The temperature was in the 80’s here just the other day and I know it is still cold in parts of the world. The thing is, it is early for it to be this hot here in northern Florida and I am getting it is going to be a hot summer in much of the world. But it doesn’t have to be.

The weather keeps changing quickly and no one seems to know why. It is because our moods sometimes change as fast as the wind and our moods affect everything. And so the weather keeps changing quickly as well.

I have been in overwhelm lately and so are many people in the world right now.

When you are in overwhelm, your mood can go up and down, and you may be hot and cold about things and the way you view things. And you may change your mind a lot and feel a great deal of confusion.

When we are overly hot and sweating for no apparent reason, it is a sign that we are stressed and when we are feeling cold or tight, things are restricted and don’t flow as easily.

We all get stressed sometimes. And we all have a lot of hidden anger under the surface. And those who are on medications or stay busy all the time or get lost in tv or other things, may not even be aware of the anger under the surface.

Regardless of whether you see if for yourself or not, just know that the issues in the world are a reflection of the anger that is sometimes present in our own homes.

People are blaming our leaders, each other and everyone else, and that is a form of anger too and it is misdirected anger. When we get angry at others, we are seeing something in ourselves that we do not like. I do it too.

To help yourself through these times and perhaps even affect the weather, take time to be quiet each day. I had not been doing my own One Minute Meditation lately. And now I am meditating longer again and doing the OMM as well. We need different tools and things for different times in our lives.