Hi there,

I have responded to nearly 200 of you who wanted to know if someone in your life is your twin flame. I will not be able to answer any more questions about that as it took quite a bit of time and I found myself in overwhelm. I had to take my time and did it when I could. If you did not receive an answer let me know, but please do not submit any more questions on that topic.

Speaking of overwhelm, it is important to take care of yourself, don’t do too much at one time, and set boundaries and keep them. I am doing my best to do that.

Many of you who posted on my blog already know your twin flame. About half of you do not know who your twin flame is yet.

You were meant to find that person and are predestined to find him/her but you may have fears around commitment or unresolved issues from previous relationships that need to be healed.

We are meant to come together and everyone has a twin flame. If you don’t know who yours is or you are not together yet, then let go and surrender to God’s will.

Don’t try too hard to meet him/her or force a relationship. Trust that when when you are ready it will happen. It will happen sooner if you release the blocks in your way of having a healthy relationship.

I am offering to release as many blocks as your soul can handle in a gentle manner in an hour C.A.S.H. Grid session.

People can ususally handle 3 in one hour, but it could be anywhere from 2 – 4, depending on the depth of the block and how ready you are. I will intuit what they are for you and how many your soul and body can gently process at one time.

No one has to be alone on Valentines Day unless you choose.

It is really just another day but there is a lot of hype about that as single people feel alone. Some married people feel alone too. Let Valentines Day be a wake up call for you to release what is is in the way of having a great relationship with your twin flame.

As my Valentines Gifts to you, I will:

1) Send love to everyone who subscribes to this newsletter (grin)

2) For the next 3 people who sign up for an hour C.A.S.H. grid session regarding relationships, I will also put it in the grid to attract your twin flame to you now.



PS. If you are married to someone who is not your twin flame, do not fret. There are many things for the 2 of you to learn together. That is why you are in relationship at this time.

PPS. If you want your current relationship to be better, I can also coach you and clear blocks in the way of you having a healthy, happy relationship with your significant other. I often do a little coaching when I do the C.A.S.H Grid sessions as well.


PPPS. If you want to clear your blocks to being able to attract and sustain a million bucks, I can do that for you in the C.A.S.H. Grid as well.