Free Grace

Divine Healing Transmissions


“Grace” is a Master Level healing modality co-created by Stacey Mayo.

Grace Healing transmissions are powerful and sent with peace, love and blessings.

Each transmission is customized specifically for you.

The free healing transmissions are ONLY for those who have not experienced Grace Divine Healing Transmissions in the past.

Once you sign up, set the intention for what you want the healing energies to help you with. Source will scan your field and see what will help you the most and will start sending custom healing transmissions to you at a time that is right for you. (normally within 24 hours, but could be a little longer)

The healing energies will be sent over the course of approximately 2 weeks.

Stacey Mayo

Stacey Mayo

Grace is designed so that it will not over-process you. If you currently are receiving all the energies your body can handle, Source will wait for divine timing to send you Grace.

The results may be subtle or really obvious. Be sure and observe subtle shifts in your behavior, body, relationships or otherwise.

People are loving it! See below.

Or if you are ready to sign up now, fill in the form below for your free Grace Divine Energy Transmissions.

Here are what a couple of people experienced:.

“I got stronger mentally, emotionally and physically pretty quickly. After receiving free Grace healing for 2 weeks, I bought more Grace and the strengthening of my muscles has continued in amazing ways. My arms are much stronger without even exercising that area of my body.

Thank you.”
Janet R.

“I am much less fearful about talking with people and having it come out right. Conversations happen much more easily now.

Thanks so much.”

Lawrence H.

I stand up for myself more, feel more empowered and have the courage to do things that I was reticent to do before.


Penny H.

I slept as well as I can remember in quite a while. I even had a nice dream (don’t usually dream) that stayed with me for a while. When I woke up I felt an overwhelming sense of well-being, more than is usual for me. A few hours later I took a walk around the neighborhood and for the first time in about a month, I could walk without back/leg pain. Today I am aware of more mobility in my lower back, and less pain. All in all … I feel better physically and emotionally.” Thank you Stacey! Elsie D.”


I had a dear friend die last night. I think the energy you send me had helped me throughout the day. Thanks so much. Dawn P.”


The past two days my teeth are not hitting or grinding anymore! IT’S A MIRACLE! I thought I would have to live with this and my teeth would grind forever. My dentist tried to help me with this 3 times and it never worked. — Karen Clothier

The most amazing thing I noticed initially was my pet who had been losing it’s thick lush coat – there were major changes in the home & her hair started to fall out – patches of it – and her thick, lushcoat became sparse with bare spots. Within the 1st 48 hours I noticed less obsessive cleaning, and within a week – my pet’s coat was healthy and by week two it was lush again !!!

I was so impressed. Thanks so much –

MM Crady

Thanks so much for your help. As a result I was able to get off my thyroid medication and did not have to have thyroid surgery. I am eternally grateful as this problem runs in my family and you helped me change this pattern.


One time only opportunity to experience this for free. Fill in this Form. Understand that the healing will take place at a time that is right for you.

The Grace energy transmissions will generally start being sent to you within 24 – 48 hours.

Love and blessings,

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