Your Free Grace Healing Transmissions Will Start Soon!


Be Sure to Read This Information and Bookmark this Page


  1. Choose what area you want healing in and let go. Choose an area that you expect you would see a difference in with 2 weeks of healing. Get quiet and listen to your intuition and see what comes up. Go with your gut. I do NOT suggest starting with longstanding chronic issues as you are not likely to see a difference in 2 weeks.
  2. Silently set the intention of the area you want to receive healing and let go.
  3. Source will start scanning you to determine the divine order of healing and then Grace healing transmissions will begin.
  4. In the future, you will receive an email announcing our next Q & A session which will be recorded. At that time, you will be able to submit questions about what has been happening for you if you are not sure.

You can be sure healing will be happening at some level. It will be gentle and effective.


Be sure to:

  • Be an observer of how you are being different and what is different. Keep notes of observable shifts or results and celebrate them.

  • Note what shifts others notice in you. Sometimes they notice what we do not see for ourselves.

  • Allow the results/shift(s) to be a surprise that will delight you.


Love and blessings,

PPS. Feel free to have your friends and family participate for free by copying and pasting this link and sending it to them to sign up:


PS. If you need a lot of healing in various areas, then choose to allow Source to prioritize for you and trust all will be divinely done.

Note, if something is urgent or you sense you need other medical care, see your doctor.