Congratulations on Registering For The Eye Online Healing Program

I. Important Information

PLEASE NOTE:  While the energies for this program work faster than other types of master level energy healing, it still can take quite a while to notice a significant difference.


II.To Get The Most Benefit From This Program

1. Listen to the one short healing audio. Audio is below.

2. Listen to the recording of each of the 3 classes.

3. Let Go and Let God often.

4. Be an observer of yourself and note the positive subtle shifts that are happening.

5. Trust that healing is happening at deep levels even when you cannot see a shift in the big areas yet.

III. Bonuses

If you purchased Option 3, the online classes plus the lifetime eye scans and healing, then you are eligible for the bonuses:

For those who purchased Option 3:


  • The cosmetic eye repair work and eye scans and healing started when you registered. There are no audios to listen to for this.The cosmetic eye repair work will continue every day for 6 months. The eye scans and healing will be done every day for your entire life.
  • You will get email notices when we have a Q and A scheduled.
  • Your coupon code for $100 off a medical intuitive reading is in your confirmation email.


III. Short Healing Audio

It is good to listen to the audio below in the morning and in the evening or more often if desired. It is suggested you listen to this 2 x a day for 30 days. Then listen 1 x day after that for as long as desired.

If you are unable to listen to this audio, Source will send you the energies from it.
NOTE: It is very helpful to listen to the words.

Here is the Audio: Be Here Now

IV. Recorded Classes

Listen to the classes in order. It is suggested you mark a date and time on your calendar to listen to one class every week.

The time in between is for assimilation.

Webcast Links:

AUDIO for Class 1:

AUDIO for Class 2:

AUDIO for Class 3:

Administrative Support:

You can contact support at the following email. A team member will get back to you within 24-48 hours, except for weekends and holidays.