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How to Keep Your Idea Alive

candleinhandiStock_000001207176XSmallNew ideas are emerging — ideas that take people,  products and our planet beyond where they have been before. These ideas do not have to be complicated — most good ideas are not.

When we have a big idea whose time is coming – there is generally a resonating within us – a knowing. We may get goose bumps or chills or just want to jump out of our seat with excitement, it may bring tears to our eyes,  or a catch in our throat.

I have experienced these ideas and witnessed those ideas in my clients as well.

Often, after the excitement wears off, there is a questioning that occurs — an inner doubt.

Is this really something I am supposed to do? Will people want it? Are they ready for it? If it is such a good idea why hasn’t someone else done it yet?

My friend Jonathan Manske refers to this as “head trash”.  It is all the doubts and all the reasons to keep playing small.

When self-doubt, busyness, procrastination, etc. set in, it is easy for our great ideas to lose their sizzle and fade into the sunset.

Don’t let that happen. Big ideas require commitment. Make a decision to  go forward with your idea no matter what.  To hold that vision even when others cannot see it. To hold it  as something that has been given to you as a gift.

Do not take this gift lightly.  Do not brush it off.  Rather go forward with it one step at a time.

When we step into the next level on our path and in our business,  every old pattern that no longer serves will likely step up to be seen and to be cleared.  Look at this as an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and s-t-r-e-t-c-h.  Look fear in the eye and say “hello”.  Do not try to squash it down as it will just get bigger.

As we move into this next level, it is likely also time to release old patterns that are holding us back, slowing us down or even making us sick.  If you are on a spiritual path,  then you may really identify with this. Some of these patterns are are ours and some we inherited from our family line or brought into this world when we were born.

Get support in releasing these old patterns  with the support of an intuitive coach or healer or learn how to release some of them yourself with Life Transformation Tools and More.

Take one step each day toward making your idea a reality.  That is how big ideas happen, one step a time.

Let me know what your vision or big idea is and I will also hold that vision with you.

65 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Idea Alive”

  1. I received this email from Linsey Levine. I wanted to let you know how on point and timely it is for me. I have been in the process of starting my own businesses and seem to be stuck. I am surrounded by physical clutter and head clutter. I will definitely print this out and look at it often.

    Thank you!


  2. Hi Ella,
    I apologize for the delay in responding to your comment on my post. I am glad this information on keeping your idea alive was helpful. It is important to bring in practices, structures and tools to keep your vision for your business alive while taking one step forward everyday. The head clutter is the most dangerous in my opinion and getting support and tools to clear the head clutter is imperative.

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