Purpose Intuitive Consultant Training

Attention: Coaches, Counselors, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Alternative Practitioners and those shifting towards their Higher Path

Do you want to learn how to support people to have more fulfilling careers?

Do you want to make a bigger difference in people’s lives while earning a good income and having time for yourself?

Learn New Skills and Become a Purpose Intuitive Consultant


Are you interested in becoming a Certified Purpose Intuitive Consultant?

I am now teaching people the Sentelligent method. This is a proprietary method that provides you a simple road map that goes way beyond traditional career coaching. This is great for coaches, reiki practitioners, counselors, and anyone who is interested in helping people that want more success in their current career or to make a career change to live their life purpose!

The Sentelligent method shows you how tap in and uncover people’s higher purpose as well as their hidden gifts and talents. What makes this method different from any others that I know of that is you learn to intuit what is in their way of their connecting to their purpose and being successful on their path.  This is important because it is one thing to know your purpose and another to step into it.

On this call you will also learn how the C.A.S.H. GRID healing method can release blocks in record time and what this will mean for you and your clients. You can also win a virtual C.A.S.H. GRID healing session to remove your own blocks.

Learn The 7 Secrets to Helping Others Be More Successful While Becoming More Successful Yourself
(A $397 value)

We will cover

  • The Sentelligent way to uncover someone’s purpose is just one session. When they are truly connected with their life purpose, magical things begin to happen in their career and business.
  • Why it is important to help people uncover their higher purpose quickly these days and how our purpose evolves over time.
  • How to help your clients make progress quicker and easier so they can make a greater difference in the world, be more fulfilled, and happier.
  • How to gain a solid reputation in your field and become known as an expert who easily attracts clients – you wont need to chase after clients… they will be drawn to you magnetically.
  • How to help people live out their dreams and achieve their goals easier and with more abundance- when you have a system that can be replicated it all happens easier.
  • How to tap into your intuitive abilities to a greater extent for yourself and your client – this makes your job easier and more fun
  • How to earn more money in less time as a career intuitive by adding these skills to your current business or even if you are just starting out in the helping profession

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About Stacey: Stacey Mayo A well-known coach with a wide following, Stacey Mayo was a pioneer in the now-booming coaching industry. Stacey established the Center for Balanced Living in 1995 as a vehicle to carry out her life’s work. As director of the Center, she and a team of powerful coaches have assisted thousands of people across the nation in living out their dreams with amazing results. Stacey is a Master Certified Coach, an Intuitive, creator of The Sentelligent Solution and The One Minute Meditation, a member of the International Coaching Federation, a graduate of Coach University, and is certified as a career coach through Rockport Institute. She was trained as a Career Intuitive Coach by Sue Fredericks. She received a B.S. in Business from Tulane University. Stacey was profiled on television in the CBS Evening News segment, “Confident Women.” She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Woman’s Day. She is a popular public speaker and author of I Can’t Believe I Get PAID to Do This!, named Best Book by USA Book News and for which she was recognized as Georgia Author of the Year. Stacey specializes in intuiting what people need to do to get out of their own way and attract all the resources they need to attain their highest goals with less effort than they thought possible.