The Preventive Healthcare Grid

The Preventive Health Grid is a done-for-you proprietary system that includes.

Multiple daily high level “Sentelligent Preventive Scans” (TM) of your body and energy field for:

Part 1: Toxic Matter that are Pre-Cursors to Disease

  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Fungus
  • Mold
  • Metals that are harmful to you
  • Mercury vapors
  • Parasites
  • Tics
  • Sores, Spots, Nodules (benign or otherwise)
  • Pre-Cancerous Cells
  • Cancerous Cells
  • All other toxic matter
  • Pre-cursors to Alzheimers. Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, plus most diseases
  • Other causes of potential health degradation

When toxic matter or other potential causes of health degradation are found, they are eliminated or treated in a way that is in your highest and best. Results can vary from heading off illnesses to lessening of symptoms and/or duration of symptoms related to these toxins. The main intention of this program is prevention. Everything else is a plus..

The Preventive HealthCare Grid is intended to catch new toxins when they first appear. It can help with existing issues by lessening the lifespan of a cold or infection and such.

Treatments may include cleanses and other energetic proprietary treatments. These treatments are so gentle, you likely will not know they are happening.

Our proprietary modalities will sense in and make sure it is an energetic treatment that your body can handle divinely and does not interfere with anything else you are doing or taking.

Emotional and spiritual causes are also cleared divinely.

SAVE TIME & MONEY! Save on the cost of cold remedies, supplements, antibiotics, emergency care visits, doctors visits and alternative practitioners visits for colds, infections, and much more by preventing disease.


If you are taking something or doing something that could affect your health adversely, you will be led to understand what that is and make a change to assist you in areas desired.


Part 2: Prevent and Lessen Symptoms of Sensitivities and Allergies

  • Foods
  • Food modifiers
  • Food additives
  • Chemicals
  • Perfumes
  • Outdoor elements such as pollen, grass, sunlight, airborne allergens, etc.
  • Indoor elements and products (dust, dust mites, cleaning products, glue, paint, lead, certain ingredients in products, etc.)
  • Animals/pets
  • MCS ( Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)
  • Energy work/healing
  • Plus more

The above are scanned for multiple times daily. The amount of time it takes to effectively treat these issues, reduce symptoms or lessen their impact will vary. Some will take 24 hours and others can take 6 weeks or more.

NOTE: If something irritates you like irritated skin or eyes or dry eyes, these are likely from irritants and take a lot longer to heal.

New allergies and sensitivities can pop up at any time. These generally correlate with fears and safety issues that are up for you at the time. They are caught and healing is set in place, often before you know it is a problem for you. The amount of time to heal each allergy or sensitivity is dependent on a number of factors. If you energy bodies have holes or tears in them, those will be healed divinely as part of this program. This problem can cause multiple chemical sensitivity.


SAVE TIME & MONEY! Save on cost of herbs, homeopathics, acupuncture, doctors visits, alternative practitioners visits to reduce symptoms of allergies and such. You will also be able to feel much better in your daily life even in heavy allergy season.

Part 3: Extras for Your Health and Boosting Your Immune System

  • Your chakras will be scanned several times a day and cleansed and balanced gently and divinely as needed. No need to do this yourself or hire someone else to do it.
  • Your immune system will be strengthened with custom energetic supplementation chosen for you and provided if immune system is operating at less than 100%. the amount of time needed to do this will depend on the strength of your immune system when you start the program. It is done divinely for each person and is very effective.
  • Your PH alkaline levels are balanced naturally. You receive what you need on an energetic level to bring you up to or keep your body in a state of alkalinity that is right for you on a daily basis.


SAVE TIME & MONEY! Save on the cost of Ph balanced water, super greens, juicing, chakra balancing, colloidal silver and other supplements to build your immune system.
Part 4: Accident Prevention!

Accidents can cause a lot of physical dis-repair to the body structure and such that is difficult to heal at times. The prevention grid does the following to help you avoid accidents:

  • Heal the psycho-spiritual issue ahead of time that might cause you to have an accident which keeps you from going forward with Grace on your path and in your life.
  • Grounds you 40-60 percent of the time
  • Assists you in being more focused and present over time.

Part 5: Special Options for Animals


cat with hat

If you purchase the prevention grid for your pet(s), in addition to the above your pet(s) will receive the following at no extra charge:

  • Natural Flea and tick prevention – this is customized for your pet and delivered on a schedule that is just right for him/her. We have found it to be just as effective as that which you can purchase from your vet or in a pet store.
  • Natural Vaccines – whatever your particular pet needs in terms of vaccinations will be delivered energetically each year or as needed. This is optional. You can decline it if you need vaccinations to be in writing.

If your pet already had flea and tick prevention or vaccinations, the preventive grid will not deliver this energetically until the time is right. If you do not want one or more of these options, simply write it on the form at checkout.

SAVE TIME & MONEY! Save on the cost of flea and tick prevention for your pet. You can also save on the need for additional vet visits and medications for infections and diseases that can be prevented via the Preventive Grid.


Part 6: Our Success Rate!
Over the past year, we prevented 10 cases of cancer among a group of approximately 300 people via the Preventive HealthCare Grid.
Of those cases in which we prevented cancer:
  • Three were pre-pre-cancer or pre-cancer in the breast area
  • Two were pre-cancer and cancer (stage 2) in the cervical area.
  • Three were pre-cancer or pre-pre-cancer and cancer (stage 1) in the brain the brain
  • Two were pre-cancer and cancer of the skin.
Other successes:
  • We have also successfully prevented one case of AIDS and one case of pre-pre ALS!
  • We also prevented and lessened symptoms of many colds, cases of flu and infections!!!
  • We have prevented 18 cases of dementia and 14 cases of Alzheimers.
  • We have prevented 12 cases of high blood pressure, meaning blood pressure was kept under control and cases of low blood pressure
    Our batting average for preventing accidents is currently 100%
NOTE: None of our subscribers have gotten cancer or AIDS since subscribing !!!! Thank you God!!!!

Renewable Annually

You will receive a renewal option email 30 days before your year is up for the Preventive Health Option. If you do not renew for yourself or a particular family member at the end of the year, that subscription to the Prevention Grid will automatically be cancelled and you will NOT be charged further.


Annual Investment for the Preventive Healthcare Grid:

You can save money and time on things such as  immune system builders,  alternative practitioners,  supplements,  emergency room visits, antibiotics, anti-fungals, doctors bills, vet bills, PH balanced water, time off of work due to illness,  accidents  and more.  If you have pets, you can also save on things such as  flea and tick preventive and vaccines for pets,

Regular Price: $85
Special Price: if purchasing for one person or pet.  Your investment is only $75 for the entire year.


Discounted Rate For Purchasing for More Than 1 Family Member including Yourself: (Only use the link below, if purchasing for more than one family member.  Your discounted investment is $75  $65 per family member and pet you wish to cover.  Save $10 per person and pet when you purchase for more than 1 family member including yourself.  (Or 2 family members if not covering yourself.)
Mark the quantity to be the number for whom you are purchasing. Then you will be guided to a form to fill in the names of everyone you purchased the preventive grid for.



NOTE: This is an annual fee and is non-refundable and non-cancellable as we start scanning the same day you sign up.


Option 2: Grace Healing Transmissions For A Current Issue

These customized energetic healing transmissions are for a great for assistance in healing a current health issue or any other current problem. These transmissions are often sent while you are sleeping or resting. You are scanned energetically by Stacey’s High Level Spiritual Team initially and then 5-7 times throughout the day to be sure the healing is on track. It is adjusted as needed if new issues that are related pop up.

Grace is gentle enough for very sensitive people and powerful enough to grow bone! ( see above x-rays).

Grace has a built in buffer so it will not over-process you regardless of what other healing work you are doing.

Special Price For a Limited Time: Grace Healing Transmissions for Two Weeks: $75


You will be asked to supply the name of the person and the issue you want Grace Healing Transmissions for after you complete your order.

The C.A.S.H Grid, The Preventive Healthcare Grid, The Center for Sentelligent Living, Inc. and Stacey Mayo do not take responsibility for your health and well-being. You are 100% responsible for your health and well-being. We do not guarantee that every illness will be prevented or healed.