"Healthy Aging"

with Free Healing Energies

People of Every Age Are Welcome. Experts Say That Aging Starts at 25

If you would like to be healthier and more fit and have been finding that difficult as of late . . . learn why and what it takes to get really healthy and strong these days.

(It's different than what worked in the past)

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In this Free Online Zoom Class, led by Stacey Mayo you will:

Learn that you can get healthy and strong even if:

  • You are facing a lot of challenges these days!
  • Your health has continued to decline or goes up and down
  • More unhealthy patterns/problems you inherited are showing up
  • There is a propensity for your health, posture, body shape or strength to decline with age in your family.
  • You feel your progress may have gone backwards in some areas over the past few years
  • You feel healing certain issues is futile.

Learn what solutions work in these times with all ages of people and pets.

  • These are not hard to implement and have been well researched by Stacey.

Receive an "experience of a new healing process" that helps retard aging and alleviate compound stress

  • Stacey will lead you through an experience of this process and send you free healing energies on this free call.
  • No worries it's painless and filled with good positive vibes
  • You will have an opportunity to ask questions about your current health challenges and receive healing energies for them.

Those who attend live will receive an opportunity to receive $100 off Stacey's New Healthy Aging Program for a limited time.

If you would like to experience this new natural, painless process to help retard aging & improve health . . .

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DATE & TIME: March 15, 2023 at 11:00 AM ET

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About Your Teacher, Stacey Mayo

Stacey Mayo is the creator of Solutions by Stacey. She founded her company in 1995. Since that time, she has supported thousands of people in getting healthier and living out their dreams. She is a teacher of Medical Intuitives and Healers, a Master Level Coach, a Master Level Medical Intuitive, a Master Level Energy Practitioner, an award-winning author and an artist . She has created many successful and unique healing programs that have helped thousands of people.