I am learning more and more about the power of energy these days as my energy continues to open up.

My mom passed out about 10 days ago and was taken to the hospital. I was saddened as I did not want her to be under the care of the traditional medical system. After she got out of the hospital for overnight observation, I took on working with her to facilitate her healing using the healing methods I use with my clients as they were not able to determine why she passed out. Working with mom also brought up old wounds for me that needed to be healed. As I heal these very old wounds at 14 levels plus more, my energy is shifting in new and profound ways. It is very important to heal at all of these levels because our energy expands beyond our physical body.

Most of us have heard the concept that everything is energy.
Energy is in the clothes you choose, the food you pick, knick knacks you put on your desk, and it is in your body, your hair, your mouth, and your tongue. It is in trees and all of nature is energy. Even those things that are not alive such as furniture and walls and books were made from something that was once living. Everything that is man made has the energy of the people who made it or even touched it.

Your thoughts and emotions and the words you speak have energy, too.
People feel the vibration of unspoken words and suppressed emotions. That is why our friends and compatriots have a better sense of where we are and what is going on with us than we may think even though we don’t voice it. Those who are more in touch with their intuition and who access the higher energies are more likely to pick up on these nuances than others. We all access the higher energies throughout the day and may not be in touch with the fact that we are doing it. As the energy on the planet shifts, this is happening more and people are finding themselves a bit off balance.

We can get a better sense of how in balance we are by looking at our hair. I started noticing that whether I use hair products or not to keep my hair in place, my hair changes a lot throughout the day. So does my face and my eyes and even the way I smile . . . and yours does do. In part, that is because as our energy changes, everything shifts in alignment with it. We are energy in motion. And it is always moving, changing and shifting.

Everything is telling us something. If you want to know what you hair is telling you these days, listen to Sentelligent Radio this week as we are going to have a lot of fun looking at how to receive guidance from everything including the strength of the connection on your cell phone.