Intuitive Career Reading and Healing Sessions with Stacey Mayo

If you’ve been strugglingstaceynewsmall with a sense of confusion about the career or business you have now, I want to ask you three questions that will shift your whole perspective…

WHAT IF there is a reason for the confusion and the questioning?

WHAT IF there is something else you need to be doing – a “Higher Calling” for you at this time?

And WHAT IF there is a way for you to access that information QUICKLY?

This is a time of awakening on our planet and part of that is awakening to who you really are and what you were ultimately meant to do.

“I realized, during the call, that I had been carrying around a lot of “gunk” around not accepting my true gifts, and it was released at that time. I felt much freer at the end of the call—like the elephant that had been sitting on my chest stood up and walked away. It feels freeing to accept the idea that I don’t have to do main-stream careers to make money. It feels good to claim who I really am!


Diane McFarland

Try on this perspective just for a moment…

  • Your life HAS all been on purpose.
  • Every event, circumstance, relationship and health issue has been nudging you to follow your true path and do your great work.
  • Even if you have been successful before and feel like the bottom has dropped out now, it is because there is something else you still intended to do.
  • The circumstances of your life are telling you that NOW is the time for you to awaken to that next step in your journey.

    • “I used to have so much energy, but now my energy and mood are lagging. I am just trying to keep up.”

    • “I was doing well but things just aren’t flowing in my career or business the way they used to.”
    • “I keep hoping that the next opportunity will make my life better.”
    • “I’d like to start a new business, if only I knew what kind of business.”
    • I’d like to make a change, but it doesn’t seem like a good time to do it, so I’m just trying to stick it out.
    • “I’ve had a successful career but it feels like there is something more for me to do. I just don’t know what that is.”
    • “If only I could redesign my life so all the pieces fit with who I really am.”

    • “I wish I could find a job or business that’s more me.”
    • “I worry about what I’d have to give up if I changed careers or started a business.”

    • “My friends and family think I have a good job, but I’m just not happy.”
    • “I have to struggle to keep up at my job; I’m not sure that it’s a good fit for my abilities.”

    • “I’ve already tried self-help books and even career counselors, but nothing seems to help.”
    • “I’d like a great career or business where I make an impact, have awesome relationships and to make good money too. Is that too much to ask?”

    • I’ve been there for my spouse and/or kids and now there is something else for me to do but I have no idea what.”
    • “It seems like it’s just too late or not a good time to change.”

    • Your life purpose is encoded in your essence — in your DNA…
    • With in-depth training, an intuitive reader can access and read that code…
    • Combine a reading of your soul’s code to access your mission in this life with an energy healing to let go of what’s in the way of owning your power and career coaching to plan steps to move forward and your life can be transformed!
  • Do any of these sound like you?

    I’ve heard these same words from clients again and again.

    These Clients Used to Say the Same Thing:

    I went outside for a few moments and the impact of what you shared with me this morning, hit me hard… with JOY. It is if all the events of the pass were a piece of a puzzle that just fell into their perfect place and have created the most beautiful picture of a path carved into a most luscious forest.

    It is my path… paved by God . It gently and lovingly became clear … I am Awake

    So humbled and eternally grateful for YOU and your teachings. I could not have made this discovery without you. You are truly gifted and so generous in your encouragement and willingness to help others.

    Thank you again for being there and leading me to this amazing discovery
    Pamela Jorgenson
    Partner Manager, Software Company

    “I am feeling very UNstuck now, thanks to you! It was as if somebody lifted a 1,000 pound sack off my head. Amazing!”

    Beth McHugh

    “The biggest thing I got was clarity . . . I found something that truly fits. I’ll never work where I am unhappy again. I see that part of having an abundant life is having work that fits who your are.”

    Sarah Whitehead

    ” My job is going well and for the first time in my life, I’m financially in a very good place. 🙂 The book I co-authored comes out next week and looks like we may already have some business lined up around it that will fit in with my job, nicely. I’ve negotiated a flex schedule at work to make room for the next book and have just this weekend started that book.

    I continue to refer people to you. The work that you and I did together helped me change my life. I am forever grateful to you for being in my life at just the right time. “

    — Lisa Edwards

    “I just wanted to let you know that I finished out last year exceptionally — well beyond what I was expecting earlier in the year. My sales number was right at the level of my best year. The best part of this is that these numbers come from many customers, not just one. And 80% of it was accomplished from June 1!

    Thank you for helping me turn the course of my career and general outlook around. You helped me restore my inner resiliency — I am not as concerned with external issues [like the economy] when it comes to charting my course.

    I have great expectations for this year. Thanks again for all your support.”

    — Sarah Youngblood
    Sarah Younblood Interiors

    “Wow. Something very interesting happened last night. The president of a small toy company called me and wants to meet to discuss the toy ideas I sent him in December. He INVITED ME to the International Toy Fair in New York, and said he would even provide me with his companies credentials to get into the show. . It’s very exciting. He said “Where have you been for the past two years? I’ve been looking for you.” I told him to put me on his payroll. He laughed and said ‘I’m open to discussing that option in New York.’

    If I sound a little giddy, it’s because I am. Thanks, Stacey, for setting me on the right track. It’s taken some time and a lot of work, (plus two babies and a major illness), but here I am, on the edge of achieving what I’ve been wanting! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

    — Julie Austin
    President, Brainchild Inventions

    Intuitive Career Reading: Investment of $250

    I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

    How Does One Get From Here to There?

    Here’s another perspective to try on.

    This is the work that I do with Intuitive Career Readings – the most fulfilling work I have ever done, both for my clients and for myself!

    How do I achieve these results?

    As a Master Career Coach, I’ve have been working with people to to successfully uncover their purpose for over 15 years. Now as a Certified Career Intuitive, I connect with Source energy using intuitive gifts to receive the purpose that is held in your DNA … this tells us what you came to do in this lifetime.

    The result? We get better information in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost — often in 1 session!

    As a Certified Intuitive Career Coach, I hold a powerful session with you to support you in finding your path and awakening to who you truly are. Using intuitive gifts, supported by the ancient science of numerology, I will meditate and receive guidance for you prior to your session. Supported by this information, I help you to remember who you really are, your true path and where your greatest gifts and attributes lie.

    This session may be a confirmation for your path that may need a little tweaking — or it may be a total wake-up call.

    I can also connect with the obstacles to your achieving the success you desire. I will offer energy healing to help you move beyond those obstacles, to own who you really are and to have the fulfilling and rewarding career you intended in this lifetime.

    I will push you to explore new possibilities, see the destiny work you’ve already signed up for, and understand the changing cycles of your career. After this one-hour session (by phone or Skype), you’ll walk away with fresh perspectives on your life’s direction and the work you came here to do and begin owning your true power.

    This is a transformational session!

    But What About Free Will?

    Before you were born, your soul knew what it needed to master in order to evolve to its highest good. You understood that as you chose a lifetime with great potential as well as possible pitfalls you would exercise free-will during each challenge. You could choose to live up to your fullest potential, use your divine gifts to master circumstances, and use your talents to raise the vibration of the planet through your great work. Or you could give in to depression, sadness, anger, fear, desperation and even illness – and not live up to the powerful divine potential you set for yourself. It would be your choice.

    There is nothing more practical, than uncovering your true purpose and mission and creating a bountiful career in alignment with that. When you act in alignment with your soul and release resistance to who you are, health and abundance are a natural state of being.

    When you are not living your life in alignment with your soul, it causes discord which over time can result in any of the following: frustration, boredom, anger, overeating or extreme weight loss, accidents, depression or even chronic illness. You may even find that your job or clients begin to disappear if you wait too long to make a career change . . . not just any change . . . a change in alignment with what you were meant to do.

    You encoded this great journey into the numbers of your birth date and name. Your greatest potential for this lifetime, your highest, most meaningful work is all clearly outlined in these numbers. This is done on purpose. As we journey through a lifetime, our birth code vibrates out a message to everyone we interact with. They sense our path by the vibrations they feel from us. (Not the words we speak.)

    If it’s in our highest good to get hired by someone, they sense it and hire us. If it’s for our highest good to be fired by someone (so we’ll redirect our work and get back to our true path), they’ll fire or downsize us. If it’s for the greater good that we become successful, we will be. If we’re being true to the great work we came here to do, all doors open effortlessly. When we’re “off-path,” the doors slam shut.

  • Wouldn’t it be better if you could learn your own destiny code and get directly to the work you came here to do?
  • Wouldn’t it be better if the world didn’t have to nudge you (sometimes painfully) to get on-path?
  • Wouldn’t you prefer to see the road yourself and move forward along the journey you already signed up for?
  • Imagine how much easier life would be!

    Look around you at those people living “charmed lives.” Chances are they’re just living true to their designated paths.

    Your path is completely different from every other soul’s. Your truth will only come from within you – not from looking at what anyone else is up to. When you look at your neighbor and ask, “Why does he get to do that cool thing for a living?” or “Why is she so successful?” you’re forgetting your own unique journey that you chose long ago. As we look around us at what others are doing, we lose our way.

    When you’re on your unique path, you feel impassioned by your own life and work – no matter what anyone else is doing, and no matter what anyone else thinks of you. When you align with it and take steps forward from that place of knowing, abundance flows to you, and your life is in harmony. When you’re not living true to what you signed up for – nothing works well – not even relationships. Of course, this all goes on subconsciously as we bumble our way through life not remembering the agreements we made before we came.

    What Happens in an Intuitive Reading?

    As a Certified Intuitive Career Coach, WebSeal-Mayo-72 Stacey will hold a powerful session with you to support you in finding your path and awakening to who you truly are. Using her intuitive gifts, and the ancient science of numerology, she will meditate and receive guidance for you prior to your session. Armed with this information, she will help you to remember who you really are, your true path and where your greatest gifts and attributes lie. This session may be a confirmation for your path that may need a little tweaking or a total wake-up call.

    Stacey can also connect with what is in your way of having the success you desire and how to move through it to have the fulfilling and rewarding career you intended for in this lifetime. This is a transformational session

    She will push you to explore new possibilities, see the destiny work you’ve already signed up for, and understand the changing cycles of your career. After this one-hour session (by phone or in person), you’ll walk away with fresh perspectives on your life’s direction and the work you came here to do.

    When you sign up for a session, Stacey will ask for your full name as it is on your birth certificate and your date of birth. With this information to connect her to your path, she spends an hour prepping for your session and meditating on your path.

    When your session begins, she is already connected to your journey, your challenges, and your great potential and will guide you forward in a powerful, focused way. The information she shares with you is approximately 20% based on numerology and 80% on the spiritual guidance she receives for you. This guidance is directly from Source/the Creator. It is also held in your DNA. Numerology provides some good information about characteristics and attributes of people who have your birth path, however, the most powerful information that is specific to you, your journey and the mission you intended in this life is received from Source on your behalf, by Stacey.

    You will be able to ask Stacey specific questions about your choices and your career, and together create a practical career plan for your future that begins with manageable steps. The end result of your work with Stacey will be tremendous clarity about your true work and how to make it happen; as well as how to navigate the challenging transitions of life and career.

    How Would This Reading Change Your Life?

    You can ignore this inner knowing that something’s not quite right for a long time. Some people ignore it successfully all their lives, numbing out with busy-work, TV, internet, food, alcohol, drugs, over-spending, workaholism and other distractions.

    But sooner or later, it just doesn’t work anymore. Whether you lose a job, your health, a loved one, or some other circumstance arrives to shake up your life, sooner or later you discover that the distractions are just that – distractions. But you don’t have to wait until that happens.

    You need real ANSWERS!

    If you can get those answers — discover your soul’s purpose in life in one session – discover and release some of the internal obstacles– and gain clarity on a a practical step toward achieving your mission in life – what would this be worth to you?

    Think of it –

    • A future filled with purposeful action and achievement..
    • Career confusion transformed to clarity and fulfillment…
    • Financial struggles transformed to flow and abundance…

    What is it worth to have the key to discovering your soul’s purpose? You could measure it in hours of work spent in unsatisfying jobs…dollars spent on unfulfilling distractions…heath care expenses caused by stress-related illnesses…what would that add up to? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands? More?

    And what would you invest to save all of that? For a one-hour Intuitive Career Reading to unlock your soul’s code and your purpose in life and release what’s in the way of owning who you really are – just $250. Compare that to thousands of dollars people used to spend in traditional coaching and counseling to find their purpose. This method is faster, less expensive AND more accurate.

    I’m not saying that finding your purpose cures all. There is no such thing as a be-all fix-all and anyone who says so is misleading you. But is a critical ingredient and the initial step to getting back on track in your life.

    Isn’t it Time to Stop Wasting Time?

    It is a beautiful experience when you hear who you really are and feel that resonation in your soul. And it is a joy for me to share that message with you.
    Sign up today for a phone session so I can help you get focused on what you came here to do and how to do it with grace and abundance. Sessions may be held by phone or Skype.

    You can contact me for your session in three ways:
    • Use the orange link to schedule your session now.
    • Or call 877.880.9100 (toll free) or 678.248.3558 (in Atlanta).
    • Or use this link to Contact Us and ask any questions you might have.

    Investment: $250

    If you have already had an intuitive career reading with me and would like to book another session to brainstorm with you in moving forward and/or clearing out anything in the way of your next steps, you can use the link below for that as well.

    Ongoing coaching is also available for a limited number of clients who are ready to catapult their purpose and ideal career into reality and want coaching and energetic healing to clear the blocks as they come up so you can move forward with grace and ease. Our incredible group coaching programs are another way to get a huge amount of support for moving forward with your dream successfully. Contact Stacey for more details.

    I offer online scheduling using BookFresh


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