A lot of people have been stressing out over mon-ey these days. Chellie Campbell has been talking about financial stress reduction for years and teaches workshops on this subject.

I have been a fan of Chellie’s ever since I read her first book, “The Wealthy Spirit”. I took away some good pointers from that book that I still use today.

When I read her most recent book, I realized the she and I are like-minded and do many things to grow our businesses in similar ways.

On my radio show tonight, Chellie and I will talk about how to be abundant, prosper and sell yourself and your business in a way that is fun — even in these challenging times. Your life does not have to be difficult, so relax, do the One Minute Meditation, and then have a cup of tea while you listen to my show.

We will laugh and have fun while providing you with great ideas to move you forward in your life, your business and your career. Join us at 5:00 PT/8:00ET on Tuesday evening, November 15th.