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Painting by Stacey Mayo of “Cowgirl”,  Portrait  2021

Painting by Stacey Mayo of “Toddler”,  Portrait  2021



A Down Payment Will Hold Your Space

Examples Of Other Portrait Paintings Done By Stacey:

Painting of “Alexi”, Portrait by Stacey Mayo

Painting of  “Vincent as The Flash” Portrait by Stacey Mayo

Painting of “Vera as Wonder Woman” Portrait by Stacey Mayo

Painting of a Woman, Portrait by Stacey Mayo

Painting of “Cowgirl”,  Portrait by Stacey Mayo

Painting of a Man, Portrait by Stacey Mayo

We Love Our Superhero Portraits!

Our superhero portraits are great! They look as good in person as the image of them you sent us to  approve. Vincent said he likes them so much that he wonders why we didn’t order them bigger.

Vera M.

I Am Gob Smacked! You Really Captured Me!


You rock! You did an amazing job. I am just floored by your ability. How did you get my hair to look so very real. I am gob smacked. You are incredibly talented.

And my gaze!


Portrait Paintings of Well Known People Done by Stacey Mayo:

Taylor Swift by Stacey Mayo

Walt Disney Portrait by Stacey Mayo

Walt Disney by Stacey Mayo

Bono by Stacey Mayo

Stevie Wonder by Stacey Mayo

Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Stacey Mayo

“Stacey Mayo makes Thomas Kinkade look like a kindergartener!”

~ Lindsey Hicks

Examples of Stacey’s Other Paintings Are Below

Prints of Them Are Available For Sale!


Images of Portraits in Process 

How to Get Clarity & Order a Portrait Painting

  • You can choose to have a portrait done in regular, superhero or other agreed upon style by Stacey of:
    • yourself,
    • any person(s)
    • someone you respect greatly or consider to be your superhero.
    • pets can be included with portraits of their owners (at extra cost)
  • This portrait will be done from a photo you submit to Stacey to use if it is to be of you and/or someone you know.  If you want it done of someone someone famous, Stacey will/can find images to base the portrait on.  If it is of you or someone you know you will need to submit a good photo that is in focus and is basically what you want the portrait to look like. Stacey can customize the background and add other objects in the picture if you desire.
  • If desired, the custom portrait will be infused with energies for great success, wealth, health, relationships and all desired.  When you place this portrait in a home or other building, it will emit special energies that heal you 24/7.    The energies will never hurt you or overprocess you but if you ever want the energies to be stopped, simply write or call us and we will stop them immediately. IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR PORTRAIT INFUSED WITH HEALING ENERGIES, SIMPLY LET US KNOW.
  • HOW THE HEALING WORKS: After painting your portrait, if desired Stacey will have Source infuse your portrait with custom healing energies that are perfect for you and what you desire. It will help you heal when you are anywhere in the building where it is located.  The energies will be of the resonance to match those in the portrait.  Those in the portrait will naturally attract these healing energies when your system needs and wants them.  NOTE: It will ONLY help those in the portrait heal.  It will not affect others in the building where the portrait is hung.
  • You can choose the style you want for your portrait. It can be full length, head shot or in between. It can be black and white or color.  It can be superhero style or you can tell Stacey me what you would like and she will let you know if she can do that and quote you on it. If you want a certain background or style for your background, let her know that as well. If you want more than 1 person in the painting or your pet in the painting with you, that can be done as well.


Head and Shoulders (approx. 16″ x 20″):  $2600

Head Shoulders and Torso (approx. 20″ x 28″) $3600

Full Body ( approx. 20″ x 28″) $4600

Additional person or pet: Add 50%

Additional objects or words added in picture – custom quoted

Shipping costs and tax will be added to the above prices.






  • If you would like to have Stacey paint a personal painting for you based on an idea or photo you have, please email her to discuss. Note your ideas and attach any photos of it in the email. If no photos are available, no worries.
  • The custom painting will be created based upon your ideas. Stacey will  help you brainstorm and get clear if you want her help. She will not start the painting  until you you and she are clear about what you want.
  • If desired, your custom painting will be infused with energies for great success, wealth, health, relationships and all desired. When you choose this option (at no extra charge), your custom art will emit special energies that heal those who live or work in the location where its located 24/7.  (includes your pets if in that location). It will never overprocess anyone.  The energies are very gentle and yet effective.

    Examples of Stacey Mayo’s Other Art Are Below

    Click on Art to See It Larger

    Commission Stacey to Create a Painting For You AND/OR You Can Purchase Any Number of the Prints Below:


    If desired, your art prints will be infused with healing energies to support you with what you desire. They will never overprocess you. You will have an opportunity to fill out a form after you purchase it, to say what 1-2 areas you want healing support for. Examples could be: relationships, health, money or anything else. If you do not want it infused with healing energies, you can request that on the form.

    Pink Ocean 12″ x 18″

    Ocean Turquoise Sky 12″ x 18″

    Serenity Beach 12″ x 16″

    Purple Ocean 12 x 16″


    Brilliant Mountain Sunset 16 x 20″

    Abstract Mountain Sunset 11 x 17″

    Lakeside Sunset 16″ x 20″

    Rocky Ocean 12 x 18″

    Bird At Sunrise Too 16 x 20″

    Beach Scene 16 x 20″

    Abstract Flowers 16 x 20″

    Golden Mind Abstract 15 x 15″

    Mountain Sunset 12 x 18″

    Moonscape 12 x 18″

    Purple Space 16 x 20″

    Scenic Blue Abstract 15 x 15″

    Red Sunrise 12 x 18″

    Bread Baskets 15 x 20″
    Won Honorable Mention at Juried Art Show  (Photograph)


    If you would like a larger size of any print, contact us by using this form to get pricing info  or call: 904-606-5993

    Here’s What People Are Saying About Stacey’s Art and the Healing Energies They Were Infused With!

    My Income Went Up Significantly!

    I manifested more income to meet and surpass my obligations after having your art for 5 days!

    ~ Harry C

    My Debt Went Down to Nothing!

    I am amazed. After being around your art for 1 week, my debt is now zero. I received a gift to cover all of it.

    Thank you!

    ~ Bonnie R.

    Your Art Obviously Helped Me Heal Faster!

    I was sick while out of town for a month with a respiratory infection.. When came back home and spent a couple hours of day in room with the art, I noticed I felt better and healed much faster (even though I was receiving healing 24/7 while I was gone). Your art obviously helped me heal faster.

    ~ Lorraine C.

    The 2 Art Paintings Arrived and They Are Beautiful!

    I just want to let you know that the two art paintings from Stacey have arrived in our home today, they are Beautiful 🙂

    ~Mary C.

    I Feel Uplifted Emotionally When I Look At Them!

    I want to tell you that the Empowered Artwork that I bought in January for Alexi – Sunrise over Ocean, and for myself – Light in Ocean as well as the artwork I bought for myself in April – Beach Scene, are so beautiful and it is a delight to look at them.

    The Beach Scene is leaning on the wall in front of my bed and the colours are so beautiful to look at, so thank you.

    I feel uplifted emotionally when I look at them.


    My health issues resolve faster with this healing. My sinus infections either don’t become painful or if they do, they typically heal quickly.

    ~Larry S.

    I no longer worry about things. I never thought this would be possible for me as I often referred to my dad as the world’s biggest worrier and knew I had inherited the tendency. Not worrying has not caused me any problems. My life is much better for it. Thanks so much for your healing program!”

    ~Lynn G.

    I do not let politics or the news upset me. Thanks to your art, I am able to discern what is the truth on social media and the news and what is not and that helps a great deal.”

    ~Helene J.

    I don’t get upset when things don’t work out the way I had hoped. I trust it will all work out and amazingly, it does. Thank you.”

    ~Robert M.

    I am happier than I can remember. Often it feels like I am happy for no reason ?”

    ~Penny K.

    I don’t get stressed about money challenges or taxes. I just got my tax bill. My calm, centered response was, “well, it’s time to pay taxes.” I know this happens every year and I took all the deductions I could. I feel peaceful about it.”

    ~Larry S.

    My life partner is happier than I’ve ever seen him and we’ve been together a long time. Being around him often makes me smile. I am glad I enrolled him in this program”

    ~Ellen S.

    My knees haven’t bothered me in a long time. I can climb stairs, lift, bend and stoop with no issues or pain.

    ~Barbara W.

    I am able to be at peace even when I hear crap and abuse that appears to be in my mind from old programming. This has helped me immensely as I go about my daily life. Much gratitude.”


    I find myself being compassionate to others and lending a helping hand . This is a huge shift.”

    ~Roger N.

    All of a sudden, headhunters have been contacting me about possible jobs. I had let go of being able to find a job in my field and wasn’t even looking. I was able to update my resume quickly.”

    ~Lisa R.

    “I am more relaxed about things and find myself laughing more. This is good.”

    ~Francine D.

    “My intuition is stronger. I feel more confident in my decisions. I am able to discern what are my thoughts, emotions and beliefs and what is from old programming from abuse.”

    ~Keri G.

    “I am more accepting and much less judgemental of others.”

    ~Kyle B.

    “I found myself easily making lemonade out of lemons when we were faced with a hurricane evacuation. I ended up building stronger relationships with family and really enjoying my time.”

    ~Evelyn S.

    “I find I am able to go into a meditative state very quickly without needing a mantra or needing to focus on anything. This is very new for me. I am able to do this even though I hear old programmed voices in my mind (negative entities).

    ~Jenni S.

    I Just Got My Art and It is So Beautiful!

    “Hi Stacey! I just got my angel picture and she is so beautiful I love it! I am so grateful to have her! You are very talented! I also love the way it is packaged very securely for shipping!”

    ~Sonja C.

    After 1.5 Days With Your Art, I Had Virtually No Pain!

    “I had your Light Over the Ocean art for 1.5 days before going to India and was in front of it for many hours.
    I notice I am drawn to it. I feel calm and peaceful when sitting in front of it.

    Went to India and my schedule was grueling with 8 hours a day on my feet. I found I could move with ease and virtually no pain in my leg that had been at pain levels of 8 previously. I was standing and walking and on my feet the entire day. Even even in heels, there was no pain .

    The only thing that was different in my life was your art.”

    ~Y. C.

    “I sense my thyroid is doing better since I got your art. Thank you so much.”

    ~Larry J.

    “I received my art and absolutely love it. Please keep making more of your art available.”

    ~Judy M.

    “Since receiving my art, my back is stronger and I am able to do gardening and heavier lifting again!”

    ~Judy M.

    “I notice that my symptoms pass much more quickly since I’ve had the art. Yay!”

    ~Judy M.

    “My husband’s business has grown a lot since he put your art in his office. We are both grateful.”

    ~Robin S.

    “I have more confidence in being myself lately. Thank you.”

    ~Nancy W.

    “When I think about the political situation in our country and the world, it still bothers me but not as much. I do what I can to help the world and others and then remember I am the creator of my own life. It helps to focus there.”

    ~Maria T.

    My cat is benefiting from the art too. Her eyes are clearer and she is able to move her neck with more ease. She even looks cuter.”

    ~Charlene W.

    “My mouth was so sore and painful that I could barely eat. That cleared in just a few days without ever going to a doctor. Thank you.”

    ~Barb N.

    My whole family’s skin looks better and my husband and I both look younger and feel more attractive. Thank you!”

    ~Lori L.

    My dog has better habits. He asks to go out for walks each morning while before we had to carry him outside. Thank you!”

    ~Jack B.

    “I am amazed at how good my intuition is. I have been right on the money on things I sensed in my daily life.”

    ~Paul G.

    “I am master of my own destiny . . . not a victim. I never considered myself a victim before but this is a definite shift to feeling more empowered in my life. Thanks much.”

    ~Yvette S.

    “The art is beautiful! I love it! Being passionate about horses, have ridden and had horses all my life. The horse you painted is just stunning, you are very talented in many ways !! Thank you so much. The is in my bedroom so I spend lots of time with him !!”

    ~Maxine P.

    “I hung my art in my living room and love it.Three days later, I noticed I am taking a lot more initiative and am getting much more accomplished than ever and am doing it with ease”

    ~Keri N.

    “Thanks so much for the beautiful print. I am settling less and asking for what I want in a way that works.”

    ~Elaine D.

    “I placed my art in my office and am creating wins-wins with my customers and doing more creative marketing in my business.

    ~Martha C.

    “I opened the art I ordered from Stacey today and am very happy! It is beautiful. It looks even better than it looked on the website. Thanks so much.”

    ~Adriano C.

    I love my Vogue Collection prints. I am trusting my intuition and taking actions in alignment with it.

    ~Angela W.


    If you would like a larger size of any print,  contact us by using this form to get pricing info or call: 904-606-5993

    About Stacey Mayo

    Stacey Mayo is an established artist and healer with a large following. She opened up her own artistic talents to a high professional level over time using her own special healing energies created specifically for this purpose

    Her art has been exhibited twice at St Augustine Art Association Art Gallery, she’s had 3 private shows at the  Adele Grage Cultural Center and she won honorable mention at a special women’s art exhibition in Atlanta. Her art has also been displayed at at least 5 other juried art shows.

    She creates portraits that are flattering and comes from a place of love.  Her other art ranges from realism to abstract and includes landscapes, water scapes, mountain scapes, animals, flowers, other scenes and abstracts.

    Her special healing energies  that she infuses into her art are the most powerful in the world and yet very gentle.

    Stacey has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women and is a popular artist, speaker and healer.  She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day.  Stacey is also an award-winning author.

    REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds. Stacey will send you an image of your art for approval before shipping it to you.

    DISCLAIMER:  The healing energies infused in the art are not meant to be a substitute for seeing a doctor. You are responsible for your own well being and the choices you make.