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Three Important Things to Prevent Cancer Now

As some of us approach middle age ( I just turned 55), we may find that our bodies are not operating as efficiently as they once did. It does not have to be this way. Those who come after us can learn from our mistakes.

I was talking to a financial planner the other day about Long Term Care insurance. It is something I had put off for a while. While I am getting stronger and healthier all the time, I started wondering if I could ever heal enough where I would not need Long Term Care insurance.

I thought to myself, “well, I can heal all my organs and systems, but what will keep me from getting brain cancer or some neuro-muscular disease or Alzheimer’s.”

Brain cancer does not run in my family but it came up because the financial planner told us of a friend of his who got brain cancer and was on life support for about 20 years. That was a dismal thought.

I decided to download information on what is needed to prevent cancer.

Here is what I got:

1) All types of cancer are about suppressed anger.

2) The organs that are most commonly affected by anger are the liver and the kidney. Therefore, transforming the beliefs and fears related to those organs is of prime importance.

3) The will to live is affected by our sub-conscious desire to disconnect from ourselves and fade into the woodwork as we age. The energetic causes of these must be released for us to be present and desire to live. This will greatly improve our ability to be healthy, happy and successful.

4) Regarding, brain cancer — the brain is unable to function fully if we subconsciously hate or dislike ourselves and think we are not very smart.

The bottom line is that anger has been suppressed for centuries because it is not okay to be angry. If we continue to hold it in, eventually we explode or implode. Neither is a good idea 🙂

Anger contributes to war and disease. When we resolve and release our anger, we can finally be at peace within. Disease cannot live where there is peace. Being at peace consistently requires more than meditating or banging on pillows.

Learn to heal thyself and heal the planet at the same time.


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