How to safely re-integrate into society and re-emerge as more of who you really are! Heals challenges associated with the pandemic and other crises plus all your challenges tons faster for life!

EARLY BIRD BONUS: All Natural, Custom Energetic Vaccine* for Covid-19 and All Infectious Diseases for Life! (zero side-effects)!

This Program will Continue Healing All Desired/Needed For Life!

This is the Most Powerful, Yet Gentle Healing in the World!


The Purpose of this New

  • People’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual scars get triggered by the Covid-19 Pandemic and other Natural and Man-Made Disasters and Crises, causing people many challenges.
  • Those who have chronic health, money, relationship and/or other issues or are older are often affected more.
  • Crises can leave people feeling separate and isolated, causing more emotional, mental and physical problems.
  • Media, physicians and scientists give general guidelines that may or may not be right for you personally.
  • The resonance of  all crises has been found to be connected to all chronic issues (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, genetic, abuse, money, relationships, jobs, success, housing, environmental, allergies and symptoms similar to allergies,sensitivities and intolerances, and all other.)
  • It often causes old challenges to re-occur and be worse than before. This may or may not happen, depending on whether it’s set to be triggered by the abusive programming at this time.
  • These challenges/chronic issues often take a long time to heal and are very deep. The healing, activations, and energetic treatments in this Re-Emergence Healing Program will help heal them tremendously faster.

Will This Program Help Me If I Am Receiving Other Healing?

Yes! It will amplify and work with any healing or combination of healing you are currently doing  to improve the results you are getting significantly.



Early Bird Bonus 1: EXTENDED!

First Ever All Natural, Custom Energetic Vaccine* for Covid-19 and All Infectious Diseases for Life!


  • This all natural, custom energetic vaccine is created custom for each person by Source. It is sent 24/7 via distance healing for life and will be updated as needed.
  • *The vaccine is different from building your immunity to Covid-19 or any other toxin/infectious disease. It is a proprietary method that Stacey developed.
  • This all natural, energetic vaccine (no shot needed) has been shown to prevent Covid-19, Malaria, the Flu, Common Colds, the Measles, the Mumps, Polio and other infectious diseases even in those who have been exposed to them and have low immunity to them. 
  • Even though Covid-19 and all toxins morph and can be hard to detect with high level scans, we developed a NEW method of scanning that is as accurate as the best current lab tests (99% accuracy rate). This includes scanning for antibodies.

NOTE: This bonus vaccine is brand new and sent 24/7 for life. It is NOT included with Stacey’s Preventive Healthcare Grid,  nor will it be included  as part of that program in the future.



  • We tested this vaccine on 1 million people over 4 months.

  • TEST GROUP DESCRIPTION: Of those 1 million, 24% were exposed to Covid-19 and/or other infectious diseases in various ways. They had no protection on and some had acute illnesses and were over 60. Of these 24% who were exposed, their immunity to Covid-19 was 4 on average (on a scale of 1-10). Some had a 1 immunity to Covid-19.
  • Those 24% who were exposed to infectious diseases still had not gotten Covid-19 or other infectious diseases after 73 days, nor are they carriers.
  • This all natural, energetic vaccine sent by remote healing via Source was shown to be 99% effective among the participants in this beta study.*  There are no repercussions or side effects as it is custom for each person and 100% natural (no shots needed). 
  • This vaccine does NOT put Covid-19 or any toxins or toxic matter into your body. It will NOT cause you to get Covid-19 or any disease.
  • The benefit to those who have a high immunity to any disease or toxin is it gives you extra protection as one’s immune system can weaken at any time.

*Over time, we find all vaccines end up being effective 93% of the time.  We expect and have found similar results with this energetic vaccine over time.

Item 1:

New Higher Level Activations and Alignments

All of these activations are IMMENSELY MORE EFFECTIVE AND FASTER than any previous activation or healing method I’ve created or that is available in the world.

  • Higher Level Intuition/Knowing Activation and Alignment will clear what is in the way of you knowing what is right and safe for you faster. It will support you in knowing your immunity to Covid-19 and other infectious toxins and whether you are a carrier. (it will be a silent knowing)
  • Re-emergence Assistance Activation will support you in getting out in the world in ways that feel safe for you. Many people stay home out of fear, when they are actually able to be out more.
  • NEW High Level Safety Activation & Alignment will open up your cells to clear the blocks  and fears in the way of you doing things that are safe for you and align you in knowing and doing what is safe for you to do at new levels.
  • Re-integration Activation will heal what causes you to isolate when it is not necessary to. Not everyone over 50 is at high risk. Not everyone with chronic health issues are at high risk.
  • Emotional Scar Healing Activation will heal the emotional scars that get triggered during crises hugely faster. These scars get re-wounded during these times causing old issues to often re-appear.
  • NEW Health Activation & Alignment will heal emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and genetic health issues that may  come up during a crises AND all your health issues immensely faster than any healing method in the world.
  • NEW Wealth Activation & Alignment will heal money issues and challenges associated with any crises AND in general. This will support people in having a solid source of income plus more .It will align you with wealth.
  • NEW Relationship Activation & Alignment will help you re-unite with important people in your life that you desire to be in connection with. It will also support you in creating new relationships faster.
  • Spiritual Activation  & Alignment will help you connect with your beliefs and have a strong faith that all is well. When you know that all is well, you are able to live a life without fear or anxiety.
  • NEW Abuse Healing Activation & Alignment will help heal tendencies to be abused in any way immensely faster. This tendency is caused by abusive programming. Many more incidents of abuse happen when people have to isolate. It will align you with being one who does not tolerate abuse.
  • NEW Protection Activation & Alignment will heal your tendencies to allow in anything harmful to you into your life and/or body a lot faster. This includes contagious toxins, toxic and/or abusive people and animals, toxic situations, jobs and anything that is bad for you.
  • Pet Healing Activation & Alignment will help heal the challenges that get triggered in your pets during the pandemic  or any crises plus all other challenges including health immensely  faster. It will align your pet in being his/her divine self. (Pets are sent all the healing from this Re-emergence program for free when you purchase for yourself)
  • NEW Inner Peace Activation and Alignment will clear abusive program that is in the way of you being peaceful faster. Aligns you with being at peace even when the situation is difficult or challenging.
  • NEW Self Care Activation and Alignment will clear what is in the way of you taking good care of yourself faster. It will align you with one who takes good care of themselves.

Note: It is always your choice what you do and what actions you take. You are responsible for your own well-being and your choices..

Item 2:

Three Online Classes!

These online classes are specifically designed to help you heal exponentially faster than with the distance healing from this program alone whether you are able to attend live or not.

The energy from these classes will be sent to all registrants even if they do NOT attend the classes or know they are in this program. They will benefit similarly to people who attend the classes.

These 3 Online Healing Classes: 

  • Provide information about what is needed for you to have the relationships you desire.
  • Provide answers to your questions (anonymity is available if desired).
  • Helps You in Having a Breakthrough in areas desired.
        • Helps heal all health, relationship, money, spiritual, emotional, mental, behavioral and other issues significantly faster.
        • Opens you up to find hidden issues significantly faster.
        • Provides support for what is desired while the deeper issues heal.

              The classes can be attended by phone, webcast or webcall from anywhere in the world

              These classes will be recorded in case you cannot attend live.

              The classes will be in July. Registrants of this program will receive emails when we have the dates and times for the classes scheduled and the dates will be posted on your resource page when available.

              NOTE: We scan all registrants to determine the dates and times that will work for the most people before scheduling these classes.  In the meantime, you will receive tons of distance healing 24/7 from the time you register.

              Here’s What People Are Saying!

              The Class was Powerful and I Experienced Huge Shifts of Healing!

              Just a note to thank you for today’s class! It was powerful and I experienced huge shifts of healing! My shift was so profoundly deep I wanted to thank you! I was laying down listening to you and I went into a semi sleep state upon which I felt deepest healing shifts. I felt a healing completion of negative programming that you and Source found! It was amazing! Thank you.

              Deep gratitude and love,


              Within the First Five Minutes, I Felt My Heart and Heart Chakras Healing and Expanding!

              I couldn’t be on the live call and just finished listening to replay. I felt so much energy from the call. Within the first five minutes my heart and heart chakras were just glowing and expanding, and I could – still can – feel heat in that area and down my arms. Tingling in my thoracic spine.

              I am going to download it now and play this every night while I sleep –

              Thank you again.

              ~ Bonnie Starr

              I Find Your Classes So Interesting and Learn a Lot

              Thank you, Stacey, for the precision. I find your classes so interesting, we learn a lot! I can’t thank you enough for all you give us…

              ~Paul S.

              I Find Listening To Your Classes Very Helpful!

              “I would like to say the info you give has been very helpful. I had never heard of the theory before that programming could make people hear voices or even repetitive messages.

              This happened to me for quite awhile and I always thought it was some entity saying that. Doing clearing for entities never stopped the voice.

              Hearing the explanation about why some things take a lot of time to heal was very helpful too.

              I find listening to your classes very helpful!”

              ~ Keri B.

              My Brain Was Rewired in the Group Healing Session!

              “Last session was very powerful! 🙂 A shift in my thinking process about the pain and symptoms occurred. It feels as if the brain was rewired (and it was). Pains and hot flashes definitely diminished. With love and gratitude!”

              I Missed the Live Calls and Still Released a Lot!

              “Hi Stacy I missed two of the live calls in a row, however both calls were still very powerful for me and I released a lot.”

              Item 3:

              UPLEVELED Energetic Treatments and Nutrition

              • These treatments and nutritional supplements are significantly better than previous treatments as they are at a higher resonance. This makes them more effective and has them heal and support you tremendously faster.
              • You will be sent the energy of whatever treatments are in your highest and best to heal all challenges that you may have including health, pain, relationship, mental, emotional, spiritual, money, job, housing, success, behavioral and all other issues/challenges you may have.
              • Source scans the world to find the best treatments for you, clears your blocks in the way of receiving them and aligns you with them before sending to you so there will be no side effects.

              Examples could include any combination of the following or others: ONLY IF THEY ARE RIGHT FOR YOU FROM SOURCE’S KNOWING:

              Homeopathics, appetite suppressant, acupuncture, essential oils, CBD oil, anti-inflammatory, pain relievers, thyroid medication, treatments to balance your blood pressure, healthy heart treatments, anti-coagulation treatments, healthy blood treatments, bone strengthening treatments, eye supplements, gum treatments, money treatments, relationship treatments, healthy hair and hair growth treatments, healthy nail treatments, natural antibiotics for different strains, natural anti-fungal treatments for different strains, parasitic energy treatments, anti-viral treatments for different strains including Covid-19, worm and tick treatments, nerve treatments, treatments for specific symptoms/diseases, brain and memory treatments, lung and respiratory treatments, the best possible treatments for all health issues and all other issues.

              Item 4:

              Holiday, Birthday, Anniversary, Vacation, Special Occasion Healing Modality

              We have found that these special days are attached to abusive programming triggers.These triggers can cause challenges for you on any special occasion and may not. Whether it does or not appears to be random.

              This new healing modality will scan for these hidden systems of triggers with a new high level scan and is more likely to find and heal them before the special occasion.

              If it does get triggered before being found, you will be supported in having a great special occasion in ways that are feasible.

              Item 5:

              NEW Healing Modality For Pandemics and Other Natural and Man-Made Disasters/Crises/Fears



              • This new modality will heal Covid-19 and all known toxins found in you faster than ever.
              • Our scans and healing have now been upleveled to find and transform Covid-19 and other toxins found within 10 feet of you. This includes toxins found in the air, on any surface, and in/on other people 
              • You and your environment (including areas within 10 feet of you at any moment of the day) will be scanned 24/7 via Source and healing sent for all found.
              • You will also receive remote healing 24/7 to build your immunity to Covid-19.

              BETA STUDY:

              No one has been infected with Covid-19 who has received this modality and the all natural, energetic vaccine included in this program over the course of 4 months.

              We beta tested it on over 1 million people who were active in the world and came in contact with people and surfaces. Covid-19 was found to be within 10 feet of 24% of them on a few occasions. 1 person actually touched another person who has Covid-19 and did not get it. Their immunity level to it was 3 at that time. It had been a 10 but got triggered a few minutes before touching that person.

              NOTE: These are the same people as in the Beta Research for the vaccine.

              DISCLAIMER: You are always responsible for the choices you make and your well being.


              • This new master level healing modality will help heal all issues associated with disasters and crises  that are real or perceived to be real. 
              • It will heal all associated with the resonance of “Pandemic” , ‘Earthquake”, “Typhoon”,  “Hurricane”, “Tornado”,  “Monsoon”,  “Volcano Eruption”,  “Drought”, “Flood”,  “All Storms”, “Starvation”, “War”,  “The End of the World”,  “Pollution and Pollutants”,   “5G Technology” plus much more immensely faster than any other healing modality in the world.
              • The resonance of “Pandemic” and other “Worldwide Concerns” have been found to be connected to all chronic issues (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, genetic, abuse, money, relationships, jobs, success, housing, environmental, allergies and symptoms similar to allergies,sensitivities and intolerances, and all other.)


              This new healing modality will heal all issues and challenges tremendously faster.

              This includes:

              • Re-emerging challenges
              • Isolation issues
              • Fear
              • Anxiety
              • Aging issues
              • Weight
              • Abuse
              • Negative entities, psychic attacks and similar
              • Money
              • Relationships
              • Housing
              • Jobs
              • Success
              • Health on all levels
              • Genetic issues (DNA)
              • Spiritual issues
              • Travel
              • Sleep
              • All Toxins and Infections
              • Family
              • Relationships

              And all other issues/challenges.

              This healing is custom for each person and sent 24/7 for life via remote healing by Source. It will not conflict with anything else you are doing, over process you or cause side effects or harsh detoxing, even if you are very sensitive.


              This entire healing program will help you heal exponentially faster than the current programs you are on. It will work with them to help you heal immeasurably faster than the programs currently heal you by themselves.

              This program heals everything tremendously faster than: the full power of Grace Healing with the 50 Master Level Healers modality upleveled to its highest capability, Counter programming, Weight Attainment, Youthening, Regenerate, Epic Relationships, Gene Replacement, Dental, Eye/Vision, Hearing, Treatment Healing Bonus with Medical Intuitive Training, and all of these healing programs combined.

              If you have the NEW Grace Healer training that was offered in April/ May 2020 you can purchase this program Pkg A for 50% off  for the first person during the special offer. Contact my assistant for a coupon code. Additional people automatically get 50% off the regular price.

              People have asked . . .

              Why do I need to heal faster than currently and if I heal this fast, shouldn’t it all be done?

              There is a lot more that needs to be found and healed than one might think.

              There are a tremendous amount of systems of programming, triggers and blocks plus more from ancestral, past life and sometimes current life abuse that need to be found and healed.

              Why are issues hidden?

              The cause of all relationship and other challenges is hidden abusive programming. This is in everyone’s DNA and sometimes in other parts of their systems. Abusers install this negative programming during times of sexual and harsh physical abuse each time they abuse a person or animal and sometimes they send it to their victims 24/7. It is never supposed to be found. The programming is often found in cells that vibrate as normal. It is complex and programmed to change/morph constantly.

              We are able to find all hidden abusive programming over time. With this new healing program, we can find and heal it exponentially faster than with any of Stacey’s other programs or any energy healing program in the world.

              How do I receive healing for life if I live longer than Stacey?

              Source scans participants in this program and sends them the custom, proprietary healing energies, alignments, activations, vaccine, nutrition and treatments they need.

              Early Bird Bonus 2: EXTENDED!

              Patience and Tolerance Activation and Alignment For LIFE

              (Value $997)

              This activation will open up your cells and activate them to heal faster. It will heal you in these areas immeasurably faster than any current healing modality of Stacey’s or any one else’s.

              It will support you in having patience in areas where it’s needed and desired.

              It will align you with being a patient person and the same for your pets.

              It will support you in being patient & tolerant of what is going on in the world and in your life when it’s in your highest and best.

              NOTE: If tolerance is not in your highest and best, you will be supported in doing what is in your highest and best.

              This activation and alignment is custom for each person and sent 24/7 via remote healing by Source. It will not conflict with anything else you are doing, over process you or cause side effects, even if you are very sensitive.

              Here’s What People Have Experienced With This Bonus!

              I Am More Tolerant of People Who Have Different Opinions Than Me!

              I read what different people say on social media and am doing better at letting go and not feeling negatively towards them when it is very different than how I feel. This feels better than getting all riled up.

              ~ Donna S

              I Am More Patient In General!

              There have been a lot of closings and delays and I am handling it well. I trust that businesses, parks, vacations and such will open up when it’s right. In the meantime, I am fine.

              ~ Brett R.

              I Am Handling Delays and Hiccups Better!

              There have been delays in deliveries and services, some of which have been long. Nonetheless, everything has been okay in my life. I haven’t gotten overly upset or over-reacted with any of it.

              ~ Evelyn V.

              Bonus 2

              UPLEVELED Self-Esteem Activation & Alignment for LIFE

              (Value $997)

              During crises many people’s self esteem dropped. This is due to a variety of reasons.

              Self esteem is a challenge for many people throughout their life and often goes up and down.

              Abusive programming can trigger self esteem issues at any time.

              Source will scan your system 24/7 to find cause of self-esteem issues and heal them as found. It will open up your system to heal them exponentially faster.

              Via this bonus, Source will align you with being more of who you really are, someone with a high self-esteem. If that alignment (or any of the above alignments) goes down due to hidden abusive programming that gets triggered, Source will scan to find what got triggered and heal it as found.

              This activation and alignment is custom for each person and sent 24/7 for life via remote healing by Source. It will not conflict with anything else you are doing, over process you or cause side effects, even if you are very sensitive.

              My Self-Esteem is Up!

              I feel more confident in my abilities, my relationships, my intuition and like myself more.

              ~ Tricia T.

              I No Longer Doubt I Can Do Anything!

              I can tell that my belief in all my skills is high. I no longer doubt I can do anything. It’s a wonderful feeling and I keep seeing evidence that its true.

              ~ Yvonne C

              I Am Feeling Like I Can’t Do Anything Wrong!

              I am feeling at this point that I cannot do anything wrong. … 🙂 Everything seems to work out like magic even when major challenge show up!

              ~ David R.

              Here’s What Some Have Experienced From the Re-Emergence Program!

              My Belly is Significantly Flatter Than Before!

              My belly bloats up a lot and lately I often feel it going down significantly (without expelling gas or exercising)!  My belly goes down hugely and my whole body shifts. I know this is from your energy healing program. My stomach is significantly flatter than before much of the time.

              ~ Nancy D

              I Intuitively Know What to Touch When in Stores!

              I know when to touch things and when not. I also know when to go to stores and which ones are safe. This is also true for when to get a haircut, manicure, etc. This helps me feel very safe when I go out in the world.

              ~ Nancy D

              My Age Spots Are Fading!

              I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that my age spots are fading. I did not put any product on them for this to happen. I am hopeful they will completely heal.

              ~ Janet C.

              I Feel Very Safe at Restaurants and When I Am Out in the World!

              I have a good sense of where it is safe for me to go eat and who is safe to be around. Each time I have been out, I’ve felt validated in my knowing.

              ~ Fran C

              I Got a New Job!

              I got a great job where I am able to work from home. I am enjoying doing this and adapting easily.

              ~ Dan C.

              I Am Now a Multi-Millionaire!

              Making money has become easy for me and I do what I love. I feel wealthy for the first time even though I’ve been a millionaire for a while. I grew up in a lower middle class family and it has taken time for me to shift the way I see myself, money and what I can afford.

              ~ Wendi H.

              My Painful Ingrown Toenails Healed During the Lock Down! 

              My painful ingrown toenails healed during the lock down and I was finally able to get a pedicure!  Woohoo!  Before I wouldn’t let them touch my toes as the slightest touch was extremely painful. Now 

              Thank you.

              ~ Wendy A.

              I Only Feel the Need to Wear a Mask When It’s Required!

              I know my immunity to Covid-19 is a 10 and I have the energetic vaccine. That helps my confidence when I am out in the world. I still keep my social distance where possible.When I haven’t been able to keep the 6 feet between me and others, I’ve still known I was safe and haven’t gotten sick.

              Thank you.

              ~ Leslie S.

              The Pandemic Has Not Been Very Hard For Me!

              I felt supported in doing things differently in ways that worked for me. I found myself enjoying life much of the time and making the best of the situation.

              ~ Keri S.

              My Hands Are Not Dry Even Though I Wash Them a Lot More!

              I used to not wash my hands that often because it dries them out. Now I am washing them a lot more than ever. They started getting really dry and I got a silent knowing of how to keep them from drying out and still wash them frequently. My hands are actually softer than ever. My manicurist was amazed and told me she is jealous of my hands. ( I am 30 years older than her.)

              ~ Lisa R.

              I’ve Been Able to Set Strong Boundaries Around Social Distancing!

              I was in line outside a store and a man tried to encroach upon my six foot space and came very close to me. I put out my arm and strongly said, “Keep your social distance please.” He backed off and and then tried again and I did the same thing. He cooperated the 2nd time even though he did not want to.

              There was something about him that felt off and I trusted my intuition and acted accordingly. It felt good.

              ~ Paula W.

              I Had a Great Birthday Week Even Though My Vacation Was Cancelled

              I was excited to find that the restaurants in my area were opening for dine-in service on time for my birthday. I chose to celebrate by going out to dinner every night! It felt great to be out and I felt safe in each restaurant we chose to go to.

              ~ Ken S.

              My Dog is No Longer Afraid of Other Dogs!

              My dog has been afraid of other dogs since we rescued him about 8 years ago. Now when we are outside with him and other dogs walk by, he seems curious and walks towards them confidently to check them out. He used to cower and hide behind us. This is truly a miraculous shift. Thank you!   

              ~ Jeff F.

              I Can Tell I Am Healing Faster!

              My health gets triggered a lot right now causing all kinds of problems. Many of them have re-occurred since the pandemic started. They took a long time to heal the last time I had these challenges. I can tell they are healing a lot faster now.

              Much gratitude

              ~ Deanna T.

              My Health, Energy and Confidence Are Strong!

              I can’t remember when I felt this good for this long. I have the energy to easily do all I want to do each day, some if it requiring a lot of physical exertion. (I am 65 years old.) I also feel more confident in all ways than I perhaps have ever been.

              ~ Beth K.

              I Am Peaceful Much of the Time!

              I am at peace through much of my day. Even when I am bored, I know I will come up with something to do that brings me joy. Thank you for this support and healing.

              ~ David M.

              I Am Having a Record Year in My Business!

              My business is doing extremely well. I am following my intuition about what people need at this time and providing them with what I am able to do that matches my skills. It brings me a lot of joy to be able to help people during this time and make a great living.

              ~ Sue A.

              I Am Delighted That I Am Making More Money!

              I wasn’t sure I would be able to make money during the pandemic or that people would be willing to spend money on what I sell. I am ecstatic that they are buying and sales are up again.

              ~ Nancy D.

              I Am Home With My Family and Enjoying It!

              I found being home with my family while also working from home easy to do. I was able to set clear boundaries, be productive and see my family more. They enjoyed the change as well and are still doing well with it.

              ~ Marissa G

              I Feel So Much Better After Getting a Haircut and Mani-Pedi!

              I know some people think this is superficial, but I realize how important it is. My hair is healthier after a haircut, my nails are stronger with a gel manicure and a pedicure helps with my ingrown toenails.  Additionally, I feel better about how I look and that affects my emotional and mental well-being. I am forever grateful that I was able to start doing these things again.

              ~ Lona T

              I Healed From Covid-19 Naturally!

              I got Covid-19 and was moderately sick for 3 weeks. Now I feel really healthy again. My lungs feel open and I can breathe freely. I took no medicine the entire time. Thank you so much.

              ~ Virna A.

              My Dog Has More Energy and Communicates His Needs Better!

              My dog is able to walk further and really seems to enjoy it. He has found a way to tell us he needs something that works and his ears perk up when we get it right. Certain words have become key in our communication with him that we had not used before.

              ~ Larry G.

              My Relationship With My Customers is Lots Better!

              My customers are now asking how I am doing more often and seem to genuinely care. They have been very forthcoming with compliments about the services they receive from me.

              ~ Sandy E.

              I Was Afraid to Go Anywhere and Now am Safely Socializing With Friends!

              I was very afraid to go anywhere, even the beach,  due to my age. Now I am feeling safe to go out and take photographs at the beach (my passion). One of those photos got published in our local paper. I just got together with a group of friends and we sat outside and talked and kept our social distance. 

              ~ Yvette B.

              My Husband’s Intuition is “Right On” Now & This Helps Me a Lot!

              Lately, when I have interference in my ability to speak or write what I intuitively know, I’ve been able to ask my husband for clarity as I noticed his intuition is “right on” . This has helped me a lot. I’m glad we are both on your programs.

              ~ Liz D

              *** How This Program Works ***

              • You are scanned 24/7 by Source for conscious, subconscious and hidden issues, blocks and toxins in your whole system including your DNA. This is done via Source and starts as soon as you register
              • The upleveled healing, activations, alignments,  and any bonuses are sent 24/7 for life by Source and starts as soon as you register and continues for life
              • The 3 group classes/healing sessions be held by phone, webcall and webcast will be every week for 3 weeks. The dates and times will are posted on your Resource page when scheduled and you will be sent emails when we have dates scheduled.
              • The group healing sessions are recorded. If you cannot attend live, you can send your questions ahead of time and they will be answered in the recorded sessions. You will receive similar benefit as attending live.
              • If you purchase for someone who will NOT attend live or listen to the recordings, they will receive the energy from the group sessions via remote healing and will receive full benefit of the program. They do NOT have to know they are in the program to receive full the energies from this program.
              • All of the energies are custom for each person. They will never over-process or cause harsh detoxing even if you even if you are sensitive or doing a lot of other healing work and will not conflict with anything else you are doing. If you are doing a lot of other energy work, you will still receive full benefit of this program without being over-processed.
              • It will heal any abusers you purchase this program for hugely faster. Stacey’s programs are the ONLY ON THE PLANET that are received by sexual and physical abusers. The main reason people want to heal these abusers is because it will help them stop abusing others.

                *If you purchase for another and not yourself and listen to it yourself, you will NOT get custom healing for yourself. The energies will only be sent to the person who purchased it.We customize the energies sent with all my recordings and replays for the people who purchased it each time they listen.

                Ask Stacey a Question About This Program and/or Whether It Will Help You and/or Someone Else

                If you have questions about this program, Please Email me with a question(s) by clicking HERE

                REGISTER BELOW:

                The 24/7 Upleveled Remote Healing, Treatments, Activations and Alignments and any Bonuses Start as Soon as You Register and Will Continue For Life!


                You can purchase for additional members for approximately 1/2 price at checkout. (Pets are free for this program only).

                Early Bird Bonuses EXTENDED!

                Choose from Option A, B or NEW Option C Below

                Option A: Re-Emergence Healing Program

                Includes Everything Listed Above

                TOTAL VALUE: $5000.00

                Easy Payment Options Available at Checkout!

                Regular Pricing: $397

                Special Price Full Pay: $207 (Save $197!)

                Add additional people for Pkg A. at approximately 1/2 price at checkout

                You can also choose to pay with Paypal Deferred Payments if eligible. Click the link above and choose paypal option to find the instructions.

                If you have the NEW Grace Healer training that was offered in April/ May 2020 you can purchase this program Pkg A for 50% off  for the first person during the special offer. Contact my assistant for a coupon code. Additional people automatically get 50% off the regular price.

                Option B: Everything Above Plus Private Healing Session With Stacey

                This includes everything above plus a private 30 minute healing session with Stacey. People who do these private healing sessions with Stacey typically heal immensely faster during these sessions than with the Re-emergence Healing program by itself or combined with all Stacey’s and other people’s healing programs.

                You can do this session for yourself or as a proxy for someone else with pandemic issues or any other challenges/issues/symptoms. If you do it as a proxy for 1 person, both of you will exponentially faster during this session. It’s like a 2 for 1.

                My Advanced Metastatic Sarcoma Cancer Went from Stage 3 to Stage 2 During Session!

                My cancer was stage 3 when I started call and went to stage 2 quickly. Since that call, it held at stage 2. My overall health is better and my chi flow is better too.

                ~ Alice H.

                I Am Now Aligned With Being a Healer!

                When I started the call, I didn’t believe I could be a healer. Tons healed during our session and my alignment with being a healer went from 0 to 10!

                I am very excited. Thank you!

                ~ Lori C.

                Your Transforming My Breast Implants Saved Me $20,000!

                Thank you so much for transforming my breast implants into natural breast tissue. You saved me $20,000 and it was painless and effortless.

                ~ Debra Y.

                My Health Went to an 8 For the First Time Ever in This Life!

                My Health Went to an 8 For the First Time Ever in This Life!

                ~ Robert J.

                The Fever I Had For 3 Weeks is Gone!

                I had a high fever for 3 weeks and a cough. My doctor could not help me. By end of our session, my breathing was a lot better, and my fever was gone. I feel much better, have more energy and am lighter.

                ~ Ingrid S.

                My Leg is Significantly Less Swollen and My Heart Opened Up!

                My left leg was stiff and swollen from my knee down. By end of the 30 minute session, my leg was much less stiff and swollen and my heart opened up a lot. I feel hugely better. Thank you and blessings.

                ~ Linda H.

                My Husband No Longer Abuses Me and My Back Stopped Hurting!

                I haven’t needed medication for my achy back for 2 weeks now. It no longer hurts.I laugh instead of being resentful towards my abusive husband. He has stopped abusing me which is a miracle!I tell him “I’m no longer yours to abuse” when he acts up.

                ~ Alissa J.

                The Things Stacey Said During My Session Hit the Nail on the Head and Really Helped Me!

                “I was feeling very discouraged – like there is no end to all the symptoms and problems. I was actually depressed. By the end of the session I felt lighter, my depression had lifted and I had hope. I even found myself laughing.

                The things Stacey said really hit the nail on the head of what’s been going on with me. Hearing these things was very helpful”

                ~ Frank D.

                Includes Everything Listed Above Plus a 30 Minute Private Session With Stacey

                TOTAL VALUE: $5800.00

                Easy Payment Options Available at Checkout!

                Regular Pricing: $797

                Early Bird Full Pay: $597 (Save $200!)

                Add additional people for Pkg A. at approximately 1/2 price at checkout

                You can also choose use Paypal Deferred Payments if eligible. Click the Paypal button at checkout for more information.

                NOTE: If you choose the 2 pay for Option B with 1 private Session with Stacey, you will get an email to schedule your session with Stacey, after the 2nd payment is made.

                BRAND NEW Option C Includes Everything in Package A PLUS:


                6 Private Healing Sessions With Stacey!

                Heals You & Your Entire Family Providing Immeasurably Faster Results For You and Your Family!

                Priority Scheduling!


                Includes lifetime healing for you and 6 private sessions with you during which you will be made proxy for you entire family.

                You and your entire family will heal immeasurably faster than if each person had private sessions with me.

                The benefits are cumulative over the 6 sessions. This is especially great for those with chronic issues of any kind.

                Stacey utilizes a NEW faster healing method during and in between these sessions

                ENTIRE FAMILY includes parents, children, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandparents grandchildren, great grandparents, great grandchildren, great nieces and nephews, step-relatives and spouses of your entire family.

                The amount of time suggested between these sessions to get the fastest and best results is approx 1 week. If you or Stacey person cannot do it in this timeframe, the next soonest time available to both people will be scheduled. You will receive priority scheduling with Stacey which is important as her schedule fills quickly.

                My Whole Family’s Mental & Emotional Health Went Up 4 Points in 1 Session!

                When you healed my whole family’s health at once, I healed tons faster!

                Emotional and mental health went up 4 points for whole family. Physical health improved 2 points for each of us.

                It was amazing! Thank you.

                ~ Kristin W

                My Dad’s Stage 4 Cancer is Gone!

                As a result of doing proxy sessions with you for my dad along with along with traditional treatments, his cancer is now gone!  Also due to your healing, he was able to receive the chemo from the doctors without side effects which was a huge blessing. When you started healing our entire family together, it cleared much faster.  Thanks so much!

                ~ Rachel W.

                My Alignment With My Spiritual Work Went From 0 t0 10 and My Joy Level is Way Up!

                I was not able to move forward with my spiritual work as things kept coming up to get in the way. In my work with you, my alignment with my spiritual work  went from a 0 -> 10. I am consistently moving forward now and have created a new website and a healing audio.  My physical, mental and emotional health is also tons better. I am also joyful much of the time. This had been a missing in my life.

                ~ Rosemary

                Includes Everything Listed Above

                TOTAL VALUE: $8400.00

                Easy Payment Options Available at Checkout!

                Regular Pricing: $3400

                Early Bird Full Pay: $3000 (Save $400!)

                You can also choose use Paypal Deferred Payments if eligible. Click the Paypal button at checkout for more information.

                NOTE: If you choose the 2 pay for Option C with 6 private Sessions with Stacey, you will get an email to schedule your first session with Stacey, after the 2nd payment is made.

                Add additional members for Pkg A at approximately 1/2 price at checkout

                REFUND POLICY: Please know that in order to honor the Law Of Energy Exchange, all exchanges need to be fair energetically. We love and honor all of our valued customers. We are happy to offer a hassle free, 30 day Money Back Guarantee to our customers to help them decide if a certain product works for them or not. You have 30 days from the day of purchase or the date of the first live class whichever comes first to request a refund. We can only offer a refund on one package for every customer per 90 days. Multiple refunds by same customer within 90 days will not be accepted. If you purchase a personal session with Stacey, the guarantee will be voided if a session has been availed. We thank you in advance for respecting the energy exchange.


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                She is an award-winning author and has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women and is a popular speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day. She is a former Medical Intuitive columnist for the Sedona Journal. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece, ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.

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