Which  One or More of These Challenges Can You and/or a Family Member or Pet  Relate To?

You Are Aging in Ways You Do Not Like

You Have More or Persistent Health or Body Structure Issues 

Health and Other Issues  Seem to Be Taking Longer to Heal Than Expected

You Are Seeing Unhealthy Inherited Issues Show Up in Yourself and/or a Partner

Old Issues/Challenges Have Popped up Again That You Thought You Should Be Done With

Healing For Some Issues Feels Futile

You Have New Challenges That Need Help – mental, emotional, physical, behavioral or spiritual

Your Mind is Noisier

You Have Challenges Focusing or Being Present

You Have Pain, Discomfort or Other Symptoms

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Which of These Common Challenges Do or a Family Member Have?

  • Bloating and Digestion Challenges
  • Excessive Fears, Anxiety and/or Tension
  • Low Energy/Fatigue
  • Spine/Posture Challenges
  • Eating, Appetite and Weight Challenges
  • Sagging
  • Body Shape/Clothes Fitting Right
  • More Health Issues and health issues take longer to heal
  • Memory problems
  • Being Present
  • Hearing Challenges
  • Balance
  • Problems Focusing
  • Mind is busier/noisier
  • Joint problems
  • Heart issues
  • Blood pressure
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Mobility issues are worse (such as walking, bending, standing or running)
  • Increased tension, discomfort and/or pain
  • Hair/scalp issues
  • Vision and eye health
  • More or different dental related challenges
  • Retirement related concerns
  • Concerns about ability to work if desired
  • Some health issues get worse
  • Old issues childhood issues and/or family issues come up again
  • Organ health declines
  • Bone health declines
  • Skin, nail and hair health declines
  • Breathing challenges
  • Pain
  • Other:  _____________



If you are not sure if your challenge(s)  will help you or a family member, contact us here



The Best Healing Program For These Times!



  • Helps you get healthier in the now and age better than otherwise by clearing patterns that are deep in the tension in your skull and body.
  • Transforms unhealthy stress patterns at the core faster than any known program.
  • Helps your bones, joints, muscles and organs get healthier.
  • Helps improve brain cognition, memory and motor skills significantly.
  • Helps hair, nails and skin get healthier.
  • Helps you regain your strength, body structure and posture
  • Helps with sagging or weak muscles and muscle atrophy
  • Helps with vision, hearing, sinus and dental issues that tend to get worse over time or come and go
  • Helps your ego heal a lot faster and retain the healing better.
  • You will learn proven ways to overcome genetics in areas of concern to all.
  • It will open your mind to help you heal deep in your skull, mind and brain better than any known method. This is essential for healing the core of issues. 
  • Helps heal ALL HEALTH ISSUES/CHALLENGES FASTER than any known program, whether associated with aging or not.
  • Replaces suffering patterns with happiness patterns 
  • Helps with life planning challenges and mobility issues
  • Plus a lot more

What Does This Mean For You and Family Members?

Less Suffering .  . . More Joy

A Better Understanding of How to Get Healthy in These Times

A Better Life

Better Health Overall

Plus More . . .


The energies in this program will be sent for approximately 4-5 months depending when you register. 

The energies start when you register and continue through the last group healing session. The benefits are long lasting.

We tested this program and found this was a good amount of time to make a significant difference.

We stopped doing lifetime and yearly healing programs because we found that after a certain amount of time, most people need something new.


Item 1:


We created new energies after testing different methods for several years.

These energies :

  • Go deep into the tension to find the DNA that are activated and could get activated, causing unhealthy issues.
  • Are received well by the vast majority of people and animals via distance healing.
  • Transform DNA at a faster rate than ever creating faster shifts in people and animals.
  • Heal deeper challenges  faster.  (It takes longer to see a shift in these but most do see significant shifts even in deep issues.)
  • Are sent by Source to each participant 24/7 starting when you register and throughout the program
  • These energies are custom for each person in the moment so it won’t conflict with anything else you are doing or cause detox.
  • They add significant benefit to any other healing or personal development work you are doing.
  • Heals all found related to the deep issue of suffering that is common to all but unconscious in many.


Item 2



These Are Just as Effective When Listening to the Recording as Attending Live!


We created special group healing sessions/classes to help propel your healing.

These recorded group sessions are much more affordable than Stacey’s private sessions AND will provide comparable results!

There will be different group healing sessions/classes on different topics. (see below)

Your healing is not dependent on what happens with the rest of the group members so you do not need to be their live to benefit.

Stacey will teach you proven ways to overcome genetics and get healthy in areas of concern to all.

Special healing will be sent during these sessions.

These sessions will open your mind to help you heal deep in your skull, mind and brain better than any known method. This is essential for  getting at the core of deep health issues. 

Stacey will lead informative healing sessions covering the following topics:

Each recorded session will be 1 hour and will include important information and healing. Some of these topics will overlap. Some will be discussed in more than 1 session. 

  • Improving Your Cognitive Reasoning – ability to think and reason clearly
  • Reducing and Eliminating Bloating, Digestion, Eating and/or Weight Challenges
  • Improving Vision and Eye Health Challenges That May Have Gotten Worse Due to Excess Tension
  • How to Eliminate Spine Issues and Body Structure Problems
  • Say Good-Bye to Fears and Anxiety
  • How to Eliminate Your Current Health Issues
  • Reducing Genetic Pre-Dispositions to Future Health Issues and Those That Get Worse Over Time
  • How to Get at the Core of Issues and Release It
  • Quieting the Busy Mind
  • How to Help Your Ego Get Healthier Faster
  • Improving Your Short and Long Term Memory
  • Preventing Alzheimer’s and Dementia and Other Disease
  • Advanced Self Care and Assistance For These Times


I Will Miss Your Classes When They Are Over!

It’s been the most wonderful experience being part of the zoom classes with you and everyone, I have gained such a lot of delightful experiences, shifts and teachings from you and feel a little sad it’s ending as I have enjoyed all of it with joy.

~ PennyMay

Item 3



You will be sent any needed energetic nutrition, supplements  and treatments for helping heal aging issues and all health issues. This will complement any other energetic nutrition you may be receiving from other programs

These are sent 24/7  by distance healing from the time you register and throughout the duration of the program. These are sent by Source via remote healing based on scans done by Source to determine what you need in any given moment. This includes vitamins, amino acids, proteins, minerals and everything a body needs for nutrition, a strong immune system and well being. These are typically received well as they go deeper into the tension than before.

These are new and upleveled since Stacey’s Youthening program to have them go deeper into the tension

Energetic treatments are sent for specific health issues you might have. Source determines what you need and creates what is just right for you.

Source will not duplicate anything you are taking physically if you are absorbing and getting what you need from it. Many people do not absorb what they need from physical supplements due to digestive and other physiological issues

It is possible to not receive certain energetic nutrients for a period of time. Typically this heals fast and nothing else is needed.

It is NOT necessary to energize your water or food or listen to audios with this method. For most people, the energetic ones are received and absorbed just as well.

 Item 4



This new audio will be custom infused by Source each time you listen to it for the duration of this program.

It will help your cells open to heal health issues deep at the core.

It will also help transform tension patterns and reduce anxiety.

Listening to the words as much as possible will help you heal better.

The words open your mind to the concepts discussed. This helps you receive healing deeper and faster.

This audio will never overprocess you or cause detox or side effects.

Listen as often as desired.


Will This Program Help Me If I Am Receiving Other Healing For Similar Issues That I Want Help With?

YES! It will amplify and work with any healing you are currently doing in these areas to improve the results you are getting. It will help you heal faster than ALL Stacey’s previous programs . When combined with her other programs or any other healing program your issues and system will heal even faster.


This Healing Program is Beneficial For Your Pets and Family

You can proxy for parents, spouses, pets or other family members.

Here’s how it works:

They are sent the distance healing energies starting when you register them for the program.

When you listen to the classes and audio, they will get the same benefit if  you are proxying for them.

You can add on family members and/or proxy for family members at a special price . See below.



My Panic Attacks Stopped, Ocular Migraines are Less and My Ego is More Rational!

I was having panic attacks. Now my fears are no longer running the show. My ocular migraines are less frequent and less intense. I am coping better with big challenges.

My ego health is up 3 points consistently. My ego is better able to be rational and sort through things at times rather keep overreacting.

~ Jane F

My Digestion and Sleep Are Better; Ego Health is Up 4 Points in 1 Month!

I am feeling much better – back to normal. I have been able to go back to eating my usual foods and my stomach is not upset for the most part. I am sleeping much better also. My ego health held at 6 which is up 4 points from a month ago.

~ Gina K.

The Section of My Heart That Has Not Been Functioning Since Birth is Finally Healing!

The section of my heart that has not been functioning since birth  finally is healing. The health of that section went from 1 – 6 in the session today and retained. Diseased tissue in my heart transformed miraculously.  My ability to have a healthy relationship also improved which is a big deal for me.

 ~ Larry M.

A Big Wart Fell Off My Foot Without Me Doing Anything!

I’ve had a challenge with planters warts for a long time. This past week, a big wart fell off my foot without me doing anything. It felt like a miracle as nothing had helped my warts ever.

~ Katherina

My Aging Dog’s Organ Health  & Vibration Are Up 2 Points, Joints & Bones Are Healthier!  

My dog is very old. His organ health is consistently up 2 points on average. His energy is better, his vibration is up 2 points consistently (on avg). His joints and bones are significantly healthier.

~ Alan B.

The Vet Said My Cat’s Heart & Lungs Are Really Strong For His Age!

My cat has been having big health challenges. We were thrilled when the vet recently said my Tom’s heart and lungs are really strong for his age. This is a big improvement.

Nance J.

My Muscles Are Getting Stronger, Less Atrophy!

I stopped exercising for a short while and was surprised my muscles did not start to atrophy. When I started back up I was able to do the same amount of exercise and in some cases, even more repetitions. I was relieved and excited.

~ Carol M.

My Ego Doesn’t Get in The Way Like Before!

My ego doesn’t get in the way nearly as much and my mood is is up overall.

~ Gina A.

I Was Able to Jump Up On My Workbench and Jump Back Down!

I am nearly 70 and was surprised I was able to jump up on my workbench and jump back down.  I just did it naturally. My mobility and flexibility is much better these days.

~ Kevin S.

My Cognitive Abilities Are Better! Woohoo!

I had a big shift this morning. I realized why my mind was so noisy, even racing and why I was so tired that I had gone back to bed.  I realized I was afraid of doing an event I was about to apply for. When I realized it was my fear causing these problems including fatigue, I jumped out of bed and decided to go forward. This is a huge shift for me.  Normally I would need to talk through it and my husband would point out my fears and then I would still need to clear a lot of blocks before feeling okay with going forward. I figured it out myself and got this was a sign that my cognitive abilities are better.

~ Lori D.

My Ego’s Intuition is a Lot Better!

My ego is getting better intuitive hits. I have a clearer and faster knowing of what what is needed in my business and in my personal life to be happy and successful.

~ Wanda T.

My Posture is Better!

I notice that I am walking more erect naturally. This is happening a lot more than it has in a long time.

~ David E.

My Husband is More Aware and Sharing His Fears and Concerns!

My husband has been opening up to me a little and sharing his fears and concerns. This is a huge shift. Thank you!

~ Maria F.




$700   $500

Stacey is accepting a few mentoring clients. These are for people who:

  • are already in business,
  • have some income from it and
  • are ready to make quantum leaps forward.

If you would like mentoring from someone who is very successful, comes from her heart and wants to help you do things in ways that work for you, read on.  Stacey can mentor clients in any profession and has done so successfully for many years.

This is much more effective than group or distance healing work and includes special energies.



Stacey will open to what you want specific help with or make suggestions if you prefer.

She will teach you step by step  how to do something specific at an outstanding level so you can move forward faster than figuring it out yourself.

She will attune you to new levels of success to help you make quantum leaps without burn out.

She will suggest specific strategies to boost your business income and profits

She will send special energies to support you divinely and clear blocks quickly throughout the session.


The session is approx. 40 minutes and held by phone or skype.  While one session is never the whole answer, this session is set up to help you significantly. Some people will make a quantum leap after 1 session; for others it will take more. It depends on where you are starting from and your readiness level. If you want ongoing mentoring, we can look to see if that makes sense and what it would entail at the end of  this session.


I More Than Made the Money Back That I Invested in Mentoring With Stacey!

I am so excited at how much money I’ve already made as a result of one VIP mentoring session with you. I more than made my money back soon after our session!

~ Diana S.

I Finished My Book and Got it Published!

I am so excited to have my book complete and published. I’ve received a ton of positive feedback and it is selling well. I could not have done this without you!

~ Paul C.

We Created a New Healing Modality During My Session!

I had been wanting to help animals more. During my session with Stacey, she helped me create a new healing modality to help animals a lot more.

~ Jenny D.

We Made $100,000 in 6 Months and Paid Down Our Debt!

“The coaching helped us to focus on our goals, and take the actions necessary to realize them. Our business goal was to create $100,000 income in six months, which we did! Our confidence increased enough to raise our rates, so we will easily earn at least that much in the next six months.

We also paid most of our debt down, among many other accomplishments, all while looking after our young children.”

~ Katie and Jon Berryhill




You Can Proxy For Those Who Don’t Listen to Recordings or Attend Sessions . . .

Like Pets, Elderly Parents and Spouses

$495 each  ($395 each)


You can purchase this program for 1 person and add on additional family members and pets at a big discount when you purchase them at the same time.

If those people you add on, don’t want to listen to classes and recordings or don’t know you purchased for them, you can proxy for them. This will provide them with the same benefit as you and will do NO harm to their karma/dharma or any part of them.

You can proxy* for any of your pets and they will receive the energies and escense of the sessions/classes and audio when you listen to them. We have found that aging pets and the elderly benefit greatly from this program.

If you want to know if a relative and/or pet would benefit significantly from this program, contact Stacey at by using this form and she will have Source scan.



You can proxy for family members and pets if desired. When you proxy for someone and listen to the audio and classes, they will receive the energies at the same time and get same benefit as you. It does not hurt you or them. You do not need their permission to proxy for them.

If you want Stacey to scan to see if you or someone else will receive the energies well and if it will help significantly or with certain issues, email Stacey at the email address above.



You can start listening to the healing audio right away and get tons of benefit (any people or pets you proxy for will also benefit in full)

You will start receiving the new, more effective distance healing energies for age related issues when you register

You will save $$$ when you get in on the special price

You can get in on a special price for family members and pets


NOTE: The healing energies are custom for each person/pet and will not interfere with anything else you are doing or overprocess you regardless of how many other healing programs you are doing at this time.


QUESTIONS: If you want to know if this program will help you or someone else, contact Stacey using this form and she will scan





If you want to purchase for more than 1 person/pet, enter the quantity (1) for Healing Program and then use the add on link towards bottom of checkout to get the special pricing for additional family members/pets.

If you want to purchase a mentoring session at the special price, be sure you meet the requirements listed in the description of these sessions above, then use the add on link towards the bottom of the check out.


Healthy Aging Program

Now Expanded to Help People of All Ages!


Compare to price of private sessions with Stacey. Private strategic healing sessions with Stacey are $500 each and 12 would would be $6000.

This program is slightly more than the cost of 1 private healing session for aging issues and provides comparable results and similar information as you would get in private sessions with Stacey about issues pertinent to your aging- related challenges.

Regular Price: $897

Special Price:

Full Pay: $797 (save $100)

2 Pay: $425/month for 2 months

3Pay: $300/month for 3 months



Add on Family Members including pets for $395 each when purchased at the same time as the above aging program for 1 person  (save $100 each)

Add on Private Business Mentoring Session for $500 when purchased at the same time as the above aging program  (save $200)


Contact Stacey here  

About Stacey Mayo

Stacey Mayo is a successful Master Level Medical Intuitive and Healer and teaches others to be Certified Medical Intuitives and Healers.

She is the creator of The Sentelligent Solution aka “Solutions by Stacey” and the following healing programs plus more: Divine Attunements, Physiology, Nervous system, Moving Forward in the New Year, Divine Woman, Breakthrough Healing, Re-Emergence Healing, The First Ever Covid-19 All Natural Energetic Vaccine, Epic Relationships Healing Program, Stacey’s Maker Program, Counter Programming, Cancer Healing Program, Youthening Program, Eye/Vision Healing Transmissions, Dental Healing, Gene Replacement and Regenerate and Grace Healing Modalities plus more. She founded her company in 1995 and has been in business for over 25 years. She has supported thousands of people in getting healthier and living out their dreams.

She is an award-winning author and has appeared on the CBS evening news segment, Confident Women and is a popular speaker. She has appeared in Forbes, Newsday, the Wall St. Journal, Atlanta Sports & Fitness, Atlanta Woman and Woman’s Day. She is a former Medical Intuitive columnist for the Sedona Journal. She has been featured a number of times in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including the piece, ‘Midlife,’ which engages people in considering how they can stop deferring their dreams.


If you find this program is not in resonance with you after the first class/healing session,  you can get a full refund if you request it within 48 hours of the date of the first class/session. Please note aging issues are deep and it can take time to see a sustainable difference. If you have concerns about certain issues and how to heal them, email Stacey and she will address them in the recorded class without needing to use your name. If for some reason, it is taking a long time to see a difference in any area, email Stacey and she will see what is needed to help you and will respond back via private email. She is committed to you getting great results.



DISCLAIMER: You are responsible for your own well being and the choices you make. We will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content is for general information purposes. No one is claiming this will heal all your age-related issues or that you will not age at all.

WE DO NOT OFFER MEDICAL ADVICE, COURSE OF TREATMENT, DIAGNOSIS OR ANY OTHER OPINION on your conditions or treatment options. SERVICES OR PRODUCTS THAT YOU OBTAIN THROUGH STACEY MAYO OR HER COMPANIES are not offered as medical or psychological advice, guidance or treatment.