Attention: Heart-Based Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Speakers

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Now is the time to…

“Own Your BIG SELF”

Align with Your Greatness So You Can Make a Bigger Impact, Attract More Clients and Charge More Money

In order to make a BIG impact and BIG money you’ve got to own your BIG SELF.

When you take this special class and align with Your BIG SELF, you will learn to:

Embrace your personal power
Dare to be remarkable and be noticed (and enjoy it)
Attract higher paying, ideal clients
Create your “Celebrity Signature”
Shift your resistance to being more visible and playing a bigger game
Enjoy marketing more than ever before!
Market in ways that are in alignment with your heart and soul AND produce results
Show up authentically, consistently and effectively to double or triple your income

You will learn to:

Section #1:

  • Discover Your BIG SELF- uncover the pieces that make up the highest and best in you and bring them together in a way that highlights your unique brilliance
  • Create a “celebrity signature” in alignment with your BIG SELF to gain celebrity status among clients and peers
  • Authentically express and market your brand in a way that gets noticed in a positive and powerful way

Section #2:

  • Quickly and Powerfully Clear Resistance and Blocks to owning Your BIG SELF creating greater self-confidence that shows up in all parts of your business and life
  • Align with and CLAIM your greatness allowing you to be visible to your market in a way that shows off your “expertise”

Section #3:

  • Learn a repeatable process to Take Joyful Marketing Actions in alignment with your Authentic Marketing Style that brings big results the big results you’ve been wanting
  • Celebrate Your Success


  • Downloadable Audio Recordings of each section on Private VIP Client Website
  • Transcripts of Sections 1 and 3. (Part 2 is audio only due to nature of the material)
  • Joyful Marketing Handouts to Support Your Actions

Join Other Powerful Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs in Owning Your Big Self! Register Now! No Risk Guarantee*

_____Yes, Stacey, I am ready to own my BIG SELF. I want to Align with My Greatness So I Can Make a Bigger Impact, Attract More Clients and Charge More Money

Payment Options

2 Pay Option: $57 now and 2nd payment of $57 in 30 days

Full Pay Option: $97

*No Risk Guarantee: We want you to monetize your investment in yourself. Attend or listen to the recordings of all 3 classes. If you apply what you learn in these classes to your business over the next 3-4 months and don’t make back your full tuition plus more, then let us know and we will gladly refund your money.
Just think just getting one “aha” from this program can totally shift your marketing energy and actions! That alone will get you new clients and you’ll make your investment back in the blink of an eye!

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