Have you ever said to yourself . . .

I am not creative.

I am not an artist.

I am an amateur.

I do what I love as a hobby.

I love doing ___ but could never making money at it.

Me too!!!

I have been letting my inner artist out to play. My husband always thinks I have a good eye for photography and I do but I had stopped doing it. And when I took my camera out during vacation this last time, I remembered how much I love it. I tend to wait until vacations to take photos but recently I realized that I can capture the beauty in just about anything through my camera lens. I do it in my backyard, in my neighborhood, on the beach and now I even take photos of kids and dogs and people while I used to just focus on nature.

I am being encouraged to have a photo show at a local cafe that highlights new artists and I keep questioning whether my photo’s and art are good enough and I know as long as I question it and doubt my abilities, others won’t love them or purchase them.

We are all our own worst critic when it comes to art and many other things. Art is in the eye of the beholder. It is not something to be judged. Even paid art critics reflect back how the artist feels at some level.

I have posted a bunch of my photos at my google picasa site. I just started using it. I have several cameras including a very good Nikon, but the highest resolution photo so far is one that I just snapped of a jellyfish when I was walking on the beach yesterday morning. It has the face of a man in it. I took that one with my iPhone. Here are the links to view my recent photos: Pelicans, Jellyfish, Printables

I had a breakthrough yesterday around posting my photos and also finding a lab that could print them online in 8×10 so I can tell more about the quality level that way.

What is keeping you from expressing your creative side or having a breakthrough around your inner artist?

There are lots of ways to be creative.

Problem solving can be done creatively, too.

Where is your inner artist hiding?

What is in the way of doing art or the things that you enjoy. How can you make money from your hobbies …. the things you love to do and would do all the time if people would just pay you well enough for it.

I have lots of passions and I would like to get paid well for all of them (grin).

I bet you do too.