In this program, Stacey will teach you how to use energized makeup AND/OR send you the energy of it via distance healing to heal your mind, body and spirit AND reverse aging a lot faster!

makeup healing


This program will help you heal the following kinds of challenges:

Spine – body structure
All organs
Dental health
Feet and hands
All limbs
Eye health and vision
Emotional issues
Mental Challenges
Tendency to suffer
Financial issues
Relationship issues
Behavior issues
ANYTHING desired

Source will energize any makeup, nail and other similar type products** (if you use them) for 3 months to help your WHOLE SYSTEM HEAL in amazing ways and to help you look a lot younger!

** “Similar type products” includes things like tanning lotions, eyelash extensions, hair color, highlights, hair extensions and henna tattoos. You do not need to use any of these to benefit fully from this program. They are fun perks that some people have asked for.

“Thank you so much for creating this package to heal all my known and unknown aging related issues in such a fun unique way. Much Love and Gratitude”

~ Amy P.

I Am Reverse Aging!

My physical age went down 10 years in 3 weeks. My body structure improved 30% in 1 week. I am smarter and deal with stress better.”

~ Frances S.

I’m Able to Do More Even in This Heat!

“It is extremely hot and humid where I live. It has kept me from being very productive outside. Now I am finding I can get a lot done again that requires physical exertion outside and in my hot garage.”

~ Larry B.

My Cat’s Smarter!

“My cat is very intuitive naturally but has a lot of challenges remembering where she is and what she is wanting to do. Now she is sharper and seems to decide what she wants and stands firm in it.”

~ Evelyn S.

My Grandsons’ Brain Function and Health Went Up 2 Points Quickly!

“My grandsons are toddlers and don’t normally receive the healing well. The distance healing from the makeup program amazed me. They actually received it and shifted a lot. They also received energetic treatments for mental illness for the first time. This gives me hope.”

~ Sam C.

I Am Clearer and Able to Make Better Decisions

“I can tell my brain is functioning better as I am clearer about what is needed and able to make good decisions quicker.”

~ Jen M.

I Am Stronger!

“My body structure is supporting me a lot better and my physical strength is better than perhaps it’s ever been.”

~ Caren X.

I Have Less Conflict in My Mind!

“I have less conflict in my mind and less pain in my body. I am also stronger in all ways.”

~ Gigi S.

My Autistic Daughter is Communicating Much Better!

“I am amazed at the changes in her. She is able to communicate much better, is happier and able to do more. She is also more loving.”

~ Nancy C.

My Son Stood Up to His Abusive Father!

“My 5 year old son sat down with his father and told him what he needs and what doesn’t work for him. His father actually listened and honored him. This is huge!”

~ Betsy S.

My Thyroid is Healthy For the First Time Ever!

“I’ve had a low functioning thyroid since birth. This is the first healing method that actually made a real.difference in it. My thyroid health went from 2 to 7 in my 30 minute healing session with you. I am thrilled. You helped me understand that an unconscious fear of healing was in my way of getting well and then you healed it!”

~ Dave K.

My Brother’s Intellect Went Up 3 Points

“My brother has been depressed about his ability to get a new job and failed his drivers license test. His confidence has been really low. This is exactly what he needed. Nothing else has helped him

Thank you”

~ Brenda S.

My Brain is Functioning Hugely Better After 2 Days!

“I started wearing makeup from the time I get up and touched up throughout the day even though I work from home. I put it on in such a way that I actually forgot it was on. I have noticed that I am able to do things in a much smarter way for my health and my business. My spine is less out today and I am in a lot less pain as a result of my brain functioning better.”

~ Caren G.

I Am Happier and Able to Shift my Mood After Just 1 Day on This Program!

“I find I am able to shift out of a bad place quickly. I am laughing when facing challenges at work and dealing with life a lot better since I joined this program 1 day ago.”

~ Alice D.

I Am Really Pleased With My Appearance! I Look Younger!

“I looked in the mirror last night after I had taken off my makeup and was really pleased with how I look. My skin was smoother, had less lines and I look younger. I’ve only been doing this program for 2 days!”

~ Mary J.

My Health Improved 2 Points By Wearing Makeup Energized By You!

“I used to be “sickly” and jaundiced. I feel better in so many ways. I am more confident, my posture is greatly improved and my overall health is a lot better. This is an amazing program. (I look better with makeup too).”

~ Regina H.

***If you want Stacey to test the healing energies on you and/or someone else to make sure you receive them well, email her at Stacey AT (substitute @ for AT). She will be happy to check on this and get back to you.


1) You have challenges that you would like to see heal a lot faster and safely (relationship, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial and more)

2) You would like to look younger and reverse aging issues faster than currently

3) Those who don’t want to wear makeup including men, children, pets & women will benefit a lot. Their brains and whole system will heal a lot faster due to the distance healing that was added.

4. It is not necessary to listen to the recorded class to receive full benefit. Then energy of this will be sent via distance healing.


Stacey has updated this program to be really effective even  with compound stress.


This is different than the energized clothing program. The clothing program does NOT include makeup.

Item 1:
Your Makeup Will Be Energized Divinely if You Wear Any!

When and/if you wear makeup, it will be infused by Source when you apply it with the new healing energies listed below to help heal you at the place of application and heal your whole system hugely faster as the healing energies go directly into your bloodstream.

If you don’t currently wear makeup and want to, this is an opportunity to do so in ways that are joyful, healing and beautifying.

(If you use lotion and/or other products that are energized from another program, please know energized face makeup can be used with it safely and will help reduce pain, inflammation, infections, aging issues, body challenges and more immensely faster. It will NOT overprocess you or cause side effects. )


Optional: If you do henna tattoos, eyelash extensions or use tanning lotions, or similar items these will be energized at time of application also.


Optional: If you color, highlight your hair at home or have it done at a salon, this will also be energized for you by Source. Any hair extensions will also be energized. These energies will be adjusted if needed over time as will all of them.

Item 2:
Custom Remote Healing Will Be Sent to Supplement or Replace the Energized Makeup, Etc.

Source will scan your system to see what is unwell and needs to heal and will send remote healing 24/7 to supplement or replace the energized makeup. This will also help tremendously with reversing aging.

It may not feel right to wear makeup at all or to wear certain kinds of makeup. You are supported in only wearing makeup when and if it is right for you and types that are right for you.

If you only like to wear a little makeup or certain types of makeup, that is fine. You will still benefit tremendously with this program both through the makeup you do wear and the supplemental distance healing.

If you don’t wear makeup at all, and still want the benefits of this program, you will receive the remote healing and will benefit a lot. It will enhance the benefits of any healing you are already receiving. (including from Stacey’s energized clothing program*)

NOTE: *Makeup is not included in Stacey’s energized clothing program.


Any Nail Polish, Nail Strengthener or Nail Products You Use Will Be Energized Divinely

If you choose to wear nail polish, nail strengthener*, cuticle gel, base coat, acrylic nails or any nail products like this, they will be energized divinely for you to heal your nails and cuticles immensely faster.

This will be done for you by Source in the moment whether you do your nails yourself or have someone do them for you.

If you go to a nail salon, Source will energize it for you as they are applying it.

* We are referring to products you apply to your nails; not supplements. This will complement any supplements you may be taking or receiving and will NOT overprocess you.

Item 3:
Energetic Support in Choosing Makeup and Products That Are in Your Highest and Best

If needed and desired, you will receive energetic support in choosing makeup and similar type products such as those mentioned above that are in your highest and best.

You may already have products that you like and know are right for you. You can continue using those.

You will be supported in following your intuition about what is right for you.


NOTE: If you do not use certain kinds of products and do not want to, that is fine. You will receive huge benefit from the class by just using the energized makeup

Item 4:
New Energies to Help Reverse Aging Hugely Faster!

These NEW energies are SENT VIA DISTANCE HEALING and infused into your makeup and other products mentioned above divinely by Source in the moment you use them (if you use them) and will help you look younger faster. They will be adjusted throughout the day if needed.

The energies go into your system go directly into the bloodstream faster than ever to heal the issues connected with aging that are found throughout your system.

If you already have Stacey’s Youthening program or other age reversing programs or products, these energies will work with them SAFELY to help you look younger and more beautiful a lot faster. They work together well and will enhance the benefits you get.

It will never overprocess you or conflict with anything you are doing or cause side effects even if you are very sensitive.

These energies will be divinely sent via distance healing 24/7 and infused into any makeup and similar type products such as those mentioned above by Source at the time you apply them for 3 months. After that, if you wish to continue, you will be given the opportunity to renew.

You will retain the benefits received during the 90 days of this program. (that which transformed will remain transformed)

Item 5:
New Energies to Help Your Whole System Heal Faster!

This includes mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and behavioral issues

  • These NEW energies that are sent via distance healing and infused into any makeup and similar type products divinely by Source in the moment you use them, will add huge benefit to what you are already doing to get well on all levels.
  • These proprietary energies go into your bloodstream to help heal all unwell as found. The energies will be adjusted by Source as or if needed.
  • Because they are advanced energies they help heal your whole body structure safely and faster than what you are already doing.
  • They will never overprocess you or conflict with anything you are doing or cause side effects even if you are very sensitive.
  • These energies will be divinely infused into any makeup and nail products by Source at the time you apply them for 3 months. After that, if you wish to continue, you will be given the opportunity to renew. The energies will be updated divinely for you at that time. That way you will continue to receive lots of benefit.

Item 6:
Recorded MP3 Class

Stacey will send energetic support so you intuitively how to use makeup and similar products that have been energized for you by Source to get the best results for your well-being and to reverse aging faster.

Your intuition will be upleveled.

She will provide clarity about what other similar type products can be energized via this program at that time.


If you don’t want to listen to the recording. People do this and find they have a knowing of what was said. We have found they benefit the same as if they were there. Their questions are answered energetically as well.

Will This Program Help Me Heal Faster If I Am Receiving Other Healing For Similar Issues or If I Took Stacey’s Reverse Aging Program

YES! It will amplify and work with any healing you are currently doing in these areas to improve the results you are getting. It will help you heal faster than ALL Stacey’s previous programs (including Aging Program, Energized Clothing, Wealth and money programs, Physiology, Moving Forward, Breakthrough Healing, Nervous system Healing, Grace, Regenerate, and her Business Building program). When combined with her other programs or any other healing program, your challenges and desires will heal noticeably faster, sometimes magically so.

If you want to heal faster, reverse aging and look younger faster, register below at the Special Price!

This Healing program is very helpful for anyone!

Here’s What Other People Have Experienced!

My Health Improved 2 Points By Wearing Makeup Energized by Stacey!

“I feel better in so many ways. I am more confident, my posture is hugely improved and my overall health is a lot better. I used to be “sickly” and jaundiced. This is an amazing program. (I look better with makeup too).”

~ Regina H.

My Face Appears 5 Years Younger After Just 3 Months!

“I have been using your energized makeup program for 3 months. I didn’t buy any new make-up – just used what I had. I already have your Youthening Program and this definitely made a bigger and quicker difference.”

~ Danielle.

My Close Up Vision is Better Than its Ever Been!

“I was born with really bad vision and eyes and nothing has helped it before. I am super stoked.”

~ Betsy S.

My Physical Age Went Down 9 YEARS!

“I am 58 and my physical age went to 50 in 2 weeks. My energy is much better.

I am super grateful.”

~ Bill M.

My ADD is Less!

“My ability to focus is greatly improved since my session with you. I’ve has ADD all my life. Thank you.”

~ Charles M.

I Love This New Modality!

“I could feel the changes in my body right away. I feel happier, have more energy and my physical body feels younger.”

~ Kathy N.

My Mom Started Going Up the Stairs For the First Time Ever!

“I’ve never known my mom to do this since she lived in this house. She has more energy and goes up the stairs several times a day.”

~ Jack C.

I Am Home a Lot & Was Not Wearing Makeup Before This Program and Am Doing It With Ease Now!

I was not wearing make-up as I hardly go out. Now, I wear make anyway and am surprised that it feels good to do so. I like the way I look when I see myself in the mirror and I feel healthier in all ways thanks to your energizing my make-up.”

~ Frieda W.

I Keep Being Told I Look Amazingly Younger!

“I keep getting told I look amazingly younger each time I see my manicurist. She wants to know what my secret is. She’s also noticed how good my nails are doing with her gel polish.”

~ Alicia C.

I Glow Without Makeup Now!

My hairdresser told me I looked radiant and was glowing and I wasn’t wearing makeup that day.”

~Nancy M.

The Pain in My Face Virtually Disappeared!

“After my most recent session with you, I changed the way I wore make-up based on what you said. I saw a huge decline in the amount pain in my face (I had none). It had been burning a lot before that.”

~ Betsy A.

My Body is Upright More Often & I Have Less Headaches!

“My body structure has improved since wearing your energized make-up. I can really feel my shoulders are much farther back at times – more than I can ever remember. My skull is less dense and so I figure it must be less out of alignment. I also have less headaches. I am hugely grateful for this.”

~Kathy D.

My Nails Look Amazingly Better & Are Stronger!

“I was stunned, when I removed my nail polish and saw how much better they look. They are also tons stronger. My cuticles look great as well.”

~ Lorna R.

My Eyes Are So Brilliant, My Friend Thought I Was Wearing Colored Contact Lenses!

“My eyes are now really bright and clear which I know is a sign of good eye health. They were really challenged and swollen before. Now the swelling is gone and I am receiving compliments on them. They look so brilliant, my friend thought I was wearing colored contact lenses but I am not.”

~Jane N.

***If you want Stacey to test the healing energies on you and/or someone else to make sure you receive them well, email her at Stacey AT (substitute @ for AT). She will be happy to check on this and get back to you.

If you wear makeup, nail products, hair color and/or similar products such as those named above, they will be energized when you apply them next.

Purchase For All in Your Family at a Special Discounted Price!

You do not need to ask permission of family members to enroll them in this program. If you want to buy it for them as a gift, it will not hurt them in any way.

Purchase Here!
Make Up Healing Program For 3 Months

Includes all of the Above

Regular Price: $297  –  Special Price: $197 (Save $100)

2 Pay Regular Price: $179 x 2  –  2 Pay Special Price: $115 x 2

Add on additional family members at Special Price of $59 each for additional people. They do not have to listen to the recorded class to benefit fully as they will get the energy of it. It will not harm them or anyone in anyway even if they don’t know they are getting it.

You can also choose to pay with Paypal Deferred Payments if eligible. Click the link above and choose Paypal option to find the instructions.

If you have questions about any of the above whether these classes will benefit you or someone else, email Stacey at Stacey AT (substitute @ for AT)

If you have administrative questions or problems purchasing this class/program, email assist AT

REFUND POLICY: Please know that in order to honor the Law Of Energy Exchange, all exchanges need to be fair energetically. We love and honor all of our valued customers. We are happy to offer a hassle free, 30 day Money Back Guarantee to our customers to help them decide if a certain product works for them or not. You have 30 days from the day of purchase or the date of the first live class whichever comes first to request a refund. We can only offer a refund on one package for every customer per 90 days. Multiple refunds by same customer within 90 days will not be accepted. If you purchase a personal session with Stacey, the guarantee will be voided if a session has been availed. We thank you in advance for respecting the energy exchange.


NOTE: The reference to Source above refers to God or whatever name you give to a higher power.

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