Youthening and Rejuvenation Program


Yes, we are all getting older, it’s inevitable. BUT we don’t have to look or feel our age!

Wouldn’t you like to be one of “those people” who seem to be timeless, that you run into decades later and they still look the same?

Stacey’s new program is designed to help you energetically reverse your age and aging symptoms, so that you can enjoy life to the full, no matter your age!

anti-aging healing

You may think of the Youthening package as related to skin, hair, sagging which is true, but it ALSO supports your health. 

This is currently Stacey’s most effective program for health issues and it will multiply the effects of any of her other programs you may be enrolled in.

It is also the only aging reversing program and only energetic facelifts that heal the whole cell including the ego!

If you:


have any of the following issues that have progressed or shown up as you age

find other programs or products either worked for a while and then stopped or didn’t work at all

and you would like to take 10 or more years off your biological age . . .

  • Wrinkles
  • Age and/or Sun Spots
  • Skin Discoloration
  • Crepey and/or Saggy Skin
  • Weak Muscles
  • Falling a lot
  • Joint problems
  • Oh my aching back
  • Memory loss
  • Flab
  • Unhealthy Spine
  • Less flexibility
  • Dark circles or bags under eyes
  • Hair loss
  • Grey hair
  • Poor posture
  • Excess unwanted hair
  • Loss of eyelashes
  • Weakened immune system
  • Unhealthy cuticles
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Fatigue /need to take naps
  • Big Belly
  • Sleep challenges
  • Sleeplessness
  • Low libido
  • Things take longer to heal
  • Night sweats
  • Hormonal symptoms
  • Not able to learn as well
  • Varicose and spider veins
  • Bone degradation
  • Worsening eyesight
  • Can’t exercise or do other fitness related activities like you used to
  • Other:_____________

Turn Back the Clock on Aging

Save money on having to buy lots of different anti-aging products that may or may not work for you.

Everything in this program is delivered energetically. There are NO physical products to apply every day or have to restock.

This program will help heal and reverse health and physical appearance issues associated with aging along with how you think about aging.

Stacey Mayo’s New Youthening and Rejuvenation Program can help you, your family, and pets in ways that are right for you and them: 

Wouldn’t you enjoy…
  • Looking Younger
  • Feeling Younger
  • Being Healthier
  • Thinking More Clearly
  • Having a More Youthful Vitality
  • Remembering Things You Want to Remember
  • Recovering quickly from Over-exertion and Health Challenges
  • Having a More Youthful Mindset, Yet Be Wiser Than When You Were Young
  • Having a Long, Healthy, Happy Life That is Abundant in All Ways Including Relationships
look younger

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, here’s what’s possible…

Youthening & Rejuvenation Program

This is for you!

In Stacey’s new proprietary age reversal healing, Source will scan your system 24/7 and send you the relevant treatments that your system needs in any given moment via remote healing specifically targeting the areas below. All healing and treatments sent in this program are received in full by the ego and non-egoic part of each cell (the whole cell)!

These Energetic treatments are customized for each person and sent via Source 24/7 when relevant:

  • Raising your Frequency 24/7 to Restore Cells to their Healthy State Over Time
  • Custom Energetic Organic Infusions to Reverse Aging
  • Custom Energetic Essential Oils for Rejuvenation
  • Ultrasound Chromatherapy to Help Heal Your Skin – this is a combination of energetic light and color therapy for
  • healing the mind, body and spirit. Different colors have different effects on the mind and body.
  • Energetic Laser Therapy – to help restore skin tone, texture, and firmness
  • Cell hydration treatments include energy of H²O sent 24/7
  • Energetic Vitamin, Mineral, and Herbal supplementation


Skin Rejuvenation

These activations are customized for each person and sent via Source 24/7 when relevant:

  • look youngerCollagen activation for plumper, firmer skin on face, neck, decolletage, hands and all over the body
  • Mega activation for opening up your system to restore skin to its healthy, youthful state
  • Skin discoloration is treated with vitamins and minerals. Energetic laser treatments are used where warranted
  • Wrinkle treatment for reducing and lessening wrinkles includes essential oils, light treatments, supplements, collagen, and new proprietary treatment
  • Under Eye Treatment for reducing and treating bags, dark circles, wrinkles and thin skin includes essential oils, light treatments, supplements, collagen, and new proprietary treatment
  • Crepey Skin Treatments to restore your skin to its natural, healthy state includes ultrasound chromatherapy, collagen and custom protocols. The term crepey skin refers to when the skin looks thin and wrinkled and similar in appearance to crepe paper
  • Age and sun spots are treated with retinol, light, 24-7 laser treatments, vitamins, supplements, amino acids
  • Moles and skin tags are treated with retinol, light, 24-7 laser treatments, vitamins, supplements, amino acids
  • Laser treatments 24/7 for reducing or treating facial hair re-growth, moles, skin tags, age spots, skin discoloration and sun spots​
  • Neck décolletage and neck youthening and firming​
  • Cell hydration treatments include energy of H2O sent 24/7 for more hydrated dewy skin

Less Wrinkles

“I have less wrinkles around my eyes.”

~ Wilma C.

Crepey Skin Healed

“My crepey skin in my inner elbow is significantly less. I was being quiet and literally watched it as it healed and returned to healthier and more taut skin. It was amazing to watch and has remained that way which is even more amazing.”

~ Barbara C.


Hair and Nail Rejuvenation

Women and Men often suffer from hair thinning and hair loss, change of texture, and greying. These activations will help support the best health of your hair.

regrow hair
longer hair
  • Keratin activation for stronger hair and nails
  • Hair Rejuvenation Treatments to align your hair to its healthy, shiny state including essential oils, supplements,
  • minerals, vitamins and keratin
  • Healthy Cuticle activation
  • Hair thinning and loss – Activations to support hair regrowth in all desired areas including  skull, eyebrows and eyelashes and release pressure in the skull when relevant
  • Graying Hair – Custom vitamin, mineral and herb activations for gray hair to help it regain its natural health and
  • color over time and to help prevent gray hair where possible if it has not already started graying
  • Eyelash activations to grow, strengthen and thicken eyelashes

My Husband’s Large Bald Spot is Significantly Smaller!

“My husbands large bald spot on the top of his head is significantly smaller! This is huge given that he has been balding for over 20 years!
Thank you.”

~ Bonnie G.

Hair Not Falling Out

“My hair is no longer falling out or breaking off. There is no hair in the sink after brushing it.”

~ Keven C.


Body Firming, Strengthening and Lift Treatments

Fight gravity with energetic treatments to firm, strengthen, and lift those parts that have started “going south”. They will be sent by Source 24/7 when relevant:

  • firmer skinEnergetic Tummy Tuck for flattening your belly over time
  • Cellulite treatments include light therapy, circle crop essences, essential oils, retinol and herbs and transform fat in these areas
  • Body Structure activation and alignment to align your muscular-skeletal system over time
  • Hormone balancing activations for those in menopause, past it and still to come
  • Varicose vein and spider vein treatments includes collagen, hormones, herbs, vitamins, supplements and light therapy, circle crop essences, essential oils, retinol and herbs and transform fat in these areas
  • Breast firming, youthening and lift
  • Butt firming, youthening and lift
  • Hand and Foot youthening and strengthening
  • Face Firming, youthening and strengthening
  • Muscle, joint, ligament and tissue firming and strengthening

Butt Firmer without Exercise

“My butt is firmer than I can ever remember it being and I have not been doing exercises to firm or strengthen it.”

~ Frannie D.

Boobs are firm!

“My boobs are firm and stay upright. It’s amazing. Much gratitude.”

~ Glenda M.


Brain and Mind Rejuvenation

These energies will support both your physical brain and mind for brain function and how your mind feels, perceives, thinks, remembers, desires, and imagines.

  • Brain and Memory activations
  • More youthful thinking . . . yet wiser
  • Staying engaged in life
  • Learning new things
  • Trying new and old passions
  • Looking forward to the future
  • New Ideas


Energetic Support For Youthful Vitality and Health

Custom energetic support for your health and vitality

  • New Youthful Vitality Activation 2.0
  • Health Activation to heal your health issues faster including dental, hearing and vision/eyes
  • Activations to strengthen and rejuvenate all organs, glands and systems 24/7
  • Healthy Habits support for Movement, Exercise, Nutrition, Self-Care, and Mental Acuity


Three Recorded Healing Classes

You will receive 3 recorded Group Healing Classes.

Stacey will send special healing energies for all registrants to help your chronic aging issues heal significantly faster.

You will receive information about how to reverse aging issues/challenges/symptoms even when they are genetic.

In these recordings, Stacey will help you understand why it is taking long to heal and help open you up to heal a lot faster.

You will receive the energies from these recorded healing sessions via remote healing.

My Brain Was Rewired in the Group Healing Session!

“Last session was very powerful! A shift in my thinking process about the pain and symptoms occurred. It feels as if the brain was rewired (and it was). Pains and hot flashes definitely diminished. With love and gratitude!”

I Missed the Live Calls and Still Released a Lot!

“Hi Stacy I missed two of the live calls in a row, however both calls was still very powerful for me and I released a lot released a lot.”


A Youthening Audio – MP3

This audio will help you heal and reverse aging. It will be customized for you each time you listen. It will support you in what is needed in the moment. It will be infused with vibrational tones that you cannot hear but will open you up to heal a lot faster.

You can listen as often as desired.

If someone does not want to listen or does not know they have been signed up for this program, they will receive the healing energies from this audio via remote healing via Source.


Styling Activation – Assist You in Dressing More Youthfully

Value $497

This activation will start as soon as your register and will continue 24/7 for 90 days. It is custom for each person and is sent by Source via remote healing. No audio is needed.

You will receive support in choosing and buying clothes that reflect who you are (as youthful as you would like) in ways that work for you, are flattering to your body type, and you can feel comfortable in.

You will also receive support in wearing your hair in more flattering ways that truly feel good for you if so desired.

Beliefs and blocks will be cleared 24/7 to help you continue to “be stylin” and “lookin’ good”.

You will find yourself more and more confident in your appearance and your choices over time.

New Clothes – Feel Good!

“I bought clothes that are more hip (current) and I feel really good when I wear them.”
~ Harriet S.

New Haircut makes me Look Younger

“I got a new hairdresser and a haircut that makes me look younger. My husband loves it.”
~ Lynda B.

Special Bonus – For a Limited Time!

Energetic Facelifts Plus Upleveled Facials for 3 Months! 

Value $897

These energetic facelifts are brand new.  This is the only time they will be offered as a free bonus. They are the only facelifts that heal the whole cell including the ego. They are different than the energetic facials Stacey sold in the past.

They provide firming and facial rejuvenation that is 30,000 x more effective than that provided in the youthening package and 50,000 x more effective than the energetic facials I have sold in the past.

The facelifts are sent to you 24/7 via Source. They are custom for each person. They are sent via activations. The facelifts are sent for 3 months. At the end of 3 months you will retain 100% of the healing sent. 

These are NOT the same as a full facelift done by a surgeon. 

The effects are similar to that of a mini-facelift done by a surgeon but there is no cutting or intrusive therapies. If you are not familiar with a mini-facelift, they will firm and rejuvenate certain facial features versus the entire face.

These energetic facelifts will firm and rejuvenate the parts of your face that are most easily healed over 3 months. Source will scan and determine where we can make the most difference for you in this 3 month period. 

  • The energetic facelifts also heal health issues affecting the appearance of your face. These are the only energetic facelifts that do that.
  • If you want more energetic facelifts at the end of 3 months, we will make them available for purchase.
  • They are painless. You likely won’t feel a thing.
  • The benefits are cumulative and will improve over the course of the 3 month period.
  • You will also receive upleveled energetic facials 24/7 for 3 months. These are custom and sent by Source via 24/7 remote healing.

These facelifts are 10,000 x more effective than the facials I previously sold and that are currently on my website.

If you are currently receiving energetic facelifts or facials, this bonus can be used with them and will improve the results you are getting. 

*If you would like to wait and receive this bonus after your current facelifts and/or facials are complete, you can elect to do so. You can provide that information on the webform after you checkout.

Even With a Sinus Infection, My Face is Firmer and Looks Younger!

“I get lots of sinus infections and still my face is firmer and looks younger. I am amazed that my face can look so good while I have sinus pain in my cheeks.”
~ Shannon G.

My Cheekbones Are More Prominent!

“All of a sudden, my cheekbones are more prominent . I had looked in the mirror this morning and they were not that way. I looked again less than 4 hours later and they were and still are.

Thank you! Your facelift is amazing!”
~ Kathy B.

My 90 Year Old Mom’s Face Looks More Youthful!

“I bought the Youthening package for my 90 year old mom. I saw her yesterday and her face was glowing and looked much more youthful. She looks great . Thank you.”
~ Jeromy D.

If you have questions about this program, email Stacey by clicking this link.

If You Are Doing Other Healing around Health, Youthening or Using Age Reversal Products

If you are receiving any combination of Stacey’s healing programs and/or someone else’s healing, this program will help you reverse your aging issues many times faster than with those healing programs by themselves (including Stacey’s other health modalities such as Grace and Regenerate, her mega activations, abuse healing and her facial program). They have a multiplicative effect.

For example, if you purchase this program and you are also receiving Grace healing, the 2 programs combined will heal you 70 trillion times faster. If you already already receiving Grace and Stacey’s eye healing, your eyes will heal 100 trillion times faster than with Grace and the eye healing program alone.

I Have Found Stacey’s Healing to Be The Best Out There!

“I have found your healing to be the best out there at this time. Thank you so much for all you do. I have healed immensely and as a result my health and finances are tons better.”
~ Tricia B.

I No Longer Have Flat Feet!!

“I have had flat feet all my life. Now I have a small arch in both feet. Nothing else has helped me until this program.”

~ Doris H.


The Dark Circles Under My 6 Year Old Son’s Eyes Are Gone & I Look Better Too!

“I had to submit my previous passport of another country I lived in from 2005, and to
my surprise my current photo came out much more brighter and even toned
and I look peaceful, though now I’m a single mother who went through A LOT, and in 2005 I was married!!!

What a stark difference and I am so grateful to you Stacey, that you came up with such a program and I am grateful to myself that I took this program.

Also the dark circles under my son’s eyes who is 6 and a half yrs old are gone, his bright
complexion and bright eyes have come back.

Sadia from Toronto, Canada”  

A Friend Was Surprised That My Current Photo Was Taken Recently and Not 10 Years Ago!

“I posted a photo of me on LinkedIn and a friend was surprised to learn it was current. She said she thought it was a pic of me from 10 years ago which is when she saw me last.”
~ Terri W.

My Skin is Much Less Dry!

I don’t need as much lotion on my legs and hands. I really don’t need any on my arms. My skin is much less dry.

~ Fran L.

People Are Already Commenting on How Good My Skin Looks!

“People are already commenting on how good my skin looks and I’ve been on your Youthening program less than 1 month.”

~ Paula G.

A Person Who is My Age Was Shocked That I Am the Same Age as Her!

“I met a woman when I was out socializing and when we discovered we are the same age, she was shocked and said” You don’t look anywhere near my age. You look so much younger!”
~ Adrienne N.

I Can Tell My Moles Are Healing as I Am More Outgoing!

“I can tell my moles are healing on deep levels. My wife and I are both more outgoing. We take more initiative in starting conversations with others.”
~ Greg W.

Someone Told Me I Want to Look and Be Ageless Like You!

“Recently someone said to me, “I want to look and be ageless like you. “ I was surprised. No one has ever said I look ageless before.”
~ Sheila M.

It Seems I Look Younger Almost Every Time I Look in the Mirror!

“Recently someone said to me, “ I am so much more confident in my appearance. It seems I look younger almost every time I look in the mirror! Thank you!”
~ Paula Z.

When I Get Health Symptoms, They Move Through Very Quickly!

“My health is better and so is my appearance. When I do get health symptoms, they move through very quickly. Much gratitude.”
~ Henry T.

I Look the Same as I Did 20 Years Ago!

“I look the same as I did 20 years ago and also fit in the clothes I wore 20 -30 years ago. It feels great!”
~ Deidre B.

I’ve Been Getting A Lot of Compliments on My Appearance Lately!

“I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my appearance lately. Even my mom said that my husband and I both look so much younger than we are.”
~ Gina W.

If you have questions about this program, email Stacey by clicking this link.

This Program is for 90 Days!

You will receive all the activations for 90 days.

NOTE: The cost of all of the above treatments if purchased separately and in physical form would be over $1000/month. The cost of the entire program is less than the cost of 1 cellulite treatment or hair re-growth treatment.

Option A

Option A: Youthening and Rejuvenation Program

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Hair and Nail Rejuvenation
  • Body Firming, Strengthening and Lift Treatments
  • Brain & Mind Rejuvenation
  • Energetic Support For Youthful Vitality and Health
  • Three Online Group Healing Sessions/Classes
  • A Youthening Audio


  • Styling Activation
  • Energetic Facelift and Upleveled Facials

per person or pet
AND any additional packages are just $150! (spouse, children, siblings, parents…)


Option B


30 Minute Healing Session with Stacey

This includes everything above plus a private 30 minute healing session with Stacey. People who do these private healing sessions with Stacey typically heal many, many times faster during these sessions than with the youthening program by itself. You can use this session to help heal difficult issues such as chronic health issues, relationship issues, money challenges or any other challenge 100 trillion times faster and get answers to your personal questions.

You can do this session for yourself or as a proxy for someone else with health and/or aging issues. If you do it as a proxy, both of you will likely heal at least 100 trillion x faster during this session. It’s like a 2 for 1.

Here are some examples of results people had in just 30 minutes:

I’ve Had Many Amazing Shifts Since My Session With Stacey!

“The following happened since my private session with Stacey:

I am more able to speak up and am taking better care of self.

I am getting positive feedback on my healing work that I do with others and am noticing the positive in my life which is a huge shift. I used to see only negative.

The infection in mouth is almost gone.

I am discerning better about who to be in relationship with and am backing away from my current boyfriend.

Thank you.

~ Sandy S.”

The Area Around My Mouth is Firmer and Looks Better! Woohoo!

“The lumpy area around my mouth was smaller by the end of call and the area around my mouth is firmer.  Woohoo!

~Andrea A.”

My Health Went to an 8 For the First Time Ever in This Life!

“My Health Went to an 8 For the First Time Ever in This Life!”
~ Robert J.

The Fever I had For 3 Weeks is Gone!

“I had a high fever for 3 weeks and a cough. My doctor could not help me.
By end of our session, my breathing was a lot better, and my fever was gone.
I feel much better, have more energy and am lighter.”

~ Ingrid S.

My Leg is Significantly Less Swollen and My Heart Opened Up!

“My left leg was stiff and swollen from my knee down. By end of the 30 minute session, my leg was much less stiff and swollen and my heart opened up a lot.
I feel hugely better.
Thank you and blessings.”
~ Linda H.

My Husband No Longer Abuses Me and My Back Stopped Hurting!

“I haven’t needed medication for my achy back for 2 weeks now. It no longer hurts.
I laugh instead of being resentful towards my abusive husband. He has stopped abusing me which is a miracle!
I tell him “I’m no longer yours to abuse” when he acts up.”

~ Alissa J.

Option B: Youthening and Rejuvenation Program


  • One 30-min 1:1 session with Stacey

per person or pet


What People are Saying…

Look a Lot Younger

“My wife and I both look a lot younger.”
~ Tim D.

I Have the Energy and Ability to Do Things Those My Age or Younger Cannot Do!

“I was recently called the neighborhood hero. I am naturally helping people more and doing things for them they were unable to do themselves. I have the energy, strength and foresight to do these things even though I am the same age or older than some of them. It feels good.”
~ Marty J.

Hands Younger / Varicose Veins faded

“My hands look younger and healthier and my varicose veins in my hands are much less blue.”
~ Mary S.

Neck more Youthful

“My neck looks more youthful and firmer.”
~ Laura B.

Age Spots Lighter

“Some of my age spots are lighter so I know they are healing. Thank you.”
~ Renee W.

Hair Smoother – Both Husband and Wife

“Both my husband’s and my hair is smoother and healthier. Yay!”
~ Judy G.

Compliments on Clothes and Hair

“I am more casual about my appearance and how I dress and am less perfectionistic. Its more fun this way and I get compliments on my clothes, accessories and hair.. Thank you.”
~ Robyn D.

Dancing with 20 year olds!

“I am in my 60’s and was able to dance to current music with 20 year olds and keep up with them. It was fun for all of us and was great for my ego.”
~ Susie T.

Regular Bowel Movements

“My elimination system is working better. I have been having regular bowel movements with ease.”
~ Kris W.

Can Touch the Floor with my Legs Straight!

“I am able to do toe touches and actually touch the floor with my legs straight. I was shocked when I was able to do this without trying to reach the floor. I am not sure when the last time was that I could do that. Blessings to you and your healing abilities.”
~ Mary K.

More Flexible

“I find myself stretching more and my body is more flexible ( and so am I). Most grateful.”
~ Paul D.

Feet are Pretty!

“My feet actually look pretty. It’s been a very long time since I felt that way about my feet.”
~ Wanda T.

If you have questions about this program, email Stacey by clicking this link.

About Stacey Mayo

Stacey Mayo is the creator of The Sentelligent Solution™, Eye Health Healing Transmissions and Regenerate and Grace Healing Modalities. She founded the Center for Balanced Living in 1995 and has been in business for 22 years. She has supported thousands of people in getting healthier and living out their dreams. She is a successful Master Level Medical Intuitive and teacher of Medical Intuitives and a Master level Energy Practitioner.

She is an award-winning author and has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women and is a popular speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day. She is a former Medical Intuitive columnist for the Sedona Journal. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece, ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.

*Purchasing Options

Option A: Youthening and Rejuvenation Program

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Hair and Nail Rejuvenation
  • Body Firming, Strengthening and Lift Treatments
  • Brain & Mind Rejuvenation
  • Energetic Support For Youthful Vitality and Health
  • Three Online Group Healing Sessions/Classes
  • A Youthening Audio


  • Styling Activation
  • Energetic Facelift and Upleveled Facials

per person or pet
AND any additional packages are just $150! (spouse, children, siblings, parents…)


Option B: Youthening and Rejuvenation Program


  • One 30-min 1:1 session with Stacey

per person or pet


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