People have been getting incredible results from my work with attracting opportunities and releasing old beliefs and fears and doubts in the Grid.

I am receiving enormous benefits from it as well.

Just last week, a participant had to leave my coaching group because her company lost it’s contract and she no longer had a job.

I set the grid to attract new opportunities for her and also to attract a new participant for the group before the next class which was only 3 days away.

Someone called me 40 minutes before class and told me she woke up knowing that she needed my assistance and joined the group as she knew it was exactly what she needed.

If you would like this kind of magic in your life, you can schedule C.A.S.H. Grid sessions with me or learn how to do it yourself.

For the first time ever, I will be teaching a special group of people how to do this for themselves and for clients.

The only ones I will be teaching are the participants in my Medical Intuitive Training class which starts the 2nd week in November.

It is a special Bonus I am including at no charge –this time only. I will NOT be including this for f’ree in future training classes.

So if you have been thinking about being trained as a Medical Intuitive, this is the best time to do it. Don’t procrastinate. You will be glad you got off the fence, made a decision and learned lots of tools to help you and others be healthy and prosperous.


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PS. Tune in to Sentelligent Radio this Tuesday at 5:00 PT/ 8:00 ET

when I will talk about overwhelm and how to move through it and get more focused. I will also speak about how it is affecting the weather.