I just got back from vacation and had fun being with the animals and swimming with the dolphins in Orlando. I stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and saw giraffes, antelopes, ostriches and more from my balcony. I also got to catch up with old college friends. There is a reason, I’ve been drawn to hang out with the animals. It has to do with the next level of my higher purpose.

We have a number of levels to our purpose. If you would like to know what your next level is and help others uncover theirs quickly, then come to my f’ree training class on May 22nd on

“The 7 Secrets to Helping Others Be More Successful While Becoming More Successful Yourself”

(A $397 value)

You can become a Sentelligent Career Intuitive and help people more while becoming more successful yourself.

In this f’ree training class, we will cover

• The Sentelligent way to uncover someone’s purpose is just one session. When they are truly connected with their life purpose, magical things begin to happen in their career and business.
• Why it is important to help people uncover their higher purpose quickly these days and how our purpose evolves over time.
• How to help your clients make progress quicker and easier so they can make a greater difference in the world, be more fulfilled, and happier.
• How to gain a solid reputation in your field and become known as an expert who easily attracts clients – you wont need to chase after clients . . . they will be drawn to you magnetically.
• How to help people live out their dreams and achieve their goals easier and with more abundance – when you have a system that can be replicated, it all happens easier.
• How to tap into your intuitive abilities to a greater extent for yourself and your client – this makes your job easier and more fun.
•How to earn more money in less time as a career intuitive by adding these skills to your current business or even if you are just starting out in the helping profession
• The opportunity to have a f’ree mini-career intuitive reading to learn the next level of your higher purpose.

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PS. I will be giving away $3800 in prizes to those who are on the call live. It will be recorded, but join us live if at all possible.

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PPS. I am holding another training program in June for those of you who want to be certified as Medical Intuitives. You can help people and animals when you learn this skill! You can take the class by phone or Skype.

Learn more at https://thesentelligentsolution.com/smi.

If you have questions about whether this class is right for you, schedule a conversation with me by using the link
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