Many of you are pet lovers as am I. We care about our pets as if they are our children.

Our pets give us unconditional love. They consider it their duty to take care of us in many ways including taking on our “stuff”. I learned this some time ago.

When they take on our toxins, it can make them sick. Other things can make them ill as well.

The best way to give back to your pets is to love them unconditionally.
Love on them, hug them, play with them and use your hands to heal them.

Reiki is universal energy that can be used to help your pets live long, healthy lives. (humans too :))

My dogs loved it. It relaxes them and also heals them.

You can save on medical bills by learning how to give back to your pets since they give so much to you. This is natural healing and is better than using a lot of drugs on animals – although that may be necessary at times. I helped one dog heal from Lyme disease over the phone along with his owner.

My “first born” dog lived to be nearly 18 years old . We also fed him a good healthy diet and gave him lots of loving care. We were not the perfect parents, yet the vets were amazed at how long he lived and asked us what our secret was.

The sooner you start giving your pets hands on healing, the better it is for them and the more likely they will be healthy longer. We started late with LB (Lover Boy) and wish we had started earlier with both our dogs.

We did not do this with our other golden retriever, Georgia, and she died of leukemia at the age of 10.

You can learn to use Reiki with your pets and in many other ways in a 90 minute teleclass that will be held this Thursday, March 8th.
If you are not available, you can listen to the recording and/or read the transcripts.

If you have never been attuned to Reiki, you can do that now and get a discount on doing both without ever having to leave your house.






PS. If you do not have any pets, pass this on to someone who does.

PPS. It is never too late. There was a time when LB could not stand up and we gave him Reiki and were then able to get him to the emergency room. Otherwise, he would have transitioned at that time. As result, he chose to stick around longer to take care of me and my husband and we became stronger as a family.

Learn Reiki for your pets and for your own health as well. It will save you money and extend the the life of your pets and yours as well.