by Stacey Mayo, Medical Intuitive

This is a mini-medical intuitive reading on Donald Trump. It is not all inclusive.

You might ask, “what’s up Trump’s butt?”

I looked 🙂

From a Medical Intuitive’s perspective this is what I found:

There is a lot of yeast and other fungus in his anus. Yeast represents mom stuff that is not resolved. Fungus is anger. This has been there for at least 50 years.

He has also subconsciously drawn in others anger and you could say its up his butt 🙂

It appears he takes something for constipation regularly to keep things moving. Nonetheless, he has not let go of his old anger issues or others’.

NOTE: Over 90% of the population draws in other peoples stuff into their cells subconsciously. Over time this creates a lot of health issues.

You can think of it as subconsciously wanting to help people with their woes, aches and pains and drawing it in to hold it for them, nurture it or heal it.

In Trump’s case, he drew in anger as it was a vibrational match for his own issues.

You may have drawn in others sadness, traumas, toxins, diseases, fears, etc. It amplifies the symptom and makes it very difficult to heal your own issues.

It can reside anywhere in your body and is often found in all your cells.

Trump has unresolved anger in every cell of his body plus others’ anger.

There is significant inflammation in his brain – particularly in the parietal and temporal lobe. Inflammation is symbolic of anger. Think about is as “in flames”.

A lot of inflammation represents rage.

Part of his inflammation is due to a lot of metals in his brain and all his cells.

He has a large amount of aluminum in his brain. It appears to be from hair spray used in the past.

The health of his scalp is a 4.5 on a scale of 1-10.

The health of his hair is a 2.

The declining health of his scalp and hair is due in part to a chemical interaction of chlorine and energetic bits of a prescription drug that he has been taking for over 10 years.

The prescription appears to be a sedative. The chlorine is from something he used on his hair that did not agree with his system. It looks like it was a hair dye.

Part of the deeper emotional cause is related to him symbolically or literally pulling out his hair at the roots due to anger and frustration about people not “getting who he is”.

He is allergic to mold. This allergy is about old mom issues.
There is hidden mold in his brain and other parts of his body. It’s been there for a very long time. None of it appears to be recent. This affects his memory which is operating at 49%.

If unattended, this could cause dementia.

His adrenals are operating at 42%. This is due to chemicals mentioned above causing fatigue along with stress.

His kidneys are operating at 70%. On an emotional level, kidneys represent old family issues.

His lymph system is operating at 71% on average. This represents part of him feeling like he has to limp along without enough support from family. In this case, family also refers to his political party.


1) Energetic cleanses to remove metals and toxins from his cells, organs, systems and brain that are causing inflammation. I don’t recommend chelation therapy as it would tax his systems.

2) To help heal inflammation in brain, in addition to the cleanses, he could also do my One Minute Meditation every hour to help him come from a more centered, calm place.

3) To help heal the lymph system, I recommend allowing it to be okay that not everyone gets him. Most of lymph issues are in his neck and head.

4) Get assistance in removing other’s stuff from his cells that was taken on subconsciously and heal the inherited propensity to take on others anger and of course, heal his own anger issues. High level energy healing from a qualified Master Healer is one way to do this. The anger issues can be healed and transformed without therapy or in conjunction with therapy.


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