sunThe Sentelligent Solution is all about learning to pay attention to the messages our senses are telling us. This goes beyond what is happening inside our body. It also pertains to what is happening in our homes, in our environment, and on the planet in general.

This applies to the everyday things that happen in our life as well as the larger scale issues of what is happening on our planet. It is all the same.

Let me give you an example on a smaller scale. I was visiting my mom in Florida recently. Mom is 83 years old and widowed and lives by herself. She is in remarkably good health and still lives a fairly active lifestyle.

About a year ago, I noticed that there was this loud banging noise when I turned on the shower in her master bath and only when I turned the knob past the noise did the water came out. I found the noise quite disconcerting.

I noticed on this trip, that the noise is still there. When I asked her why she hadn’t had this fixed yet, she said that she turns the knob quickly so she doesn’t even hear the noise. Therefore it is not a problem for her.

After checking with my husband, I got that if she does not get the problem fixed, it will get worse and then fixing it will actually be much more expensive.

She found that information helpful. We’ll see if she actually continues to ignore it or gets it fixed.

I am not saying this to pick on my mom. The truth is we all do it every single day.
We find ways to ignore things that are uncomfortable or that we do not understand.

In many parts of the world right now, temperatures are at record highs. Here in Atlanta, it is so hot that no one wants to be outside. So what do we do? During the day, we stay inside in our comfortable air conditioned homes more often. Or go to places that are air conditioned via our air conditioned cars. I certainly have been doing that.

But no one wants to know . . . What is this heat about? What is it telling us? And what can we do about it?

I can tell you this, if we continue to ignore it, it will surely get worse. We’d like to think this is just an incredibly hot summer and next summer will be better. I am getting that will not happen unless we do something about it. The heat is telling us that something is very wrong. .

I will write more about what that is and what we as individuals can do about it next time.

Remember it is not up to our government and the big companies to change things. The change must start with each one of us.
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