at a Different Time and Day!

Limited to 22 People!

Learn More of Stacey’s Secrets For Becoming a Millionaire and Get Personal Help From Stacey With Your Own Situation and Goals!




You want to be mentored by and learn from Stacey, NOT FROM THE GROUP.

(There will be NO critiquing of your ideas, coaching or feedback from members of the group.)

  1. You desire to be affluent without overworking
  2. You believe you can be afluent or more affluent
  3. You don’t believe you can be a millionaire or affluent but are open to shifting
  4. You would like to learn new ways of how to become affluent, a millionaire or a multi-millionaire
  5. You have dreams and desires that require a lot more money than you have
  6. You would like to retire really comfortably (without having to cut back)
  7. You’d like to live debt free (it’s a choice)
  8. You would like to travel first class (perhaps all the time)
  9. You like nice things
  10. You would like to be able to help yourself and  others more


    *All the mentoring is with Stacey. There will be NO critiquing of your ideas, coaching or feedback from members of the group.


    • Stacey will teach higher level practices to help you manifest in bigger ways!
    • Source will send all registrants Special Millionaire Attunements  starting when you register and throughout the program. This will open you up to how to become a millionaire (or multi-millionaire) or whatever level of affluence you desire.
    • Career Attunements will be send to uplevel your career options and ability to make great wealth in a career/business/profession if desired.
    • Upleveled Investment Attunements will be sent to significantly uplevel your brain’s ability to make good investment decisions if desired.**
    • Each person in the group can take a turn at being in the “Million Dollar Coaching Seat”.  Energies will flow to you while Stacey mentors you on overcoming specific challenges in the way of becoming a millionaire (or multi-millionaire if you already are one) and uplevels your abilities to move past these. (all will benefit hugely)
    • Stacey will sense in via Source to determine the participants needs and create a custom agenda that will benefit all hugely.
    • Stacey will make sure she answers all participants’ questions related to this topic live on the call. She will stay on the call  extra time if needed.
    • This program is limited to no more than 22 people.
    • Source will send all participants Stacey’s new amazing Mastermind Healing Process! It harnesses the pure intentions of all participants and multiples it for amazing results.  (It’s so gentle you won’t even feel it). It won’t conflict with anything else you are doing or overprocess you even if you are very sensitive.
    • Each person will support the others with a simple silent intention practice Stacey will teach that takes no more than 30 seconds a day. (no worries, you can put it on recurring in case you are concerned you will forget). Special energies will be used to multiply these intentions for faster results.
    • There is an option for family members to participate virtually at 1/2 price (explained below). This will magnify the benefits for all.
    • It’s NOT your typical Mastermind group.

    *Affluence is the state of having a great deal of money; wealth. It is a good thing and can be used for good.


    No matter what your level of income and knowledge is now, there is always more to learn to go to new levels. Be open to learning what you don’t know that you don’t know from Stacey and others in the group.


    Affluence Mastermind Group!

    Take Your Income to New Levels!

    This promises to be an extremely powerful and supportive group filled with great people with pure intentions.

    Stacey will sense what this specific group needs and teach that which will most help the Mastermind Group Members open up to and attain the level affluence desired.

    She will also answer your personal questions related to attaining affluence whether it be via career and/or other means.

    She will teach higher level processes for Affluence than she has never taught before.


    If You Have Questions:

    If you have questions about whether this program is right for you or someone else,  email Stacey at Stacey AT (substitute @ for AT). If you have specific concerns, let her know those and she will sense in.


    • This group of up to 22 people will meet via zoom approx 2 x month for 5 months. 
    • The mastermind sessions will be 60 minutes each.
    • The live mastermind sessions will likely start in April 2022 and will be recorded in case you can’t attend live.
    • The sessions will be on Mondays at 2:00 pm ET.
    • If you can’t attend a couple of sessions, no worries, you can catch up by watching the videos or listening to the audios. You can submit questions to Stacey via email before the class and she will answer them in the class.
    • Special, new affluence energies and attunements will be sent remotely by Source to all registrants throughout the program from the time you sign up and until the last mastermind session ends.
    • You will retain all the shifts you had from these energies after the program is over.
    • If you register a family member for 1/2 price, they will get all the healing sent from this program and the energy of the information taught during the live sessions. They will NOT have a seat at the table, i.e., they will not be able to attend the live mastermind Group sessions. They can watch the replay videos or listen to the audio of the replay.
    • Benefits are significantly enhanced with each family member you purchase this program for. This will have manifesting be easier and faster for each of you. The energies will have a multiplicative effect for each family member. You will be taught how this works in the classes.
    • Family members do not have to know you purchased this for them to benefit hugely. See above.

    NOTE: Stacey does NOT plan to offer any more lifetime or year long programs regarding wealth or other things.



    No matter what your level of income and knowledge is now, there is more you can learn in this program to help you go to new income levels, plus you will get more personal mentoring from Stacey in this program.



    Here Is What Some People Experienced From the Virtual Mastermind Affluence Energies in this Program!

    I Made Over $100,000 in Just 6 Weeks! 

    “I have opened to new ways of working and promoting my work and the money has been pouring in.  New great ideas keep coming up to help me see that this can continue. It’s pretty darn amazing and I definitely feel more affluent.”

    ~ Victoria J.

    I Was Doing It All Myself and Now Have a Team to Do All My Article and Ghostwriting!

    “I  am a writer and was working all the time and had no room to take on any more work. I got clear that it was time to reassess and have brought on a team of experts to do all the work I used to do for clients. Now I get to write fun things like my own fiction books.  Thank you so much. I could not have done this without your support.  I was exhausted and now am reinvigorated.”

    ~ Deena A.

    I Got Smart Enough to Choose My Own Investments After 20 Years of Not Doing This!

    “I got a hit on a good investment. I wasn’t going to do anything with this hit because I have such a bad track record with my investment decisions. I decided to do it in a way that felt really good and safe for me. This was a huge shift.

    ~ Laura C..

    I Started My Own TV Show! 

    “I started a my own internet TV show that is going great, hired higher level support team, raised my rates and filled my new high level coaching group. My social life has also improved and I’m having more fun.”

    ~ Rich S.

    I’ve Gone From Almost No Money to Making Great Money!

    “My business was basically on hold for the past 2 years due to the pandemic. I  needed to travel and be  with people, none of which felt safe. Now I am making great money from home utilizing my skills and am  having fun doing it. I’ve found my groove. Other ways of making great money have also appeared. It feels great! I am abundant!”

    ~ Donna P.

    My Mentally Ill Daughter’s Ability to Reason Improved 100%!

    My mentally ill daughters reasoning abilities went to  a 4 – 6 range . This is an amazing improvement that happened from being a virtual member of this mastermind program. She is also opening to making money now. Yay!

    ~ Caren J.

    I Am Manifesting Things That Weren’t Available Before!

    Some things I wanted before just weren’t available. (not in stock or would take an incredibly long time to get). Now these same things were available and shipped quickly

    ~ Dan T.

    The Construction on My Restaurant Went From Stalled  For a Long Time to On Track!

    “The construction for my new restaurant site was stalled for a long time. We had to postpone the opening and thought we would need to again. After receiving the energies from this program, it started flowing again. Everyone is doing more than their part, the restaurant is looking great and we have faith, we will now open at the scheduled time.”

    ~ Hank W.

    Sold My Land for Double and Quadruple What Other Land is Selling For!

    I manifested selling 2 pieces of land that we currently owned, but were not using and they were essentially just costing us in taxes. I was able to sell 1 of them for double the price that similar properties were selling for and the other property sold for almost 4 times what similar properties were being advertised by realtors for (and ours didn’t even have road access, where others for sale did). I was able to manifest selling them both without a realtor and they both sold during the time when it was a home sellers market, but certainly not a land sellers market by any means (total sales of approximately $180,000.00 and without having to pay realtor fees/commissions) We were still able to keep our homes and the land that they are on with an extra 20 acres of extra land to spare. So we really are not missing out on anything that we needed or were using, but were able to manifest enough money to pay off our debt with some money left to work with until I am bringing in infinite income, yaay, pretty amazing!

    Sam C.

    “I Got A Job That Paid Me Very Well For Working Less!

    I got a really good contract job that paid me $10,000 and I didn’t have to do nearly as much work as I first thought. The client actually made it easier for me.

    Ginger H.

    I’m Amazed at How Much I Moving Through My Fears!!

    I am taking jobs that I was afraid of before as ways are presented to do them that feel safe.  I am also socializing hugely more and ways are showing up to do this safely.  It feels great.

    Lori S.

    Profuse Bleeding Totally Stopped!

    I was bleeding profusely. It was so bad I got anemic and was in bed all day long. The bleeding totally stopped 1 ½ days after you sent me your remote affluence mastermind healing. I cannot thank you enough.  Life is much better again. I have energy again and am manifesting great business and social opportunities and making money again.

    ~Deena P.

    If You Have Questions:

    If you have questions about any of the above or whether this program is right for you or someone else,  email Stacey at Stacey AT (substitute @ for AT). If you have specific concerns, let her know those and she will sense in.

    If you have administrative questions or problems purchasing this class/program, email assist AT


    How Your Whole Family Can Benefit:

    Your Family Members can Become a Part of the Virtual Mastermind for 1/2 Price!

    Your family can become a part of the Virtual Mastermind if they are unable to attend the live sessions.

    • They will get all the above benefits except a seat at the table (will NOT be able to attend live, get coached by Stacey or ask her questions.)
    • They can watch the replay videos or listen to the audios if desired.
    • They will get the Millionaire Attunements and all the attunements that are right for them, the Affluence energies and the energy of the information in the program.
    • They will benefit greatly. We beta tested this program by sending remote energies to people who did not know they were getting them and all benefited a lot without any interaction or coaching.
    • When you enroll members of your family in addition to yourself, you get greatly enhanced benefits with each family member you add on. The whole mastermind group also benefits from their being a part of the virtual mastermind.
    • This program will benefit family members of any age from toddlers to grandparents.



    Remember: Family Members Get a Special 1/2 Price Rate When You Add Them as Virtual Members ! (They get everything but a seat at the table)

    You & Your Whole Family Can Become Affluent!


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    Special Prices:

    Regular Price: $3695

    Regular Price: $1900/month for 2 months

    Regular Price $695 each month for 6 months

    I encourage you to intend to manifest higher levels of affluence to more than cover the cost of this program.

    ADD ON FAMILY MEMBERS FOR $1450 EACH (They get everything except a seat at the table; ie. admission to the live sessions)

    If you cannot attend a session or 2 live, know that things can come up:

    • You can listen to the recorded video or audio and get full benefit and
    • Source will send you the energy of the information stated in the sessions so you will have a conscious knowing of it

    Only paid registrants will receive the energies from this program. 

    Need Help? Write to:

    Paypal Deferred Payments is An Option For Those Eligible

    If you have questions about whether this program will help you or someone else with particular challenges, email Stacey AT ( substitute @ for AT)


    About Stacey Mayo

    Stacey Mayo founded the Center for Balanced Living (now known as Solutions By Stacey) in 1995 and has run a successful business for over 26 years. *She is a self-made multi-millionaire and has supported thousands of people in living out their dreams with ease and grace.

    Stacey is the creator of The Peaceful Entrepreneur program. She sets the example of what she teaches. She leads a balanced life and takes time for fun, exercise, meditation and time with family and friends.

    She is a successful Master Level Certified Coach and a Master Level Healer who has created many proprietary and extremely effective healing modalities and activations.

    Stacey uses her gentle, yet very effective healing modalities plus her intuition and coaching abilities to help others take their income and health to new heights.

    She is an award-winning author and has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women and is a popular speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece, ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.

    If You Have Questions:

    If you have questions about any of the above or whether this program is right for you or someone else,  email Stacey at Stacey AT (substitute @ for AT). If you have specific concerns, let her know those and she will sense in.

    If you have administrative questions or problems purchasing this class/program, email assist AT


    REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds or cancellations regardless of the number of sessions you attend.  The attunements and energies start when you register. It is up to you to use the information you learn in these classes and ask for support when needed. Stacey Mayo cannot be responsible for your results. The information is  easy to learn and apply to your own life.

    NOTE: The reference to Source above refers to God or whatever name you give a higher power.


    DISCLAIMER: You are responsible for your own well being and the choices you make. ** Stacey Mayo and The Center for Balanced Living, Inc. cannot take responsibility for your investment decisions or any decisions. You must take responsibility for all your choices. We will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional investment, medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content is for general information purposes.

    WE DO NOT OFFER MEDICAL ADVICE, COURSE OF TREATMENT, DIAGNOSIS OR ANY OTHER OPINION on your conditions or treatment options. SERVICES OR PRODUCTS THAT YOU OBTAIN THROUGH STACEY MAYO OR HER COMPANIES are not offered as medical or psychological advice, guidance or treatment.