These days I find many people are forgetful for a number of reasons. Part of it has to do with so much change going on in our lives and the world.

Many of you have seen aging parents and family members who lose their memory and get Alzeimer’s disease.

It does not have to be that way.

Here are ten easy ways to improve your memory and prevent Alzheimers.

Add some of these things to your diet:

      1) Cinnamon
2) Maca
3) Parsley
4) Coconut
5) Strawberries
6) Shitake Mushrooms
7) Apples
8) Radishes


9) Learn something new each day
10) Do crossword puzzles or something to challenge
your brain frequently.

Adding just one of these things to your diet each day will improve your memory by 20% over a month’s time.
Adding more than that will obviously improve your memory every quicker.

I estimate that about 70% of you who are reading this right now, are finding yourself more forgetful these days.
When you improve your mind and your memory, you also make better decisions.

Here’s to your health and well being.



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