These days all you have to do is open your email to read someone’s opinion of what you MUST do to succeed in these economically challenging and chaotic times. Many of these letters are really well-written and will convince you that this expert has all the answers to your problems. But then someone else has another answer and insists that is the correct one. Who are you to believe?

Well, that depends 🙂 Those of you who have taken my Life Transformation Tools and More program know that I do not believe there is any one answer, tool, solution that fits all people at all times. It will depend on what is in alignment with you, your values, your beliefs, your situation and a bunch of other factors that could come into play.

That is why it is important to lead your life… your business… your career from a place of stillness.

What is stillness?

It is the practice of being in the moment rather than in the past or future. It is a place inside of you where inner peace can be found.

It is from this place that intuition can be heard more clearly and from which brilliant ideas are born. Creativity gets unleashed from this quiet place where there are no interfering thoughts. Connections to higher guidance are remembered and strengthened when we are not busy trying to figure things out.

This sense of peacefulness, knowing and connection can and does lead to more happiness and contentment with life in this very moment – rather than being hinged upon some future event.

You may be wondering what this has to do with leading your career or business. Perhaps it seems a bit contradictory to all the information out there about how important it is to act with speed. You may find yourself thinking: “For goodness sake, in these crazy times, who as time to be still?” You may even feel like being still is lazy.

But really nothing could be farther from the truth. Please understand, I am not suggesting that you sit on the couch all day and eat bon bons or that you sit on a mountain top and contemplate the meaning of life all day.

It doesn’t have to take long to quiet the mind. Actually, I have proven that it can be done in just one minute. And if you are like other human beings, you probably waste more than a minute in every hour during the day. You can learn the One Minute Meditation(TM) when you participate in the 30 day Stillness Experiment. It’s 100% f’ree.

But let’s come back to the bigger question at hand. What is the value of stillness in running your business or career?

When you ask for clarity and then get quiet and relaxed, you will be able to hear the answer. It may not come all at one time. It may feel like gentle nudging to do this thing here and then this other piece over there that may seem unrelated and then another, and then at some point in time, when you are totally relaxed, your answer… the one that brings these pieces together and totally resonates with your soul… comes up and whispers in your ear (or in an email or someone else’s speaking or a million other ways). And it feels so right, you just want to shout “YES” this is what I am to do next.

And when you know your “BIG YES”, acting from that place is joyful and easy and fun.

That doesn’t mean that your gremlins won’t show up later to doubt that you can do this. But you can face and clear those things with tools such as those I provide to my Life Transformation Tools members.

That is why leading from stillness is a process…

It must be learned because everything we have been taught is contradictory to that.

There are many factors that contribute to being still and leading from stillness. More than I can put into an article.

And it takes support because it is so contradictory to what we have been taught all our life and what the media and experts tell you everyday.

That is why I am creating some programs to support you in leading your life… your career… your business from a place of stillness.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, take a moment to do the One Minute Meditation(TM) now. (If you are not familiar with the One Minute Meditation, you can learn it by signing up for the f’ree 30 day Stillness Experiment)


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The Peaceful Entrepreneur(TM) — coming soon

One program that is evolving and is a “Big Yes” for me is The Peaceful Entrepreneur: Leading from Stillness. If you are tired of being stressed out over your business or thinking of starting a new venture and want to lead your business from a place of peace and stillness with extraordinary results, you can sign up here to be the first to get information and apply for this special program which will be limited to a small group of people so you can get plenty of attention. I am considering an individual program and a group program. Those who sign up for early notification will also be asked your opinion, so you can have input on the final details of this and future programs.

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