Intuitive Business Building

For Fun and Profit


This system was designed especially for those of you who participated in one or more Sentelligent intuitive training programs. You will learn how to use your intuition plus practical tools to market and attract clients to you magnetically. You will build your marketing skills, business prowess and learn to focus so you have more time for fun.

We’ve done our best to make this system simple and uncomplicated. The program is broken down into 3 sections and will provide you with the structure, accountability, system, incentives and templates for easily and quickly building your one-on-one clientele.

We will also teach you how to attract clients, leads and opportunities via our special Spirit-Led Marketing System which is super easy to learn.

NOTE: Be sure to see the special optional bonuses we added from the Archangels towards the bottom of the page.

Part 1: Mastering Enrollment Conversations While Having Fun
One of the most important things you can do is learn how to have intuitive conversations with prospects that turn them into paying customers. Stacey will be your coach and instructor and provide incentives and tools to support you in attracting a certain number of clients per month. Intend to play full out for yourself without worrying about what others in the class do.You will receive the ideas on how to move your business forward from Stacey’s Celestial Team (aka CT) and from Archangel Raziel and Archangel Michael. They will be present during the classes and will guide our conversations on building a spiritual business without much stress or worry.

We are very excited about having their support to guide you in ways that are beyond your imagination.

BONUS: Those who master the enrollment conversation will be among the first in line to receive warm client leads from me of people who have asked for a consultation for intuitive or healing services.

You will:

  • Receive a template designed especially for Sentelligent Intuitives with guidelines for having spirit-led enrollment conversations that work. This can be used with your intuitive work and other services or programs that you provide now and in the future.
  • Learn how to converse with prospective clients and everyday people about what you do in a way that is comfortable for you.(Bonus 1– receive a template for creating a 30 second conversational introduction to what you do – Value $97)
  • Learn how to become proficient in enrollment conversations and how to increase your conversion rate significantly. This will be broken down into a 4 – step process so you can learn to overcome most any objection easily and intuitively.
  • Learn to attract a multitude of prospects with whom you can have conversations with in a way that is joyful and fun – attract lots of people that you actually enjoy talking to and even learn from.
  • Understand how to determine what to charge while valuing your worth,how speak about your rates confidently; how to receive payments on time and get commitment from your clients.


Part 2: Creating a Signature Talk that Resonates with Your Soul and Sells for You
You will:

  • Receive a template for designing your signature talk
  • Brainstorm ideas for your talk and write an outline of it using the template.
  • Learn how to promote your talk through established venues and/or have them promote it for you.
  • Identify the best places to hold your signature talk (offline or online)
  • Learn how to convert attendees into paying clients.
  • Build a list of raving fans from your talks and easily acquire testimonials.
  • Learn how to schedule talks and how to get several talks booked during the course of the program.



  • Learn how to repurpose your talk to manifest more income (i.e. create products, articles, bonuses from it) (Value $150)
Part 3: Identifying and Transforming Fears and Blocks About Marketing and Charging for Your Services
Fears are bound to come up as you even think about stepping up your marketing efforts, learning new skills and getting yourself in front of more people.

  • You will identify these fears throughout the program via your buddies, mastermind group and Coach Stacey. When you clear blocks as they come up, you can grow your business faster and more easily on a more continuous basis.
  • Transform your deepest fears and blocks with the C.A.S.H. Grid and other tools.



SPECIAL BONUS 3 – Learn Stacey’s latest and fastest healing method (SET) and get new information, tools and handouts and/or classes to make your job easier and more valuable as a Medical Intuitive or Purpose Intuitive Consultant or both over the next six months, depending on what course(s) you’ve taken. (Value: Approximately $2,500)




If you desire, Archangel Michael will teach you to Quantum Jump and meet up with your successful self and merge with him/her so you can much more easily market and attract clients who are a vibrational match with you. If this sounds strange, no worries, it is easy to do and you will love it. NOTE: It can take up to 4-6 weeks for us to prepare your soul for quantum jumping to the level you desire.

If you desire, we will support you in reaching 4th Dimensional Consciousness depending on where you are at this time. This shift will help you be more peaceful with your situation and able to attract what you desire from a place of calm, heart-centered, confidence vs ego. It may take 4-6 months or longer to reach the 4th Dimension depending on where you are at this time. Note this work is experimental. We plan to teach these bonuses towards the end of each class or so, only for those who are interested.



BONUS 4:Worry-Free Business Building (Retail $97)

Receive a BRAND NEW AUDIO that will release those worries that come up for you on a daily basis and energetically keep you from attracting well-paying clients and moving forward with your marketing initiatives and growing your business.


BONUS 5 -Overcome Your Fear and Anxieties of Public Speaking (Retail $39.95)

Two downloadable audio modules in which I facilitate the release of the fears and anxieties that have been holding you back. This is exactly how I overcame my fear of public speaking. In the first module,we begin to release the anxieties that you are currently aware of and even some you are not.

In the 2nd module, we release remaining aspects of your fear of speaking.

Written instructions outlining the process of EFT to use anytime on any fear or anxiety. This is the best kept secret to speaking confidently every time. You have nothing to lose but your fears.


BONUS 6 – Meditations for Manifesting (Retail 24.95)

This downloadable mp3 program includes 6 different meditations to help you align with your desire and manifest it more quickly, no matter where you are on your journey. The longest meditation is only 12 minutes – easy to fit into your day.


BONUS 7 – The Client and Sales Attraction Multi-Media Program: The Art and Science of Creating a Six-or Seven Figure Income (Retail $297)

You will learn what keeps you from attracting all the clients, sales and income you want and how to begin to shift that so you can welcome in all the new clients and sales you want, month after month.

Learn how to use the law of attraction to create a thriving business with ease, as well as practical steps you can put into place immediately

As a pioneer in the coaching profession, you will learn why I shifted my marketing approach several years into my career and how I created an overflow of clients, and how you can too.

This program includes:

  • Over 2 hours of live mp3 audio
  • Over 40 pages of the written transcripts
  • A special report entitled: The 7 Costly Mistakes That Keep Professionals from Attracting all The Clients and Money They Want


Total Bonuses Worth: Approximately $6100



Program starts March 7th at 11:00 ET – all class are recorded

This six – month program includes:

  • Live classes and group coaching by Stacey over the phone or Skype that meets 3 x month for approximately 60 minutes (Value – $4500)
  • Participation in special spiritual mastermind groups with your peers 1 x month to brainstorm ideas and manifest clients. Includes special Masterminding templates. (Value – $500)
  • Support of a buddy to keep you accountable to your goals and help identify blocks in your way.
  • Learn Stacey’s latest and fastest healing methods and get new information, tools and handouts and/or classes to make your job easier and more valuable as a Sentelligent Medical Intuitive or Purpose Intuitive Consultant or both over the next six months, depending on what course(s) you’ve taken. (Value – at least $2500)
  • Recordings of each class will be posted so you can listen to the class if you are unable to be there live.
  • Suggestions on how to attract leads, clients and opportunities via Spirit-Led Marketing – this is how I fill my business (Value $1555)
  • You will receive the ideas on how to move your business forward from Stacey and CT and her Angelic Team (Value – $1100)
  • Optional: You can receive lessons in Quantum Jumping and assistance in moving to 4th Dimensional Consciousness to make everything easier for you (Value – Priceless – what’s peace of mind/bliss/success worth to you?)

Total Value Including Bonuses: Approximately $11,000

Monthly Payments $350/month for 6 months

Single Payment: $1797


100% Guarantee This is a 6 month commitment as it takes time and dedication to build your business.If you are not satisfied with the value received, let us know within 48 hours of the last class and we will refund 100% of your money. Otherwise, there are no refunds, cancellations or withdrawals. If circumstances prevent you from completing the program on time, you may listen to the recordings and complete the course when you are able or take this program at a future date at no additional cost.