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Do you need to laugh more?

They say humor is the best medicine. I have been noticing that some of the most popular posts on Facebook are those that make me laugh out loud.

When things are not going as smoothly as you would like, find something to laugh about.

Keep your sense of humor going strong. Learn to laugh at yourself when you mess up.

Nothing has to be that serious. They say life is an illusion anyway. So live life fully and try not to worry about what tomorrow will bring.

Savor every moment as if it were your last.

Steve Jobs said that realizing he was going to die, was the best learning tool he ever had. He totally gave up concerns about what others think, social pressure, money and more.

He made a ton of money, yet transitioned at at fairly young age.

He had a full 56 years and is at peace now.

Decide to take life easier today. Find things to laugh about and enjoy yourself by doing the things you most love to do.

It is time to create the 2nd half of your life. It can be much better than the first half. Everything can, and will be, so much easier than before.

I have 2 teleclasses I am considering to help you go forward sentelligently. Which one interests you the most?

Please hit reply and let me know: I will roll out the one with the most responses. No obligation.

1) How to Turn Your Passions or Hobby into a Thriving Business


2) How to Create the Second Half of Your Life to be Easier, More Joyful and Abundant than Ever Before


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PS. We have an intimate, powerful group of peeps in the Living Your Dreams Sentelligently Group who are getting ready to take their message and purpose in the world to new levels via speaking, books, and working one on one with people. They came together yesterday and were amazed at the synchronicities and power of their group. If this resonates with you, you can still join us.(Even if you are not totally clear on your message or higher purpose).

Email me to have a conversation and see if it fits for you.

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