a Successful Sage Businesswoman Mentoring Program

What if you could make twice as much in the coming year but work half as much as last year?
Anything is possible for SAGE Businesswomen!


How Do I Know if This is Right for Me?

Becoming a SAGE Businesswoman is right for you if:

  • You are on a spiritual path;
  • Desire to be authentic in your business relationships;
  • Want to reach people near and far;
  • Have a new business idea or two or three; (LOL)
  • Want to revitalize your business and take it to new levels OR
  • Want to start a new business.

This program is NOT right for:

    • Whiners;
    • Complainers;
    • Those who don’t think it’s okay to be spiritual AND make lots of money;
    • Those who dont take responsibility for their actions or results OR
    • Those who have commitment phobia.

Your Mentor, Stacey Mayo, who is a Successful Spiritual Businesswoman, a Master Certified Coach & has been in business since 1995 will:


  • Provide high level guided information to help you on your path AND teach you how to attain that kind of information for yourself.
  • Coach and mentor your from her heart and from the years of wisdom she has accumulated as a successful businesswoman.
  • Share authentically what she has learned along the way so you can bypass those roadblocks that set her back.
  • Provide rich content and support in innumerable ways including those listed below.

The Becoming a Sage BusinessWoman Program includes:

  • Activation of your Sage Businesswoman – Wooohoooo!!!!!
  • Energetic Success activation and alignment every other day to take you to the next level of success.
  • Direction Clarification – to gain clarity on what you are most passionate about now.
  • Energetic shifting of patterns and blocks that have kept you from being on purpose and/or from making sustainable progress.
  • Financial plateau busting strategies to help you break through your own subconscious glass ceiling.
  • Spiritual masterminding with small group of peers for lots of support and to bond with like-minded peeps.
  • Strategies for leveraging your time so there is more time for fun, travel, relationships, etc.
  • Tips and coaching on how to make best use of your skills and gifts.
  • Magical Visualizations to boost your success rate.
  • Vibrational clearing of your money hang-ups that show up along the way.
  • Joyful Marketing including topics such as:
    • How to lead people into your offer from a place of authenticity, abundance and fun.
    • How to package your services and/or products for the best results.
    • How to create Win-Win Pricing.
    • PLUS answer all your questions about how to market effectively.
  • Assistance in having a breakthrough in delegating the tasks you don’t like regardless of your budget.
  • Support in owning your power.
  • Energetic and coaching support to help you tap into higher levels of intuitive information to guide your business.
  • The logistics of running a financially successful business.


BONUS #1: Financial Abundance and Wealth Building Breakthrough Program (value $397)

If you need a breakthrough in one or more of the following:

  • receiving money,
  • attracting great business clients who pay you well,
  • saving money,
  • making wise financial business decisions,
  • allowing in your rightful abundance,
  • charging enough,
  • working too hard for the money,
  • transforming ancestral, inherited and cultural beliefs about money, as well as beliefs from any place in time,
  • reaching your financial goals while taking good care of yourself,
  • or any other money issues, beliefs, fears and patterns that are up for you,

Then this bonus and program are for you. Via some new Sentelligent proprietary processes, money issues that pop up in your field over the course of the program will be transformed in divine order while you are sleeping.

Note: Each of us have millions of money blocks, so don’t expect the whole enchilada to disappear over the course of a year, but many will. Expect miracles and see what is possible for you.

“After working with Stacey for less than one month regarding receiving compensation equal to my value, something amazing happened. I spoke with my boss and he agreed to give me a raise and also offered me ownership interest in the company! This will set me up so I never have to worry about retirement. I am thrilled. I know there is even more to come.”


Stephanie W.

“In the beginning of the program I was coming off a difficult personal time and I needed to get my mojo back. By the end of the Coaching program, I had tripled the number of clients and became clearer and stronger about what I want. ( I also met my weight loss goal and life became much more fun for me and the people around me.)”
–Sandra Cain, One Giant Step

“When I first started this program I was new to town, had no contacts and was just starting to build my business here. Half way through the program, I had already doubled my clients and by the end of the program I had exceeded my income goal. The most fun part it that the business showed up in different ways than I had ever imagined.”
– Peggy Jaegly, The Right Note

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL BONUS #2 – This bonus is for quick decision makers who enroll by this Friday, January 31st

Mastery over Self Program

Special Daily Trifecta Plus Energy Transmissions: (Value $2400 – equal to price of program ($197/month)

Learning to master your emotions and the way you respond to situations in all aspects of your life goes a long way to having a successful business, feeling good about yourself and growing your confidence.

There are many challenges involved in owning your own business. When you are able to respond from a grounded, calm place of mastery, everything works better.

Will receive daily energetic transmissions to assist you in transforming that which is the way of being a master of your life and business.

These will be sent in divine timing over the course of the program with time for integration.

They will supplement the other energetic healing you will receive in this program.

NOTE: Mastery Over Self is a process. This will give you a big leg up in your transformation. These transmissions start when you sign up and will NOT interfere with any other healing work you may be receiving.

“The program helped us to focus on our goals, and take the actions necessary to realize them. Our business goal was to create $100,000 income in six months, which we did! Our confidence increased enough to raise our rates, so we will easily earn at least that much in the next six months. One of the things we learned to do is build a team to support us in our goals. We also paid most of our debt down, among many other accomplishments, all while looking after our young children.”
–Katie and Jon Berryhill, Berryhill Computer Forensics

Here’s How it Works:

Within approximately 1 – 2 weeks after registration you will receive:

1. A special Guided Visualization and Handout to assist you in clarifying your goals and direction for the year aheadaudio_small

2. Divine Energetic Healing Transmissions will help you with clearing blocks in the way of clarifying and aligning with your goals for the program.

3. Access to Facebook group to connect with your peers fb25


Over the Course of the Sage BusinessWoman Mentoring Program, you will receive an Abundance of Support including:

    • Eleven content sessions related to above topics. One per month except in August. Class will be held over the phone. (You can also call in on Skype). Learn how to to apply SAGE Business Wisdom concepts to your business ideas and goals. These 11 classes will be recorded and transcribed.

    • Twelve group coaching/mentoring sessions held at 2 different times per month. Pick the time that works for you OR choose to attend both times for a total of 24 group coaching/mentoring sessions. These will be recorded and you will learn a huge amount from hearing other people being coached even if you don’t attend live.

    • Two Spiritual Mastermind Sessions per month with a small group of your peers over the phone or Skype.

    • All sessions are recorded and downloadable so you can keep them and download them for life. smart_phone

    NOTE: SAGE Businesswomen take time for rest, renewal, integration and implementation:

    August will be a scheduled time for renewal during the program. There will NOT be a content class this month so you can rest,
    integrate and implement what you learned.

    There will, however, be 1 group coaching session towards the end of August to support you in implementation.

“This program helped me tremendously. I’m not working as hard anymore and I’m loving it. I’m more productive and recruited more team members in the past two months than in the previous six months. I learned tons about myself in the process — one of which is knowing what I am really capable of doing.”
–Jennifer Loehding, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

“My sales numbers have increased by just allowing it and not working so hard at it. I learned so much and I now know that I am enough!”
–Michele Michehl, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Becoming a Successful Sage Business Woman Program starts April 8th at 11:00 ET (Actually it starts when you register.)

Subsequent Classes will held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 11:00 ET (except August which is integration month)
It will be recorded and transcribed if you cannot be there live.

Group Coaching Calls will be at 2 different times each month and will be recorded.
You will be able to choose which one works for you or come to both if you so desire.
These will be divinely chosen and announced closer to the start date.


Regular Price: $3300.00


$297/month for 12 months

Early Bird Rate Good Through February 4th.

$197/month for 12 months

Refund Policy:

The program actually starts when you sign up. You receive a guided visualization, handout and energetic transmissions to assist you in aligning with your goals to get you going before the program starts. These are yours to keep, regardless. You have until the end of the first month of classes to test the waters, get your questions answered and make sure this feels right for you. If not, you may cancel your registration and get a full refund.

After the first month, there are no refunds and no cancellations. Payments are due each month. Becoming a Successful Sage Businesswoman is 12 month program.

Invest in your future and enjoy the journey.