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Is Crazy Normal?

by Stacey Mayo


Most people feel crazy at some point(s) in their life. Often they wonder ‘what happened to my mind? I didn’t used to be like this.’

Perhaps you have or have had:

    • erratic thoughts and/or emotions
    • confused thoughts that don’t make sense
    • abusive thoughts
    • weird visions
    • childlike thoughts
    • obsessive/compulsive thoughts
    • depression
    • anger for what seems like no reason
    • repetitive thoughts
    • excessive sensitivity to noise, light and/or something else
    • crazy-making in your mind
    • other _____________

A therapist might tell you . . .

“What you are experiencing is normal.”

You might think  ‘it sure doesn’t feel normal.’  The fact that lots of people experience this makes it “normal.”

Normal is not necessarily healthy. Look around you and you will likely see a lot of behaviors that are considered normal. Perhaps they are healthy, perhaps not. Who gets to say?

My studies with clients show most people have erratic, sometimes crazy, sometime abusive thoughts.  At times it can feel like insanity, or like you are ‘cursed’, yet they would pass a mental illness exam just fine.

Many people are sane on the outside but feel crazy on the inside (crazy in their head).

What I Have Found!

Upon scanning clients, I typically find the issue is inherited. Our ancestors felt crazy and cursed too but rarely talked about it. These genetic markers for crazy , cursed or other mental health problems get activated in our DNA at different points in our lives. Something in our life might set it off or it just might happen for what seems like no reason at all.

If you have ever experienced anything like this, please know you are not alone.  Hopefully that will give you some comfort.

These issues can be difficult to heal. Persistence is key.

Here’s a Tip:

When you know you are not crazy and it’s inherited, you can truly tell yourself it’s not your fault. This can help you stop berating yourself. Keep taking steps to heal this as it is often deep and increases with age.


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About Stacey Mayo

Stacey Mayo is a successful Master Level Healer, Medical Intuitive and Coach and has been in business for over 25 years. She teaches people how to be very successful entrepreneurs in their chosen field and attunes people to be amongst the top in their field. Mayo has been training and certifying people to be Master Level Medical Intuitives and Healers for over 15 years. She has supported thousands of people in achieving better health and living out their dreams. She is an award-winning author and has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women, and is a popular public speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day. She is a former Medical Intuitive columnist for the Sedona Journal. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece, ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.

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