You may be experiencing different challenges than your next door neighbor.

One answer or way of doing things is a limited way of thinking.

Keep noticing what resonates with you. That is Sentelligent.

Last night I put a belief in my C.A.S.H Grid for a group of people who did not believe they could attract the money to pay their bills and live comfortably while living out their dreams and goals. I set it up so they will attract opportunities to make mon-ey right away.

That may not be your issue.  Let me know what fear or belief is in your way. I will put the most popular one in the grid for up to 20 people.

It is extremely affordable when I do it this way. Your investment in a life-changing shift like this is only $25 if you choose to participate.

For now, just hit reply and let me know what fear or belief is in your way.  There is no obligation to participate.  It will help you and I to get more clarity.

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There are a lot of other ways to become more Sentelligent in addition to clearing old beliefs. In the kit, you will receive more ways to educate yourself and prepare for the coming year in new ways.

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