"How to Live Out Your Dreams in These Times!

Resurrect Old Dreams or Create New Ones!”

If you have given up on some dreams due to current challenges and or fears , this free class will help you in a myriad of ways!

You Will Learn:

  • More reasons why living your dreams is more important than ever these days (it's more valuable than you may think).

  • A new process to open you to see possibility where you did not see it before.

  • How to live out your dreams and aspirations in a way that feels safe and feasible.

You will receive new Special Healing Energies that:

  • Raise your vibration and

  • Support you in the above process of opening to all that is possible for youeven in these times.

  • The energies are a pure positive vibration. They will not over-process you, conflict with anything else you are doing or cause side effects.

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DATE & TIME: March 24 2023 at 11:00 AM ET

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This Free Online Class, led by Stacey Mayo, will help you even if:

  • You have fears about being out in the world.
  • Some of your dreams or goals don’t seem feasible due to finances, health, time, blocks or other issues/concerns.
  • Your mind and/or other people criticize or poo poo your dreams.
  • You feel you don’t have the mental, financial, or emotional ability to make some of your dreams come true.
  • Living out your dreams seems too stressful or has been too stressful when you attempted moving forward in the past.

Those who attend live will:

  • receive an opportunity to get $100 off Stacey's New Dream Program and $200 off a new Success Attunement ( offer good for 24 hours)!

  • have an opportunity to ask questions or have a reading related to living your dreams in these times and getting clarity in ways needed.

If you would like to open to the possibility that you can create many of the things you've dreamed of even in these times and learn how to do it in ways that are safe for you …

Register for this Free Live Class with Special Energies to Support You in Divine Ways Below!

You can call in or attend by webcast or webcall!

DATE & TIME: March 24, 2023 at 11:00 AM ET

If you can’t attend live, register anyway and you will be sent the recording.

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About Your Teacher, Stacey Mayo

Stacey Mayo, also known as The Dream Queen, is the creator of Solutions by Stacey. She founded her company in 1995. Since that time, she has supported thousands of people in getting healthier and living out their dreams. She is a teacher of Medical Intuitives and Healers, a Master Level Coach, a Master Level Medical Intuitive, a Master Level Energy Practitioner, an award-winning author and an artist . She has created many successful and unique healing programs that have helped thousands of people.