you heard questioning his abilities and belief in himself was the same person who was hearing feedback today on how I was “taking the bull by the horns” and “growing a business” and “building a team”. That same person, who questioned his worth for years and years, now sits here with feelings of pride and accomplishment.

Was it worth the price? Let me put it this way: I would ride my bike to work and give up a new car every year for the rest of my life – to know what I know now.

When I reflect on values: spending money on a new car is easier for most people than spending that same amount of money on themselves. I’ve learned that the car comes with about a 200,000 mileage limit (if you are lucky), the money spent on this program has unlimited mileage.

Prior to joining the group I was wondering if I would have to shut the doors to my business. Now I am getting ready to open a second location.

–Jerry Edwards

We Created $100,000 Income in 6 Months!

The coaching helped us to focus on our goals, and take the actions necessary to realize them. Our business goal was to create $100,000 income in six months, which we did! Our confidence increased enough to raise our rates, so we will easily earn at least that much in the next six months.

We also paid most of our debt down, among many other accomplishments, all while looking after our young children.

–Katie and Jon Berryhill

I Got MY TV Script Written During the 6 Months!

I’m an even bigger fan now than I was before. There is no way I could have gotten my TV script written while having so much else going on in my life without the support of this program. Thank you!”

–Hilary Loftus


My Sales Numbers Increased Without Working So Hard At It!

My sales numbers have increased by just allowing it and not working so hard at it. I learned so much and I now know that I am enough!”

–Michele Michehl

My Healing Capabilities and Confidence as a Healer Have Grown Tremendously!

Here’s a list of wins I have noticed since taken your Business Building Course:

  • Covid healing capabilities
  • Upleveled healing capabilities
  • Creation of 2 healing programs that are in beta testing (Animal & Brain)
  • Upleveled connection to source
  • Conducted my first group healing session with 10 people! I never thought I would ever do anything like this!

I know my healing capabilities and confidence as a healer have grown tremendously and there are a lot more capabilities that I have yet to tap into

~ Dhyāna

I Created A Beautiful Website and Made My FB Page Public!

I created a beautiful website thanks to support from this program in aligning me with it and helping me focus enough to write the text! I have a link to a Facebook page that I had not made public until yesterday! I decided to make its debut around my lavender harvest which I’m doing now. I had my someone take lots of photos and a video which I posted yesterday. I sent out a few invitations to like my page! This is huge for me! And I’m excited! Thank you.

~ Frances

I Am Feeling At This Point That I Cannot Do Anything Wrong!

A new assistant ‘appeared’ recently who does ‘get it’; the website is back in production with someone who is stimulating ideas on how to expand my horizons. I am excited and motivated,

Every issue that appears lately … old patterns triggered that cause familiar angst, swiftly alchemize into breakthrough outcomes.

I am feeling at this point that I cannot do anything wrong. … 🙂
This Business Coaching class is even more powerful than the first!
Thank you, much gratitude and very much appreciation for your work!! Namaste with love,

~ Diane Linn




As a certified and trained coach and someone who has been helping people become successful for over 25 years, Stacey comes from her heart and supports you in creating what you desire in ways that work for youHer coaching is via a high level connection with Source. That way, her responses are always what is in your highest and best.

She also channels information from Source that will help you better understand things you need to know to be successful.

She will answer any questions you may have about how she does things, mistakes she has learned from, how to create unique and successful programs, products and services, how she gets so much done and stays in balance and anything else you may want to ask.

She will also send you activations, attunements and healing to support you in doing what you desire.

If you want accountability, she will provide you with a buddy to support you in getting things done.

She also includes many special features in her coaching programs to help you get better results. Some of these are listed below.


Here’s What This Business Building Program Includes:


Brand New Early Bird Bonus Extended!


(Value $1197)

The method/process for doing this will be taught by Stacey in an additional class only for people who register by 9/11/20

The date of this class will be determined after the Peaceful Entrepreneur Program starts.



You will be taught how and attuned to create classes to teach people about abusive energies, the cause of them and what it takes to find and heal all of it.

You will be able to set your intention for what else you want to teach/provide in these classes and be aligned with it

You will be attuned to channel this information accurately via a high level connection to Source.

You will be able to send them high level energies in these classes and in between classes to support their knowing, help them absorb the information taught and help them heal faster.

You will be attuned to be able to answer their questions accurately via your new connection to Source.


Create Healing That is More Powerful Than Grace Healing and Any Other Healing Modalities You Are Attuned To Or Use!

You will be taught how and attuned to be able to create epic, powerful modalities that you can send to the world to help heal:

  • politicians,
  • malignant narcissists,
  • abusive people and animals (includes all kinds of abuse),
  • the earth
  • those who send negative energies, and
  • all who have been and/or continue to be recipients of negative energies including yourself, your family, your pets and any people and animals in the world.

These modalities that you create will be more powerful than Grace Healing or any healing modalities you are currently attuned to or using.

When sent with ANY OTHER HEALING MODALITY (including Grace) the benefits will be multiplied many-fold.

These epic healing modalities you create can be sent via distance healing, hands-on healing or infused into products.

If you already enrolled in this new business building program, you will automatically get this new bonus class in addition to the early bird bonus you already got. Please do NOT ask Stacey or her team. Just trust it is done.


Bonus 1: Forward Momentum Activation!

(Value: $697)

These activations will help you move forward in your business in ways that are in your highest and best.

They will support you in knowing what you are aligned with, what steps to take and when.

They will help you go past the doubts, distractions and interference that get in your way.

They will help you deal with urgent matters effectively, allowing time to still work on your business when possible (and in your highest and best).

They will support you in setting up a good, solid structure for your business such as working hours, boundaries and whatever else is needed.

If you already have a good, solid structure, they will support you in ways that you most need to keep going forward with ease and success.

These activations are sent via remote healing by Source 24/7.

Bonus 2: Instant Block Removal!

(Value: $597)

These new activations will open up your cells and instantly find and remove as many blocks in the way of you having a very successful business as possible.

These activations will continue to be sent 24/7 by Source starting at the time you register until the end of this program.

Deep issues have a lot of blocks and it still may take time to notice a shift or it may not. Regardless your blocks to having a successful business will be released a lot faster. This includes blocks to healing health, relationship, money and other issues that get in the way of your business.

These activations are sent via remote healing by Source 24/7.

Bonus 3: Special Attunement to Send Protective Energies!

(Value: $597)

You will receive an attunement via distance healing to enable you to send protective energies to self, family, pets and clients.

This proprietary process will heal what causes people and animals to receive negative/abusive energies. It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 months to protect someone depending on whether they are currently receiving negative energies and how deep the programming is in their system.

You will send it via Source when other healing is sent or by silently saying a simple statement once that will be taught. This will be done automatically. You will be taught how to use it in the classes.

This is a very important attunement and no other healer has the ability to provide this level of protection.

Bonus 4: Productivity and Efficiency Activations

(Value: $597)

These new activations will help you be productive and efficient in your current business if you have one and in starting a new business.

They will help you stop procrastinating and get a lot done in a short amount of time.

It will help you create efficient methods that work for you and your style and align you with them 24/7.

These activations are sent via remote healing by Source 24/7 and start as soon as you register.

This Business Building Program Also Includes:


NEW Uplevel Your Healing Abilities Activation!

(Value $597)









Your healing abilities will be upleveled significantly as soon as you register for this program. This will allow you to help people and animals get better results sooner and more continuously.

This activation will keep clearing blocks and upleveling your healing abilities for 12 months. You will retain the abilities gained when the 12 months is over.

No matter what healing modalities you currently use ( your own, Stacey’s and/or someone else’s), this activation will open you up to be able to get better results. We do this by clearing blocks in the way of you sending healing to people and/or animals and getting excellent results.

If you are already getting good results, this activation will help you get significantly better results.

The activation is custom for each person and sent via distance healing via Source.


NEW UPLEVELED Peaceful Entrepreneur Activation*!

(Value $797)

This special activation will help you to be more peaceful with respect to your business.
It will help you start and/or grow businesses with more ease while living a balanced life.

People in Stacey’s last program often remarked, “I’ve never felt so peaceful about my business and what to expect in relation to it before.”

It will activate business ideas in you that are in resonance with you and support you in taking action and completing the ideas you choose to go forward with. If you tend to go into overwhelm with too many ideas, it will support you in choosing what is in your highest and best.

It will support you in attracting a great team to delegate tasks to who are in resonance with you.
You will be opened up to see how you can afford a team, even if you are just starting. There are ways this can work for each person.
(Note: it may NOT involve the exchange of money, or it may.)

It will help you handle your daily tasks, projects, customers, suppliers and team as well as successes and challenges with grace and ease.

This activation will start as soon as you register.

*If you took Stacey’s last coaching program, this attunement will connect you to new levels of peace.


“I am more peaceful about my business and have much better business skills than before. This has resulted in greatly improved sales and profits. Thank you for the Peaceful Entrepreneur Activation and this program.”

–Laura C.


UPLEVELED Master Level Marketing Attunement

With Client Attraction Magnet!*

(Value $597)

This will open up your abilities to market yourself, your services, products, programs and business at expert levels and in ways that are in resonance with you. It will also help you take action as appropriate.

It will help you attract well paying clients for your services, programs and products and make a great living via your business.

This will start as soon as you register!

*If you took Stacey’s last coaching program, this attunement will connect you to new levels of marketing abilities.


Custom Alignment With Successful People in Resonance With You*!

(Value $697)

Think about what successful business people you admire. It could be Oprah, Richard Branson, Walt Disney, a local business owner, a yoga teacher or others. You are likely aligned with some of their beliefs and practices but not all of them. Maybe you don’t know of anyone who is successful and works in ways you desire. No worries!

For this alignment, Source/God will choose beliefs and and practices of successful business people/entrepreneurs that are in resonance with you. (that will excite and feel good to you). No worries. Source won’t align you with “having to work really hard” or anything else that would have you burn out.

When aligned with these beliefs and practices, you will find yourself naturally doing things that will have you be more successful in ways that match your desires.

This alignment is proprietary and there is nothing else available like it.

None of my other modalities will do this.

This alignment will start as soon as you register!

*If you took Stacey’s last coaching program, this attunement will connect you to new levels of success.


NEW UPLEVELED Special Healing Modality*!

More Powerful Than All My Modalities Combined – Only for Participants in this Program

Will Not Over-Process You or Cause Side Effects

(Value $697)

Stacey created new a new special healing modality just for this program. It is 20 trillion x more powerful than all her other healing modalities combined and will help heal:

  • Your Health
  • Fear of being visible and support you in being visible
  • Fear of working hard and burnout and support you in working and living in balance
  • Fear of success and support you in being successful in ways that work for you.
  • Fear of being peaceful
  • Fear of receiving healing that which will have you be successful, visible, peaceful and more (everyone receives the healing from this program)
  • Fear of making money and charging for your services, products, programs and supports you in charging and receiving excellent money.
  • All fears that come up during this program and support you in going forward in ways that work for you.
  • Your relationships
  • Your finances
  • Your ability to get as many paying clients as desired and make a great income with your business
  • Interference in your life, your business and your knowing

It will support you in going forward with your dreams from a calm, centered and balanced place.

It will support you in being productive without having to work really hard while these deep issues are healing.

It will support you in being healthy so you can do the things you desire to do

It will also support you in creating the income you desire.

Set the intention to make more than you invest in this program as a result of what you will learn and you will be supported in that.

This healing modality works well with and complements all of Stacey’s other healing modalities and other people’s healing as well.

*If you took her last coaching program, this healing modality will help you shift and heal 20 trillion x faster..




  Many Upleveled Highest and Best Activations!

(Value $797)

These special activations will be custom created for you by Source. They will be whatever you need to be SIGNIFICANTLY MORE successful in your business and in life. You will be scanned when you sign up and throughout the program for what is in your highest and best at that time.

Many of these custom activations will be sent to you when you sign up and also throughout the program to help you in ways that are right for you.

This is more effective than distance healing. Activations are more powerful due to the way they are created.

These activations will never over-process you, cause side effects, conflict with any other healing you are doing or harm you in any way, even if you are very sensitive.


UPLEVELED Money Activation and Alignment For Entrepreneurs*!

(Value $797)

This new activation and alignment will align you with receiving and retaining large sums of money. It will clear deep blocks causing you to reject money or not be able to hold onto it. This alignment is custom for each person and is at least 1 Quintillion  times more powerful than the Wealth 2.0 program, Money Group Healing Program, last years Money Alignment for Entrepreneurs, or any healing modality that heals money issues,

It will clear deep blocks over the course of the program.

We have found this alignment to be important as it relates to people being successful in business.

During the Live Classes, Stacey Will Support You in Many Ways!

This may include:

  • Coaching you on accessing the best solutions for you business and marketing challenges.
  • Sending you hundreds of custom activations to support you in what  you need and desire.
  • Supporting you in pricing your services, products and programs in ways that value your work and in receiving that price.
  • Supporting you in going past your fears of  certain marketing and talking about your services and actually doing what you desire.
  • Supporting you in creating excellent programs, products and/or services if desired.
  • Supporting you in creating great special offers if desired.
  • Supporting you in discerning when to go forward with certain ideas/products/programs/services for a higher likelihood of success.
  • Supporting you in being on social media and/or summits in ways that work for you if desired.
  • Answering your questions.
  • Teaching you success principles and practices.
  • Supporting you in going forward in ways that work for you, with balance, grace and ease.
  • Sending special custom healing to each person for what is in your highest and best in the moment.

The coaching for each person will benefit all.


If you took this program previously, already purchased my other money/wealth programs or marketing healing energies or any of my other programs . . .

This program will help you go to new levels significantly faster and provide information to help you make Quantum Leaps!


It will complement Stacey’s other programs and help you significantly more than those programs by themselves or combined.

You can get a lot of personal help in this program which Stacey has found is important as you go about trying to build and market your business. Things often come up to stop people over time and Stacey will support you in how to keep going in ways that are in your highest and best.

You will also many activations, attunements and alignments.  These are more powerful than anything she has previously offered.



The Activations and Alignments Start as Soon as You Register!



  • The group meets 2 x month for 6 months via phone, webcall or webcast.
  • The group starts at a date to be determined after everyone registers. The classes will likely start in October.
  • The calls are recorded.
  • If you cannot make some of the sessions live, you can send questions ahead of time and they will be answered in the live sessions which are recorded. You will get equivalent benefit as if you were there live.
  • The days and time of the class will be determined after everyone registers. Source scans to find the days and time that works for the most people.
  • Each class, you will be taught what is needed to help you move forward and sent energies to support you in that.
  • NEW UPLEVELED Custom Healing and Activations are sent during sessions and in between sessions. This includes healing to help with any types of blocks and fears, be it wealth, procrastination, confusion or lack of clarity or anything at all.
  • The alignments, activations and attunements start when you register. They will not over-process you or conflict with anything else you are doing. They send via God/Source via custom distance energies.


Stacey Mayo founded the Center for Balanced Living in 1995 and has run a successful business for 25 years. She is a self-made multi-millionaire and has supported thousands of people in getting healthier and living out their dreams with ease and grace.

Stacey is the creator of The Peaceful Entrepreneur program. She sets the example of what she teaches. She leads a balanced life and takes time for fun, walks on the beach, meditation and time with family and friends. She is very productive due to productivity activations she created. (Registrants will receive these productivity activations as part of this program.) She typically works no more than 6 hours/day. She does not see clients or hold classes during evenings or weekends. She teaches her students how to be Successful and Peaceful Entrepreneurs in ways that work for them.

She is a successful Master Level Certified Coach,  a Master Level Medical Intuitive, a Master level Energy Practitioner and teacher of Medical Intuitives and Healers.

She is an award-winning author and has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women and is a popular speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece, ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.




Activations, Attunements and Alignments Start as Soon as You Register!



If you would like to set up a 15-minute conversation to talk about how this program can help you, use this link to schedule time on my calendar, choose “free consultation with Stacey”:


6 Payments

Special Price: $410/month

Regular Price: $490/month


 9 Payments

Special Price: $295/month

Regular Price: $345/month


 Full Pay:

Special Price: $2300

Regular Price: Full Pay $2800


You can do that by clicking the full pay link and hitting Paypal and looking for the information on deferred payments with no interest.


REFUND POLICY: If 30 days after the first class you decide this program is not right for you, you can ask for and receive a full refund.

You must attend the sessions or listen to the recordings to qualify for a refund.

Please know this is a commitment. If you stop attending or listening to the replays, you are still responsible for all of the payments. The payment plan is extended to people to make it more affordable for their budgets. It is NOT a “pay only for classes attended” payment method.

If something unforeseen comes up, you can listen to the recordings and get full value of the program. If for some reason that does not work for you, please contact me and you will be given the opportunity to take the live program again in the future.