Congratulations on signing up for Archangel Raziel’s Magical Elixer for Moving Forward With Your Purpose Easily and Abundantly. We are very excited to provide you with the practical and energetic support you need for moving forward with the next level of your purpose consistently.

We will match you up with a buddy to help you stay on track with this program so you get the value you intended plus more.

You will receive your first email from Archangel Raziel within a week – 10 days. In the meantime, take a moment now to set your intention for what you want to get from this program and write it down.

Please complete the form below and click submit to be added to the program. You will receive an email in your inbox asking you to confirm your registration. Please click on the confirmation link in the emails to ensure you receive your program emails. You will be returned to this page when you have successfully completed the registration.


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