Revitalize Your Dreams and Create New Ones in Ways That Work For These Times!


  1. You want to live out your dreams in a way that feels safe.
  2. You have current challenges you need help for.
  3. You want more fun and exciting things to be possible in your life.
  4. You would like to create your dreams with ease.
  5. There are some old dreams you gave up on but still desire.
  6. You have some new dreams but don’t really feel they are possible at this time.
  7. You have dreams and desires that seem to or actually require a lot more money than you have.
  8. You want to know HOW you can possibly make some of your bigger dreams or even smaller ones happen.
  9. You want special energetic support for aligning you with your dreams.
  10. You would like a process for getting clarity, readying and living out your dreams that works in these times and is EASY. 
  11. You have resistance to moving forward (feel blocked).
  12. You have fears associated with your dreams/desires.
  13. You have old traumas that seem to still be in your way.

What Makes This Program Different and What it Includes:

Stacey will teach her new special process for living your dreams with ease in these times

This process:

  • Helps you get clarity on what dreams you are ready for now.
  • Helps heal current challenges including, health, relationships, emotional issues, mental challenges and the ability to deal with things outside of you
  • Helps you ready for your bigger and smaller dreams
  • Uplevels you to know what divine action is appropriate and when to take it
  • Supports you in knowing how to create your dreams in ways that feel safe and doable.
  • Supports you in knowing how to create your dreams in a way that is affordable for you.
  • Helps you know how to work through challenges and conflicts with family members or others who have different dreams.
  • Clears deep resistance and blocks that may be in your way.
  • Helps you overcome procrastination.
  • Attunes you to the dreams you are ready for. This supports you in moving forward with ease.
  • Supports you in knowing what team or support you need to help you if any and how to find the right help within your budget


Retail Value $597 – FREE WITH THIS PROGRAM!

We created new energies after testing different methods for several years. These energies :

This new attunement starts when you register and will be sent via distance healing by Source. It quickly opens you up to be able to make and allow in money for your life and dreams in divine ways. It uplevels you brain and mind to know how to do this.

It continues upleveling your financial acumen and abilities throughout the 3 month Dreams Program. By the end of the program, you will have integrated this upleveled ability to make and allow money. That ability will be yours to keep.

It also helps you:

Get past money challenges (present ones and any that may arise)

Clear any debt issues


It Looks Like I Will Get The $50,000 Back I Thought I Lost!

“I invested in something over 12 years ago and had given up on ever getting my money back. I had told the investment manager I didn’t want to pay any more admin costs and to take me off his list about the investment and to count me out. About 1 month later, he emailed me to tell me they had a buyer for the property, a contract and a down payment. He was offering me a second chance to get my money back even though I told him I was out. I felt blessed and knew something was working on my behalf. Thank you!”

Lori S.

This money attunement is worth the price of admission. It was beta tested on 100 people of various income levels and all saw significant increases in income. 20 people had no income before this attunement and started bringing in money within a short time.

If you have questions about this Money Attunement and/or the Dream Program and whether it will help you or others significantly, contact Stacey using this form and she will have Source scan and test this attunement and Dream Program on you to see if it will work for you.

Item 1:
Stacey’s Best Secrets for Living Your Dreams Successfully

Stacey Mayo was previously referred to as The Dream Queen! She has been successfully teaching people to live out their dreams for over 25 years.

Over the past 12 months, she discovered 3 Secrets to Living Your Dreams successfully in these times.

Stacey tested these 3 Secrets repeatedly and found them to work for all 100 people in her beta study.*

Stacey will teach you these 3 Secrets plus provide other information and tools to support you in living your dreams in these times and creating a better life.

Item 2:
Stacey’s Special Attunements For Your Dreams

The following attunements will be sent to all registrants via remote healing by Source in divine timing.

You will receive

A Dream Readying Attunement:

This attunement will be sent via remote healing when you register. It will be custom for each person and will continue for the entire 3 month program. It will clear the blocks, fears, beliefs,conflicts, patterns and/or resistance in your way of being ready to create the dreams you truly desire are most easily found and healed. It will also help you move through challenges as they arise.

This is very important. Many people aren’t ready but want to be. These times have caused more fears, blocks, financial challenges and more. This readying attunement will open you to clear them deeper in the tension than any other healing process known. When the readying process is complete you will be at the vibrational level of  your dreams.

An Attunement to Stacey’s New Dream Process:

You will be attuned to be able to do Stacey’s New Dream Process. This attunement will be sent via Source by remote healing (distance healing) in divine timing and will continue for the duration of this 3 month program.

This will help you naturally create and live out your dreams with ease. By the end of the program you will have integrated this process and it will be yours to keep and use naturally throughout your life.

Item 4:
A Process for Opening and Upleveling Your Abilities!

  • Source will send you a special healing process to open abilities needed to get clarity, create and live out your dreams.
  • If you already have some or all of the abilities needed, these will be upleveled significantly.
  • You may find yourself doubting you have the abilities needed and/or the wherewithal to do what’s needed.
  • If you have doubts, you will be taught how to release doubts as they come up. 
  • If you feel you don’t have the wherewithal, you will be shown how to create your dreams with the right support, resources or whatever else is needed and within your financial means.

Item 5:
NEW Effective Distance Healing!

This new distance healing will be sent to all registrants for 3 months. It is very effective and typically received very well. All beta study participants received this new modality well.* It will be custom for each registrant and sent 24/7 by Source.

It will scan for and heal that which is connected to your ability to get clarity, and live out more of your dreams.

This includes the following:

(If you are already receiving healing for any of the below, this will take the healing to new levels.)

  • any blocks related to your dreams
  • yeah but’s (I would but …..)
  • any health issues in the way of living out your dreams
  • ability to get clarity/tendency to be confused
  • ability to persist
  • initiative for taking action related to your dreams
  • ability to deal with challenges and rebound when they occur
  • fear of getting out of balance
  • fear of being visible
  • fear of being successful
  • fear of being criticized, rejected or abused in any way


These energies are a pure vibration and will not conflict with any other personal development or healing work you are doing, cause side effects or over-process you.


  • other fears related to your dreams
  • beliefs in the way of your dreams
  • ability to discern
  • ability to attract good people
  • ability to live your dreams with more ease
  • family issues/conflicts connected to your dreams
  • ability to get support for your dreams
  • finances needed
  • ability to deal with stress effectively
  • any conscious or unconscious resistance to your dreams
  • plus anything else in the way


*If you want Stacey to test to see if you are someone else will receive these energies well and if they will help significantly, contact her by using this form


Item 6:
Energized Affirmation

This affirmation will be custom energized for you when you read it to support you in  getting clarity, readying and moving forward with your dreams when it feels right. Your system will integrate this energized affirmation, making it yours. Repeating it will raise your vibration and help you move forward  significantly more than regular affirmations.

The energized affirmation for this program will be on your resource page. It will only be energized for paid registrants of this program.

Item 7:
Audio to Support You in Moving Forward

This new downloadable mp3 audio created by Stacey will support you with clarity, taking action, clearing blocks, going past fears, readying for and moving forward with your dreams.

It is custom infused with special energies that open you to heal deeper layers of issues as you hear the words.  When you hear the words, your system naturally opens and the healing goes directly to the core parts of the issue, resulting in it healing faster.

It complements the rest of this program. Listen as often as desired.

If You Have Questions:

If you have questions about whether this program is right for you or someone else, contact Stacey by submitting this form. If you have specific concerns, let her know those and she will sense in.

* * * How This Program Works * * *

  • This program includes all of the above.
  • The remote energies will be sent for 3 months, starting when you register.
  • The 3 recorded classes are one hour each..
  • The readying attunement will start when you register.
  • The Dream Process Attunement will start in divine timing.
  • The energized affirmation will be on your Resource page. You can start using it right away as desired. it will help a lot.
  • The healing audio can be listened to as often as desired. If you are proxying for someone, they will receive the same benefit you receive when you listen to the audio.
  • You will retain all the shifts you had from these energies after the program is over.
  • Benefits are significantly enhanced with each family member you purchase this program for. This will have creating dreams be easier and faster for each of you. The energies will have a multiplicative effect for each family member.
  • Family members do not have to know you purchased this for them to benefit hugely. If you want to know if a family member will  receive the energies well and benefit significantly, email Stacey and she will have Source scan.


Stacey does NOT plan to offer any more lifetime or year long programs as after a few months, we find people’s systems need something else.




No matter what your level of  knowledge is now there is more you can learn from this program to help you live more of your dreams in these times. No matter what other healing you are receiving, the energies from this program will support you in new ways and at new levels.

If I have taken or are taking someone else’s program on a similar topic, you will benefit a lot from this as well.


Dream Program

Stacey tested this new Dream Program on 100 individuals of all ages and ethnicities. She found that over the course of 1 month, 100% had gotten clarity on what dreams they were ready for.

As a result of this program, the participants were much clearer on what was possible that had not seemed possible before. They all found a lot more was possible for them than they thought. All had done a lot of personal development work in the past.

100% of participants were living out new dreams by the end of the study.

A Better Life Attunement

100% of the recipients were happier overall after receiving the new attunement energies from this program for 3 months.

All participants found a much better life was possible in the now. They created it to be better with ease.

100% created a significantly better life and are able to maintain it. Those who had major health issues found they will still able to create a much better life.

Here’s What People Have Experienced!

I Am Converting My Hair Salon to a Spa Experience!

“I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time. I got clarity on the vision I wanted for helping my customers receive the royal treatment.  After that, I found a training program to help me,, hired an assistant and rented out a bigger space.  I am super excited. I’ve had other business ideas before  but never followed through on them.   

~ Jenny D.

I’m Finally Taking Steps to Change Careers!

I’ve been unhappy at my job for years and kept waiting for a hit as to what to do next.  While in your new Dream Program, I was told about a job opening that really excited me. I took steps and applied right away.  This was very different for me. I’m stoked.  I am open to applying for other jobs now too. Before, I felt stuck and was resistant to making a change.

~ Larry S.

We Are Readying For Our Dream of Having an Oceanfront Home!

We are readying for our dream of having an oceanfront theme. We had totally given up on this dream previously. It feels good to see it as possible again.

~ Paula D.

I Got a Hot Idea For a Business and Am Moving Forward With It!

I got a hot idea for a business that actually uses my creativity and have moved forward with it already. I am really enjoying it.

~ Lori G.

I Finally Found a Way to Lose Weight That’s Working and Not Hard!

“I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while and instead gained some. My mind had gotten really confused. I attracted support to help me and it is really working. After just 3 days, my pants  fit so much better.  I am happier as a result.

~ Loyd W.

My Business is Back on Track!

My business was not making money. I got really scared. These times have been hard for my business and I had the thought I should give it up several times. I got support to help me shift and clear blocks and business income started flowing in again. I am continuing to open to new ways to grow my business even in these times and it’s working.

Fredda B.

My Dream of My Husband and I Growing Old Together Seems Possible Again! 

I was very scared that my husband was going to die early. He got very sick and seemed to be living into his genetic propensity to die young.  I got a couple of hits of what was needed to help him. It is working. His energy is up, he’s sleeping better and his health is up. He seems not only back to his old self but even better.  My dream of us growing old together seems possible again.

Ginger H.

My Husband and I Worked Through Our Conflict Better Than Previously!!

I heard my husbands concerns and stopped to talk to him rather than ignoring them. It was hard as I was excited about moving forward in a certain direction and he was not. I could see the relief in his face when I heard and honored his concerns. I am trusting we will move forward in a way that is in our highest.

~Donna H.

I’m Getting Paid Gigs Again!

My business was on hold for nearly 4 years due to the pandemic and I got into tremendous debt. I woke up and realized I needed to do something about this. I started marketing again and it worked. Thank goodness. I just wasn’t ready before. Thanks to your program, I got ready and took action that worked. A lot of fears and beliefs cleared for me to be able to do this and be safe.

Paul R.

If You Have Questions:

If you have questions about whether this program is right for you or someone else, contact Stacey by submitting this form. If you have specific concerns, let her know those and she will sense in.


New Success Attunement!

Heals Issues Related to Success in Ways That Have Not Budged Before!!

This New Success Attunement attunes you to new levels of success in just minutes!

If you would like to be more successful in your life and career or business(es), this attunement will uplevel you ability to do so. If you’ve had other attunements from Stacey related to success, this will take you to new levels.

It will help you:

  • know how to be more successful
  • be more productive (in a balanced way)
  • take actions that are more effective
  • make and receive more money (will uplevel your abilities significantly beyond the new levels attained with the money attunement)
  • attract good people to help you be successful
  • generate good, solid ideas and take action on them
  • start a business if desired and know how to be successful in it
  • create a successful life
  • create successful vacations

This attunement finds and heals deep layers of the following issues that are unconsciously or consciously in the way of your success:

  • Deep wounding in the way of being successful in ways desired
  • Inner child issues: These are wounds from infancy and before that got wounded and rewounded. They are often found deep in the heart wall.
  • Childhood traumas that were deeply hidden and not found before
  • Gestational wounds – traumas that happened to your mother during pregnancy (everyone has a lot of these)
  • Plus provide healing that which is needed for each person to become significantly more successful (even in these times)

This attunement will be customized for each person by Source via remote healing and continue to be sent for 3 months.

By the end of 3 months, you will have integrated these new ways of being and you will find yourself knowing how to create success in new ways and doing it naturally.

My New Product Sold Out in Less Than 1 Week

I am ecstatic about the interest in my new product. I’ve never had one sell that fast. There is lots of demand for more. Creating it and selling it was fun!

~ Marcia T.

I Attracted a Fun V.I.P. Client!

I had stopped attracting V.I.P. clients because of a couple of bad situations that had happened with attracting people who were narcissists or just not a good match. As a result of this attunement a lot cleared and I’m working with one of the most fun VIP clients I’ve ever had and she’s making huge progress.  This more than paid for the cost of this attunement and program!

~ Karen C.

I Got All 5 Star Reviews on My New Program

I was thrilled at how well my new program sold online. When I asked for feedback, more people responded than average response rate for reviews and I got all 5 stars and very positive comments.

~ Rich R.


A Better Life Attunement!

This New Better Life Attunement attunes you to know how to create a better life and take action in alignment with that!

If you would like a Better Life, this attunement will uplevel your ability to create one with ease.

It will help you:

  • Create more happiness
  • Raise your own vibration
  • Have energy to do more of what you enjoy
  • Create better health
  • Recover from pain quicker
  • Make healthier choices
  • Recover from stress quicker
  • Lighten up
  • Align with what you want so it happens with more ease
  • Create more joyful relationships
  • Attract and create income to help you have a better life
  • Be more present in the moment and enjoy it more
  • Be more centered and grounded
  • Create a more balanced life
  • Prevent accidents as a result of being more present and centered
  • Be more fit
  • Relax more

If you have any other programs that help with the above, this attunement will add significant additional benefit and help you attain what you desire sooner. It will not overprocess you, conflict with anything else you are doing or cause detox. If you are doing other programs, you will still get the full benefit of this attunement.


This attunement is custom for each person. It will be sent to you via Source and continue to be sent for 3 months.

By the end of 3 months, you will have integrated these new ways of being and the above will be things you naturally do.



A Private 30-Minute Strategic Healing Session with Stacey

It’s Like Helping Two People for the Price of 1!


You can use this session for health, business and/or relationship challenges. You can also use it for additional support in living your dreams.

If you want to proxy for someone and you want to work on health for yourself, it works best to proxy for someone who has a health issue you want to help them heal. If you want help with a business, it works best to proxy for someone who needs help with a business or career issue.

If you want the person or pet you are proxying for to be priority in this session, just let Stacey know.

When you proxy for a person or pet, BOTH of you will heal exponentially faster during this session than if you just did it for yourself. It’s a 2 for 1.Two people or a person and a pet heal for the price of 1.

You can be proxy for a relative, friend, pet or partner. They do NOT need to know you are doing this for them. They will receive the full healing even if they don’t believe in this work or know it is being done for them and you will heal faster as a result of this special healing modality used during proxy sessions.

You can have a special healing session for yourself and use it for any issue or challenge desired plus Proxy For 1 Person or Pet  with a similar issue if desired.


These sessions are held by phone or skype and are 30 minutes long. Private live sessions help you open up better and heal a lot faster.

You will be sent Stacey’s newest and best healing energies during these sessions AND get your personal questions answered. When you get your questions answered, it helps you relax and heal faster.

If you proxy for someone, they will also receive the best healing energies for them during this session.

These sessions can be held by phone or Skype.


I Am Now Aligned With Being a Healer!

“When I started the call, I didn’t believe I could be a healer. Tons healed during our session and my alignment with being a healer went from 0 to 10!I am very excited. Thank you!”

~Lori C.

I Created a Successful Business From Ground Zero!

“Stacey is a fantastic career and business coach and has been a critical influence in helping me transition and plan and grow my own business.She is a great partner to have through both personal and business endeavors.”

~ Mary Brady

Significant Freeing of Shoulder & Neck!

“There has been significant freeing of my left shoulder and neck. Thank you.”

~ Gretchen S.

My Son is Making Better Decisions, Is More Independent and is Healthier in All Ways!

My son was very immature for his age. He was impulsive and unmotivated. He also had deep traumas from serious health issues that held him back. As a result of my proxying for him in your private sessions, he is like a new person. So much healed. He is now at college and able to be more independent and actually form healthy relationships. I got tons of benefit in many ways as well.

Thank you.

~ Wanda M.

I Created a Successful Non-Profit Business!

I came to Stacey because my old biz was no longer viable. I created a non profit aligned with my passion that she helped me uncover. I was amazed how at easy the transition was to this new business. I am now able to support myself via my non-profit business. Thanks to Stacey’s support, I got clear on how to fund this business and my salary in joyful ways.

~ Margot S.

Stacey’s New Dream Program

Total Value: $1297

Regular Price: $697




Special Price Full Pay: $497 (Save $200)

Special Price 2 Pay: $275 now and in 30 days

Can add on for yourself and a family member if desired by changing quantity at checkout.


Only paid registrants will receive the energies from this program.

If you have questions about whether this program will help you or someone else with particular challenges, email Stacey AT ( substitute @ for AT)

Need Help With Your Purchase? Write to:

REFUND POLICY: If you find this program is not in resonance with you after the first class/healing session, you can get a full refund if you request it within 48 hours of the date of the first class/session. The attunements and energies start when you register. If you add on the the success attunement and/or a better life attunement and for some unlikely reason, doesn’t seem to be working for you, please contact Stacey within 30 days and she will see if it can be adjusted in a way that will work. If not, you can get a refund. It up to you to use the information you learn in these classes and ask for support when needed. Stacey Mayo cannot be responsible for your results. The information is easy to learn and apply to your own life. There are no refunds on healing sessions.

NOTE: The reference to Source above refers to God or whatever name you give to a higher power.

DISCLAIMER: You are responsible for your own well being and the choices you make. We will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content is for general information purposes.

WE DO NOT OFFER MEDICAL ADVICE, COURSE OF TREATMENT, DIAGNOSIS OR ANY OTHER OPINION on your conditions or treatment options. SERVICES OR PRODUCTS THAT YOU OBTAIN THROUGH STACEY MAYO OR HER COMPANIES are not offered as medical or psychological advice, guidance or treatment.