I hope you had a good holiday. I am just now getting back into the swing of things.

In December, I led a special C.A.S.H Grid session to assist people in recovering financially sooner then they thought possible. Many people are not attracting as much mon-ey as they were a few years ago. It could take a while to get back to where you were before.

It does not have to take that long. Things are shifting on the planet and the energy is less chaotic this year. One step you can take to recover financially is to keep your vibration equal to the vibe of love.

That is not always easy to do as mass consciousness is not at that level so it is easy to pick up the vibe of the energy in your area. One thing I do is visualize an energetic heart in front of me and that brings the energy in my field up to the vibration of love when I do it several times in a row.

I encourage you to give that a try.

There can be many beliefs in the way of your financial recovery. The average person has about 3-5 beliefs in their way. These are generally fears and re-occuring thoughts you may have have picked up from the media, from the energy in your area, and from your family and friends that could be keeping you from earning as much mon-ey as you did before or as much as you would like to earn.

It is also important to Own Your Big Self, by doing work that resonates with your soul and to keep having fun. All of that will raise your energy and have you attract more good things, resources and abundance of all kinds.