Many times we sign up for f’ree teleclasses and don’t make the time to listen to them. I know I’ve done the same thing.

Here are 3 reasons why you want to listen sooner rather than later to the recording of “The 7 Sentelligent Secrets to Doubling Your Income While Moving to the Next Level of Your Purpose”.

1) You will learn about my 5 Step Sentelligent Blueprint to uncover and move to the next level of your higher purpose (even if you never knew what your purpose was before).

2) You will take away content that will help you get clarity and empower you to know if it is time to open up to the next level of your purpose.

3) You will learn 7 strategies on how to double your income in alignment with your purpose
Here is the download link to the recording of the class:

Additionally, I announced my new class on “How to Open Up Your Intuition to Access The Next Level of Your Purpose” and you can save $200 if you register by Jan. 14th.

The bonuses were super popular, especially the one with 6 months of guidance from Archangel Raziel who will teach you how to make more mon-ey without feeling guilty and how to and bring your message out to a larger audience easily, among other things. All of the bonuses are technically “Gone” but I am extending them to YOU and everyone who already signed up for the next 24 hours ONLY.
So if your soul is yearning to know the next level of your higher purpose, learn more by visiting the page below

View this page on a PC or Mac if possible so you can see the cute angels flapping their weeks. It will bring a smile to your face. They are not visible on devices like the iPad or iPhone but the rest of the information is visible on all formats.


PS. In case you are wondering about my teaching style, here is what one participant said:

“All other courses were much too long and much too much theoretical stuff to learn first. You teach in a way that is in alignment with me and how I learn best.” ~ Karina Sirimanna

PPS. If you are not sure you are ready to open up to the next level of your higher purpose, schedule a time to listen to the audio of the f’ree training class ASAP as many people got clarity and so can you. Do it soon so you can get the bonuses worth $1100 and the early bird price. You will be glad you did. Remember these special bonuses expire in 24 hours.

Here’s what Joan Klein said about this call on my Facebook page:

“The class was exciting and fun!”

Here is the link to the recording. Enjoy!

PPPS. This will probably be the only time I will teach this teleclass series live on “How to Open UP Your Intuition to Access the Next Level of Your Purpose.” which means you can get more personal attention from me.