Hi Stacey

As you know, I have had recurring cancer for 2 years now. The tumors

have diminished and then seem to start growing again. This has

happened a number of times and it frightens me. There is still a tumor

growing on the outside of my right breast.

Recently I saw circles of light going up and sometimes going down.

What is this about?




Hi Janet,

I see no tumors at this time. What you think is a tumor, is actually a

sore. It is not malignant. This is an outgrowth of toxic matter that can be healed homeopathically.


There is refraction in your retina. You are afraid that you will keep

seeing the cancer come and go over and over again. That fear is

reflected in these light circles.


As a client, I can tell you that the core cause has been healed and your

cancer is virtually gone.


Let that in and get new tests to verify this. As your soul is soothed, the

refraction in your eye will be able to be healed as well.


Love and blessings,