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The Journey to Oneness

The journey to oneness begins with the step of saying I am one with all that is. Perhaps you have already said it or thought it. I have too. But let’s look at the bigger vision of oneness.

The bigger vision of the journey to oneness is that all people know in their hearts and souls that they are one with all that is – that they are the same as their neighbor, their cat, their dog, people of different races, creeds and colors.

We are one with the trees and the grass and the birds and the oceans. Every bit of that came from the same place we came from. It all came from that place we call God, which is all that is. And God is in each one of us and we are in God and so we are in each other and others are a part of us. We are all so very connected. Even if we know this is so in our heads, we do not live like it is so. We still live as though we are separate from others and separate from the birds and the trees.

We are separate physically – they have a physical form and we have a different physical form, which is our bodies. That is the only true separation.

But again that is not how it seems or how we live.

When people say something that makes us angry, it is triggering something within that needs to be healed within us. They are playing that role for us to help us heal spiritually.

When people show up in a way that makes us jealous or envious, they are showing us a part of ourselves that we have not been willing to express.

When people show up as ugly or angry or vengeful or even dangerous, they are showing us a dark side that we all possess in some way or another.

But why do some people end up being murderers?

Why do others become priests?

Why do some end up in mental institutions and others seem happy and content with their lot in life?

Why are some physically disabled and others great athletes?

The differences are apparent, but the sameness may not seem so.

Murderers are angry. They have not learned to cope with or heal that anger.

Others who may have experienced similar difficult challenges may have healed the anger from that situation or may have a different coping mechanism such as alcohol or drugs.

The bottom line is we are all the same. We all have anger. Some of it is carried forward from past lives if it was unresolved.

It is time to heal that now.

Priests have chosen to live a life in connection with God as have many who call themselves spiritual leaders. But still for the most part, they are not in connection with oneness in the true sense. That is an ongoing journey that we are all on. They have chosen to take a lead role – that is their path.

What about those who are called mentally insane? What has them hear voices inside their head? Have you ever felt like you were going crazy?

I bet you have. I have felt that way at times. We are all one. We all experience these things to different degrees depending on our path and how we are moving forward on it.

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